Grateful Dead

October 22- October 28, 2007

Tapers Section By David Lemieux

This week we have some music from 1968, 1982 and 1984

First up this week, from 9/23/82 in New Haven, we have the magnificent closing twosome of Althea-Let It Grow. This space is getting hot, indeed. Drawn from the cassette master on the final big tour before Healy began recording to Beta PCM digital tapes in December, 1982.

Next we’ll jump back a little ways to 1968, to the Greek Theatre in Berkeley. This would be the Grateful Dead’s final show at the Greek until 1981, but thankfully they made a habit of it throughout the 1980s. From this cool little show in 1968, we have the opening Pigpen twofer, Good Morning Little Schoolgirl-Lovelight. You’ll notice we faded out early in the third song, but worry not, as we plan to have more of this show later in the year on the Tapers Section. There’s a bit of a buzz on the right channel which mostly disappears by Lovelight. Regardless, the music’s certainly worth a listen.

Moving ahead 15 years to 1983, we have the second-set opener from 10/21/83 in Worcester, Mass. This is a nice Scarlet Begonias>Fire On The Mountain. Drawn from the Beta PCM digital masters, the tape does exhibit some signs of the limitations of this format, specifically some minor distortion on the low end stuff.

Lastly this week, we’ll stop into 1984 to the Carrier Dome in Syracuse, NY on October 20. From the end of the first set, we have the trio of My Brother Esau-Bird Song-Jack Straw, and from the start of the second set, Shakedown Street>Samson and Delilah. We’ve had a lot of requests to hear some moments from this show, so here you go.

Be sure to check back in next week, when we really don’t know what we’ll be playing, but hopefully something from 1971. Feel free to get in touch with questions or comments.

David Lemieux


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Joined: Sep 25 2008

The New Haven clip is great.I loved that show, although the Touch is alittle rough. You should feature the next night from Syracuse it may be the best show of that tour. A killer 1st set with great Far from Me to open the second. I missed the 84 show because I went to see Frank in New Haven that night.

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Joined: Jun 5 2007
promises made in the dark

dissolves by light of day... chill out dude, all good things in good time!

Joined: Jun 7 2008

We were promised more of 10-20-68, so where is it?

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Joined: Aug 6 2007
thanx for the music DL

Quote - Ripper
On October 24th, 2007 GottaPokeAround said:

On the ripper mentioned by lethedoom, I am interested in knowing the following:

1) Has anyone REALLY gotten one of these programs to work?

2) If so, exactly how? Like a step by step process including naming files, info, conversion, whatever. - End Quote

the simplest way to explain how to get an audio stream to ur hard drive.....

you need to go from your audio line out to audio line in on the back of your computer with a cable. press the red record button on the free recorder and it will prompt you to name the file, it will put it in ur My Music folder by default. oce you have it recording simply begin playing the stream.. It records in real time so its not fast...

another way is to buy a portable digital recorder n plug it into ur line out, then transfer via usb once complete...

not an easy task. and quite frankly, you will be more satisfied over in the B+P forum at DNC.. better quality of trading GD over there..... Not to mention BitTorrent sites as well.... No lossy formats there.. And its not like ur getting anything special here, most of this stuff is circulating already..

Big thanx to David (lemieux & gans)for all the efforts n hard work on keeping the tunes flowing tho. Its much appreciated by all of us, even the sniffling whiners, they're just mad right now

PS GD station on sirius sounds like crap, low bitrate mp3 + satilite feed = tinny muffled sound

release the JGB reels!!!

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Joined: Jun 5 2007
no europe 90


- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Spanish Jam

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Joined: Jun 8 2007
Scarlet - Fire

Great Scarlet - Fire this week Dave! Keep up the good work and the fine choices, much appreciated.

Joined: Jun 16 2007
What a scarlet fire

I love this '83 scarlet fire. So hot. Keep them coming Dave. Great stuff!


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Joined: Jun 13 2007
Ripping yarns

gottapokearound and beenwaytoolongatsea

I am only a saloon bar lawyer so my advice on legality is very unsound, but I can tell you for sure that there have been lots of discussions on this issue and on digitising vinyl and tape in the following forum

Home » Forums » Dead Heads » Tapers » Technical Discussions

many wise heads over there with lots of technical know how

..or shouldn't I have told you that...hell its been up for weeks now so it must have passed the tests of the Central Scrutiniser!

beenwaytoolongatsea's picture
Joined: Aug 22 2007
poke it can be done


poke - i have every t/s selection since they took down the downloads, you can do it and i can explain to you exactly how, and how to get the best quality recording, and remember it is a recording you are getting, not a download, you will be converting from d/a and a/d, so equipment, and cables matter, and the only way to get individual files (tracks) is to either hit pause/stop after each song creating a file, or record the whole show as a file and 'crop' it with an editor, into songs/individual files. I record the streams in aiff format which is more or less the same as WAV, i think the recordings sound better than the streams. also simply buying a dat machine and recording straight from your computer out will achieve your end, easily, then just import your dat file, track it, burn it, if you want, put on ipod, it's all easy poke

also, i'm a lawyer, mostly a deadhead but definitely a lawyer, too, and i think that what they think, for what the hell that's worth, is that since recording these streams is a pain in the ass, which it is compared to right-clicking and having a downloaded file, that only a few if any will do it, and they may well be right. however i would at this point advocate taking this particular line of discourse off of the tapers section public comments area, because they had some (presumably) commercial reason for ditching the downloads, they don't want us having these songs and at least they are kind enough to let everyone listen to them (except for that guy and others that can't a player to work and no stream - bummer), so if you want to talk rip lemme know but i say let's not scream about this, a quiet cell, with the knowledge and gear to rip, and i'm not trying to stick up for rhino's or the dead's lawyers maybe they suck, everyone wants to blame somebpdy for losing the downloads but the lawyers are only concerned with advising the client as to the law, and protecting their interests, accountants make financial decisions so sling some shit at the accountants, and market strategists they took the downloads :: > ))

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Joined: Jun 21 2007

Excellent picks, Dave. I love that crystal clarity on the Carrier Dome tunes. Would love to see those on a Dave's Pick.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
God is good.


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