Grateful Dead

October 26 - November 1, 2009

Tapers Section By David Lemieux

Welcome back to the Tapers' Section, where this week we'll be checking out music from throughout the 1980s, and a bit of 1973 for good measure.

First stop this week is on 10/27/73 in Indianapolis, where the Grateful Dead were in the midst of a great two month tour that featured some of the finest, most inspired, most consistently good playing of their history. From the end of the first set, we have El Paso, Brown Eyed Women, Greatest Story Ever Told, Loose Lucy, BIODTL, China Cat Sunflower>I Know You Rider. We've played so many big jams from Fall 1973 here at the Tapers' Section (and we'll continue to do so…) that we thought it'd be nice to highlight some of the shorter, first set material here occasionally.

Our next selection this week is from 10/31/84 at Berkeley Community Theatre, during the Grateful Dead six night run at BCT. These shows were the first concerts at which the Grateful Dead officially allowed taping, providing the tapers with a section of seats from which they could make their recordings. For that, we thank both the band for allowing it, and we thank the tapers for creating the world's greatest public archive of live concert recordings. From the end of the second set, we have Morning Dew>Around and Around>One More Halloween Night, Satisfaction.

From one year later, on 10/31/85 in Columbia, SC, we have the show opening sequence of Funiculi Funicula>Space>Werewolves of London>Music Never Stopped. Those sounds during Space were a downright scary way to open the concert. Weeeeeeeeird….

Finally this week, we have the show closing sequence from the final show on the band's amazing Fall Tour of 1989, from 10/26/89 in Miami. We've played the pre-Drums sequence here before, including that spooky Dark Star, but the post-Drums sequence is equally cool, featuring The Wheel>All Along The Watchower>Stella Blue>Not Fade Away, We Bid You Goodnight.

Don't forget to stop in next week for more great music. Feel free to write to the email address below with any questions or comments about the Tapers' Section, or anything else you might want to know.

David Lemieux


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Joined: Jul 9 2008
Gamecock Meltdown

I was a freshman at U of SC in Fall '85 and was thrilled to have the Dead come for a Halloween blowout. At that point I had only been to two other shows and was a total newbie to the scene. My brother and some of his friends drove down from my hometown in upstate NY in the family station wagon after I waited out for tickets several weeks before. While I had dosed before, this was my first show dose and it was a doozy. I remember sitting up high in the stands as the whole arena started breathing and pulsating before the show began. During the space intro I looked at my brother with a totally twisted up face and asked him if this was a song or not (I was going off hard!) He shrugged his shoulders and started laughing. During set break I must have done 10 laps around the outer hallway looking for friends. I remember in this one corner there was a group brewing mushroom tea. The second set Shakedown Street nearly melted me into a puddle on the floor. After this show I was on the bus for sure and life has never been the same since! What a weekend that was so many years ago.

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HALLOWEEN Columbia, S.C... Scary

I did this tour with my best friend in the world ( Sean Sibson, You know who you are. ) Started in Atlanta Georgia's Fox Theatre, then the Halloween Show followed by Richmond Va. and ending in Philly. We rode the eye of reminence Hurricane Gloria which was a melting experience. Bob Weir sang "Gloria" blowing the roof top off. Aaahhhh ! Those were the days. Thanks for the Blast from the Past.

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China Cat Sunflower --> I Know You Rider

The China Cat --> Rider cuts just after Jerr starts singing in China cat in the 10/27/73 link.

Great selections! I was at the Miami show with the eerie Dark Star. It complemented the scene outside as it also had kind of a dark eerie scene. I remember a sister had her purse snatched by a couple of ladies.

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Indy 10/27/73

Thanks for this little piece of history, David. A van full of us Miami U Deadheads rolled up to Indianapolis, from Oxford, to catch this show. Greatest Story Ever told is exceptional. On this website's detailed description of 10/27/73, there are differing photos from 2 different photographers: Wonder which photographer submitted photos for 10/27? (Check Bobby's shirt).

Joined: Jun 4 2007

Thanks for posting the Columbia segment...I had requested this last year, or was it 2 years ago now?...file this under the 'better late than never category' anyway. Thanks for the nugs, enjoying them a lot...


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