Grateful Dead

October 21 - October 27, 2013

Tapers Section By David Lemieux

Welcome back to the Tapers’s Section, where this week we have tunes from 1969, 1979 and 1982.

Our first stop is on 8/30/69 at the Family Dog in San Francisco, where the Dead tended to play weird, interesting sets, and from this show we have Dark Star>St. Stephen>The Eleven>Drums>High Time. There’s a tape reel change in Drums.

Next up, from the Dead’s 1979 return to Madison Square Garden after playing there for the first time in January of that year, we have from 9/5/79 the show-opening sequence of Mississippi Half-Step>Franklin's Tower, Mama Tried>Mexicali, Peggy-O, Cassidy.

Our last chunk of primo Dead is the entire first set from 8/6/82 in St. Paul, from a very good tour. From this show, we have Bertha > New Minglewood Blues ; Candyman > Little Red Rooster ; Bird Song > El Paso ; Tennessee Jed ; It's All Over Now ; Lazy Lightnin' > Supplication ; Might As Well.

Be sure to stop by next week for more tunes from the vault.

David Lemieux


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Joined: Jun 5 2007
Garden 79

Ok, the 2nd set of this show had the most INTENSE Other One I've ever ever ever heard... anyone else have an Audience Tape in their collection of this show? I'm sure you'll agree :-)
Dave... here lies a nugget!

IMHO of course...


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Joined: Jul 20 2012
I would venture to say...

that at least a few of those who attended the 8/30/'69 show had been to the outer reaches of the cosmos and back. It just didn't get televised. ;)

anything that starts with Dark Star......gets me wishing.

one ticket and one sugar cube please

Joined: Jan 13 2010
Do you realize that:

when the 8/30/69 show was performed, humans had landed on the moon for the first time only a month or so prior?

Nixon had been sworn in to his first term on 7.5 months prior?

We were still in the thick of Vietnam?

I was 5 freakin' years old?

Of course you all might respond, "DUH". but wow. that's amazing.

"music is freedom in and from time" (from a TV interview on the show West 57th back in 1985 with the guy who directed "Sunshine Daydream").


Joined: Jan 13 2010
GD82 summertime

what an awesome tour. I gotta listen to more!!

still missing Phil, but whatever.

any sluggishness I detect in Jerry occasionally in 80 and 81 is quite gone in 82. i can't think of a show from 82 that i find lacking.


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Joined: Jun 4 2007
Alpine/ Spacebro

Honestly, I think that 2nd day was uneven in retrospect, but stuff like the double Jerry opener, Samson set closer, Shakedown->Estimated (one of my two favorite Estimateds ever, along with 3-20-86), and Wharf Rat were excellent. Between the two days, a fine 3-discer could be compiled. That Ramble On Rose from first day is still the best 80's version I've ever heard, and the post-drums China Doll -> Playin reprise -> Goin Down the Road > Lovelight (with the hottest 80's Saturday Night I've heard as the first encore, and a perfect Baby Blue after) is just great summertime Dead. You're right, these tapes were nowhere....I had Shakedown ->Est->Eyes as filler, but the rest I didn't hear again till two years ago off the archive.

I spent all day in the woods, though, hiding out from the sun....and just as Tim Roth recalls in Reservoir Dogs, summer '86 was utterly "dry." The only THC-free parking lot/campout scene I've ever known. But it was loads of fun, I was still fresh-faced, as well, exactly a year from my first show. Five guys in a rented Chevette driving from Baltimore--no one knowing more than one other person--is either going to make or break friendships....and with us, we were friends for years after, some for life : )

Wonder if we crossed paths that weekend, Spacebro? : )

In more primal days, this Dark Star has to be the most aggressive I've ever heard TC get, taking the wheel of the spaceship a couple of times during that night's journey to strange new worlds....

Joined: Jun 4 2007
Alpine '86

Even though I saw my first show in '84, and none in '85, Alpine '86 was the first multi night run I attended a the first time I started to kind of get it. I was still pretty green to much of their music, but caught that spark that would reel me into the vibe. I was the first time where the music pulled me in, where the overnight camping and vending showed me the festive nature of the whole trip (even though I never camped out myself and always stayed in hotel rooms or friends homes).

For many years, after I started collecting tapes and sought out the sows I attended, Alpine '86 had been elusive for me, until one day when introduced to a serious collector, I managed to procure a soundboard o the first set from the first night and audience tapes of the other three sets. I was, and still am amazed at the high caliber of performance that the band and even Jerry pulled off so close to the t of his diabetic coma.

The picks this week, like last weeks are all top notch and I would gladly welcome any and every one (and Alpine '86) as official releases. The Pigpen and Brent eras are my personal favorites.

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Joined: Jun 4 2007
cool stuff

I love 8/30/69, this is a sweet High Time. I'm thinking there was a China Cat-> Doin That Rag during this stand also. And that great organ-flavored Easy Wind from either 8/29 or 8/30 that was featured in a much earlier Taper's Section.

I'll always remember a moment in Alpine '86 when they opened with Half-Step and as it was finishing our friend Larry cited this '79 Half-Step -> Franklin's in perfectly zany hopes that, hey, it could happen again right now...sure it could. His suggestion gathered steam in our hearts for a few moments more.... Then right on cue, Jerry kicked off the chords to Franklin's Tower. One of those magical calls that had no business happening, but did : )

This '82 setlist looks GREAT.


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