Grateful Dead

September 3 - September 9, 2007

Tapers Section By David Lemieux

We have a tremendous variety of music for you this week, spanning almost 20 years of the Grateful Dead’s recorded history, and we hope you’ll find this week’s journey as enjoyable as we did while preparing it for you.

As we mentioned last week, we have a bit more music from the Family Dog in San Francisco, specifically the encore from 9/6/69, a nice Pigpen-led Midnight Hour, with plenty of good jamming in the background.

Our next chronological stop on this week’s trip is 9/9/72 at the Palladium in Hollywood (venue of the performance of one of the best-ever versions of Hard To Handle, in 1971). From this show in 1972, we have the second set jam of He’s Gone>Truckin’>The Other One, which features a reel flip that is just a fact of life in these 7” reel-to-reel tapes, which run at 7.5 ips, meaning the tape is changed every 47 or so minutes. It’s always fortunate when the cuts are located in acceptable places, like this, rather than the brutal cuts that often destroy the listening experience. This one really isn’t too bad.

At this point we jump forward a year to 9/7/73 at Nassau Coliseum, with a song that mightn’t be what people think of first when they think of 1973: Looks Like Rain. This is a really great rendition, and just sounds so darn good, we thought you’d enjoy it. And, for a dose of quintessential 1973 music, we have the first set closing song from the same show: Playing In The Band. I really can’t get enough of these 1973 Playing In The Bands, and this one certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Going forward to 1985, to 9/3/85 in Kansas City, we have the pre-Drums sequence featuring That’s It For The Other One>Eyes of the World>I Don’t Need Love. The “Cryptical” part of the sequence in 1985 never quite matched the energy or perfection of the 1969 versions, but the “Other One” portion of the song is very good, as is the Eyes and the rare Don’t Need Love. This is drawn from the Beta PCM digital masters.

Lastly this week, we have a couple of songs from London on 4/7/72, specifically Pigpen’s Chinatown Shuffle and a powerhouse Me and My Uncle.

As sometimes happens, we have no idea what we’ll have for you next week, but looking at what we have to select from, it’s bound be to be a nice selection of some excellent music. Let us know what you think by writing with questions, comments, suggestions or requests.

David Lemieux
vault [at]


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Joined: Jun 24 2007
Trading Shows helps build Community.

I have to listen yet, but after that incident last week, where someone bothered to download an MP3 and why?

TRADING SHOWS builds a community- a reel good sense of Family.

There is the Archive as well- it is a regular ole Vault of sounds and information.

Joined: Jun 13 2007

I think you ARE ALL missing the point. The real BIG ISSUE we all need to be mourning about is this weeks lack of ED'S CAT'S downloads. I mean last week they were there for all of us to download, then they were yanked with a lame explaination that " Someone else could do it." Well, is that what the Cats wanted, or was it a managment decsion? Are they OK? Some of us are not computer savey enough to make this happen. We come to this site expecting Cat downloads and it is not even allowed to be streamed. We have been cut off by management without any consideration for the fans. A SHOW WAS CANCELLED HERE FOLKS and all you're doing is bitching about Dead Mp3's and streaming!!!!! Time for a reality check here peeps. Some of us need the HAIRBALL!!!!!! We are willing to pay for the HAIRBALL. What would the essential Lily Allen say when her most advocate cover band " Just goes away" Crap man, these are SERIOUS ISSUES. WE WANT ANSEWERS!!!!! VIVA THE HAIRBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gratefulweb's picture
Joined: Jul 6 2007
Get over it people...

Thanks for all this great is great to hear some of this stuff from the dark corners that only AUD tapes have revealed thus far...

We have heard enough explanation as to why we are not being given mp3' with it, folks...if you are the least bit computer savy, you will figure out how to capture this for your ipods and stereos...if you don't know how, then maybe that gives you something to figure out...

remember when we actually had to sit down and put the tape in and play it while the other deck recorded it? NOt much different now, expect that we are being given treats every week...and just a different medium...

Hope that doesn't spoil it for everyone, but these complaints are unbearable...

Thanks for all the great music, David...

"Those who refuse military service are the pioneers of a warless world."
--Albert Einstein

Joined: Aug 21 2007

Although not the end of the world, just another blip in a poorly run business, I too am saddened by no explanation for last week's non-explanation. Make it available one way or the other! Most of us are happy to pay to get these nuggets, but not to have them free for dl for months on end and then yanked from us with a poor excuse.

GRTUD's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
Awesome "Midnight Hour"

WOW! Thanks David L.

The Dude Abides!

Joined: Jun 4 2007
Can't stop us

Nothing will keep deadheads from trading Dead shows, whether by bittirrent, downloads or snailmail; legally or not, Rhino can't stop us. They can, however, keep us from buying official releases and keep us from repecting the rules of trading officially released material. Respect is a two way street and you need our money more than we need another compilation release.

gflded's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
Patience is a virtue

After wading through so many posts complaining about the changes made, I have to wonder how many have spent years building their collections, spent days waiting for the mail, spent hours making copies of tapes (in real time) just looking for the best version of a particular show?

Whatever happened to the vast amounts of patience the Deadheads had while putting together their tape collections? Does the internet enable us all to be victims of instant gratification? Does it foster the belief that once we have possession of a particular show, it is ours, rather than something to share?

I must agree with Charlie Miller's post. David Lemieux is the vault archivist. He knows what is and what's not there. And every now and then, he surprises us with a little taste of something that has been assumed to not exist. He had some big shoes to fill after Dick Latvala died and he's doing a damned fine job of filling them. David probably doesn't make policy and a nasty post or complaint is just unnecessary.

Rhino has been putting out Grateful Dead music for many years and has done a fine job. Great packaging, wonderful liner notes, and of course the mastering has been superb.
I do believe that with the access they now have to the vault and with David Lemieux's archival knowledge, we will be seeing some truly great releases in the future.

Just my .02

Joined: Aug 19 2007

weren't we alowed to tape in the tapers section?

Jack Straw's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
Built for Cash

There are times when you offend me and I do the same to you...if we can't or won't forget it, i guess we could be through.

enlightend rogue's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
Last Weeks Explanation

I thought Davids message last week told us all we need to know for right now! I feel we should just wait and see what happens!! Is there another band out there that allow's as much access to their music as this one! I was dissapointed w/ the removal of the mp3's but i am willing to wait to see how this all plays out and give the GOGD the benefit of the doubt. As far as people having problems with the streaming aspect of it if you don't have a high speed internet connection then you will have trouble. But the music is there if you want it!!


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