Grateful Dead

September 30 - October 6, 2013

Tapers Section By David Lemieux

Welcome back to the Tapers' Section, where this week we have music from 1972, 1981 and 1989.

We'll make our first stop on 8/25/72 at the Berkeley Community Theatre where the Grateful Dead were performing their final show of a four night run at the BCT. Of course, they'd take off the next day for Eugene, OR, where they'd play the famous 8/27/72 show (finally, now available on CD and DVD/Blu-ray). Several of these songs were played at Veneta, and this BCT show almost as hot as its Oregon counterpart: Jack Straw, Friend Of The Devil, Promised Land, Bird Song, Playing In The Band.

Our next selection is on 7/5/81 in Oklahoma City, where we have some great first set tunes from this show, which fell during a very good Grateful Dead tour: CC Rider, They Love Each Other, Mama Tried>Mexicali Blues, Althea.

Lastly this week, we have the end of the first set from 8/4/89 at Cal Expo, the first night of a three night run. After the east coast summer tour that saw the Dead playing huge stadiums and Alpine (35,000 capacity), plus the small Deer Creek show on 7/15, it was terrific walking into Cal Expo on 8/4 to see a very small, very mellow west coast vibe greeting us. From this dandy of a show, we have Built To Last, Queen Jane Approximately, Jack-A-Roe, Cassidy, Deal.

Join us next week for more tunes from the vault.

David Lemieux


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Joined: Jun 4 2007

Ana - not sure I understand the comment about Haynes etc.

But yes, I am from the "Jerry Is God" camp. :)

I tried - the Other Ones at Shoreline in 1998 was a cool experience. And I've seen things like Vince Welnick playing a blistering show in front of like 25 people in a club. After awhile though I was just content to drift on in my GD world with the big fella in my headphones ... that is enough for me. And when the music is playing it still feels like it's happening "now" to me. It is now. It always will be.

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I think there is one other Built from the Summit in Houston in 88 that has Playin'>Built To Last>Drumz, though in Dead Base it says that the Playin' stands alone. DB is wildly unreliable with the "gazintas" so I will have to check out the show you mentioned as well as that one. Hell, I might listen to every version and rate my top five. I love that song!

~ Built to last as years roll past like cloudscapes in the sky
Show me something built to last, something built to try! ~

Thanks for the nostalgia trip from Ann Arbor!

Joined: Jun 4 2007
Built To Last 4/6/89 - A must have!

Quite possibly my favorite version of this song is from Crisler Arena 4/6/89. The way it seamlessly falls into place out of Playing In The Band is the only time off the top of head that I can think of that they didn't do a cold start on the song. The way they flow out of it into a Playing-ish jam into drums is pure GD magic. My personal favorite version of Built To Last as performed live by The Grateful Dead! I believe if 4/6/89, it would be an instant favorite for most fans. The night preceded it at the same venue is also top shelf Spring '89.

Back to 4/5-6/89 though...of all of the great shows the Grateful Dead played in '89, I think these two shows deserve special recognition for being truly inspired performances in a peak year. For being a small college basketball arena, and for me personally, this run of two shows had that "Veneta" type energy throughout. Overnight on-sight camping and vending was still rampant. It was also a big week in Ann Arbor that added to the mystique. U of M won the title and the Hash Bash all happened during the same week as the Dead's stop there. The artsy atmosphere, the school spirit and the Dead in peak form made this run one of those once in a lifetime experiences that I look back upon fondly.

There's no escaping or denying the awesomeness that '89 was. Resistance is futile.


I saw The Dead perform Built To Last with Warren Haynes at Pine Knob in 2004, and I agree that he did a stellar job with it. The combination of Warren with Jimmy Herring, whether with Phil & Friends or the Dead/The Other Ones is my favorite stuff post Jerry period.

I've kind of resisted Further up to this point. Haven't seen them live, but recently did go back and check out some stuff online and have to say that they seem to be doing a fine job.

I did see Mickey Harts band recently within the last year and was impressed.

Having just celebrated my 46th birthday a couple of days ago, and pondering '89 Dead...24 years ago seems just like God where does time go so fast?

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Built To Last

This is a brilliant composition by Robert Hunter that was even more brilliantly interpreted by Jerry Garcia. It was performed 13 times in concert from 1988 to 1990. I was privileged enough to attend one of those performances at the Pit. Civic Arena in April of '89. Perhaps Mr. Dodd will have it up soon for discussion of the lyrics.

@doubleT: "I have no use for Furthur in general ...or was it the Dead?" Really dude? I feel sorry for you! Why not go to a Warren Haynes site? Ohh, there is no Warren Haynes site! Unless it's for junkies.

Joined: Jun 4 2007
Dude loves 89 doesn't he?

I do too but over the years I think I kind of overdid it. Oh wait. . . this week in the iTunes I'm running Nightfall of Diamonds and Hampton. Tough to escape it.

"Built to Last" is a very sweet song. I love it. I just get the sense it was too damn difficult for Garcia to play and sing live. Too many words. Was there EVER a version that he could get in and out of the guitar smoothly back into the verse? LOL. Had he lived I bet that song would have come back at least once.

The studio version is beautifully crafted. Not a wasted note.

I have no use for Furthur in general ...or was it the Dead? But did I hear Warren Haynes singing this ? Or was it "Little Light?" Maybe it was both. But if I really did hear it and didn't dream it . . . he had the perfect voice for it.

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