Grateful Dead

September 17 - September 23, 2007

Tapers Section By David Lemieux

We’ve got some outstanding music for you this week, covering a rather limited span in the Grateful Dead’s performing history, but it’s a span that includes some of the best years.

First up in our mid-September journey is Paris in 1974, where the Grateful Dead closed out their short tour of the continent. From 9/20/74, we have this very good Weather Report Suite>Stella Blue, and from the next night, 9/21/74, we have the second set jam featuring Seastones>Playing In The Band. It was rather rare for the band to join Phil and Ned during Seastones, but this jam works very well, and hits some remarkably deep spaces. One quick digression: while going through the Grateful Dead Movie’s outtakes in preparation for the DVD production, we came across some footage of the band getting together in a dressing room before the show on 10/16/74, the first night at Winterland. Evidently, they hadn’t seen each other since the end of the Europe tour, and while talking about the excellent music on that tour, Billy begins raving about the high quality of the recordings from the Europe tour, to which the rest of the band responds that they found the recordings equally impressive. Certainly some of Kidd’s best 2-track work.

Going back a few years, we are pleased to play a couple of jams from 9/21/68. This material is drawn from a very interesting tape, in that it features Phil, Jerry and Mickey, plus a couple of guest musicians, in a studio jam right in the midst of the period in which the Mickey and the Hartbeats shows were being performed without Bobby and Pigpen. From this studio session, we have a nice Clementine Jam and another very interesting Jam.

We’re going to take a detour away from our featured week and head off to May, 1973, specifically 5/13/73 in Des Moines, Iowa. From that excellent, long show (the first of three consecutive long shows in May, with 5/20 in Santa Barbara and 5/26 in San Francisco being the others), we have Here Comes Sunshine and a nice, long and spacey Playing In The Band from the second set, and from the first set we have the rocking combination of Don’t Ease Me In>Around and Around.

Finally this week, and in memory of Corinne Crawford from Berkeley and Vermont, is the mournful Death Don’t Have No Mercy from 2/28/69.

As always, we welcome your comments and questions. Feel free to write about anything. And be sure to check back in next week when we’ll have some stellar music from 1972, 1976 and 1981.

David Lemieux
vault [at]


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Joined: Jun 25 2007
Recording Streams

Try getting a stream recorder. They are inexpensive and really great. I have recorded quite a few excellent streams from this site.

The music hasn't died, just taken a few more minimal steps to keep.

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Joined: Sep 18 2007
Hey Now Now

Does anyone know the long-range goals for this site or Rhino? It is nice gettting these tidbits each week, but is there a bigger picture for all of the Dead's audio material? It would be cool to have the vault opened up a bit more. At least a better idea of what is and isn't in the collection would be great. I also wonder if some of us have anything that may not exist in the vault that we could contribute. I have an immense collection, sort of my own little version of a vault, and I know some people with crazy collections.....points to ponder.

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Joined: May 26 2007

Feel free to inquire over in the Tapers Section in the Tape Traders Topic.

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May 13, 1973

Thank you for sharing music from the 5/13/73 Des Moines concert. That was my first GD experience, and it certainly was a long show with three full sets plus an encore. It was also a beautiful spring day outdoors at the State Fairgrounds. I remember the band played Looks Like Rain and segueyed into Here Comes Sunshine with the weather cooperating on both songs with a little shower followed by sun. I have waited for years for the Dead to release a tape or CD of that concert. Is there any way I could get a copy of a tape/CD?

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"What do the lights mean!!?!"

Joined: Jun 5 2007
Egypt Run

I thought that we might have gotten a taste from Egypt.THere I go thinking again.I usually let my wife do that for me.Otherwise good stuff Dave.

Joined: Jun 21 2007
where have the mp3s gone long time passing

I loved when you guys introduced this
so very cool
I used to download and then put them in my player and do my mountain bike ride a few days a week to new good tunes
Now I dont know what kind of apple *.mov files your using but it sucks
I have gone from visting every week to never even checkin in
Please if you can go back to the mp3s
thats all thank you
see you on the next ratdog tour !

Joined: Jun 27 2007

just a note.
When I don't log in i have to allocate the player every clik. When I log in i just clik and dance. ...just in case anyone wondered.

love Weather Report / Stella
btw, warm and sunny here

round and round

Joined: Jun 24 2007
Sharp Narrations

Both here and on the GD Hour pages. Really like the added details myself, creating a new listening experience, that is best enjoyed online, so I can read back as I listen to the selection. Nice for a novice trying to train a set of ears.

And I still have to explore all the links, I am sure they enhance the whole journey as well.

So in more words than really necessary:
I enjoy your work, please keep it coming, and exploring new audio frontiers, well I guess I am gonna have to give in sooner or later...

yep, I went and captured real audio when I could have found some samples, but hey, I know which one I deemed more of an adventure. Now to learn to get the captured sound onto the laptop, so I can tweak it with tools, all fer kicks and slaps! (And hopefully keep me outta trouble, lol.)

I am so glad that there is a duality of band released and audience recordings, kinda really creates a huge amount of material (I imagine.) Nice to get highlights and a bit of a guided tour.

Joined: Aug 30 2007
Thank you so much, David!

The Tapers Section has been a great source for "new" GD music for almost a year. I really appreciate the hard and thoughful work that goes into this endeavor each week.

But I wanted to add voice to those asking for a way to d'load these tracks again. Since this site went to streaming, I have not been able to listen to them (my work computer doesn't have Quicktime, and my home computer is too slow).

David, is there any chance that Rhino will allow folks to subscribe to the Tapers Section for a nominal fee each week/month? Is there any chance that you can post this stuff on iTunes as either a Podcast or downloadable tracks?

And where is the announcement the "very cool releases and programs"?

Patiently yours...


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