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Who or what is Dupree's Diamond News?

Dupree's Diamond News was one of the top three Grateful Dead fanzines along with Golden Road and Relix. We started publishing in 1985 as Terrapin Flyer, a double-sided free handout that volunteers distributed at Grateful Dead shows all over the country and Europe, too! The handout was made up of set lists from previous shows, reviews, tour dates, and notes of interest. We decided to expand on all these ideas with a magazine.

The magazine started in 1987 and contained all that was in the flyer plus artwork, photographs, in depth reviews, interviews, set analyses, spiritual articles, scene articles, historical articles, games, personal ads, vendor ads, and all sorts of other fun and interesting content. Initially, however, Terrapin Flyer came out of John Dwork's days at Hampshire College where he not only received a degree in The Art and Management of Frisbee, his degree came on a Frisbee. I knew John for years through my brother and mutual friends, and one day he asked me to help out while he had a spiritual adventure in India.

In 1986, after leaving messages all over India for John to get in touch with me, we had a 3-minute international call that forever changed our lives. We put Terrapin Flyer to rest, changed the name to Dupree's Diamond News (DDN), decided to move in a new direction, expanded to a magazine, became equal partners, and embarked on our own golden road.

DDN had a wonderful team/family/staff. John and I were Co-Publishers and Editors. We were blessed over the years with many creative, insightful, and talented people who joined in to help make all our visions come true. Their names fill the masthead of each issue, and their blood, sweat, and tears, as well as their hearts, fill the pages. Every issue of this magazine was a true labor of love. DDN published for over 10 years, including our masterpiece known as our tribute issue, "Garcia, A Grateful Celebration."

Since the magazine stopped publishing, we have all sort of gone our separate ways. We cross paths occasionally, and it’s always warm and friendly, sharing some great moment or memory, and of course a big hug. It is so interesting to see what everyone is doing 15 years later. How DDN impacted all our lives. So, here’s a toast to old friends, new friends, and absent friends!

We have been asked to reprint here some of the pieces from our Tribute issue, and are very excited to relive some of our fondest memories. [We will also be participating on a monthly basis with some articles from our regular magazine issues, so stay tuned.] If you liked these excerpts, and want to see who else contributed their words and pictures to our Tribute issue, you can own one of these rare, mint-condition, collector books direct from our archives for $20 each including shipping and handling. Please contact us at with any questions, back issue purchase requests, or if you just wish to make contact. We welcome your communication.

I look forward to hearing from you. Until then, be smart, be safe, and be happy!

Sally Ansorge Mulvey


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Joined: Dec 13 2015
Dear Sally Ansorge Mulvey

Your paper had helped me through a lot of times on the road. We need your help with a Community not for profit book being written by hopefully thousands of Dead Heads. This is a Social Media project a few parts. The first is Collecting as many stories as possible from the internet. Men Women and Children. Everyone who writes a story or two has a say in the book from start to finish. All money (if any) goes back into the head community decided by all the book authors. this alone will make it the most authors on one book(but thats not the reason for the book) Concert Fund raises, Helping homeless in the community. The group will decide.
Now We would love to have a story or two from you. I know you could help fill a lot of time lines. And stories around Dupree's you probably could fill a book like the rest of us.
So we would be honored if you and friends could share a story. we are using Facebook as the platform but a lot are being sent to my email. This started 12/23/2017 and we have had a fantastic response with some major players wanting to help us.
Dead Head Stories Wanted on facebook.
P>S> and Maryanne Asta she loves you and has your back. She gave me your name, hope you do not mind.
we all thank you so much and durpree's will always burned into my mind. lol

Joined: Aug 27 2008
DDN ceases publication date

Thanks fluffanutter for at least the year that DDN ceased publication. I really wasn't too sure of that. I thought it was 1998.

I still say they were a good magazine.

fluffanutter's picture
Joined: Feb 25 2012
I'd like my refund please

DDN took money for a full year's subscription and stopped publishing in 1997. I believe I am due a refund in the amount of $13.97 with interest accruing at the amount of 6.9% for the last 16 years. That being compounded, I am owed $114.23 and I would like that by money order or cashier's check immediately. Make it payable to China Cat, PO Box 299, Beverly Hills, Ca., 90210.

I knew you'd eventually show up on this site...

Joined: Aug 27 2008
I had a subscription

I had a subscription to Dupree's Diamond News in the mid '90's that was still active when you folks ceased publication in 199? There was no notices sent out before the final issue or after it. But I will forgive you on that point. Financially, that's another point, because I paid in full for that year, 199?, so I lost a few dollars.

But anyway I found DDN to be informative pretty well written, and fun to read. I miss DDN. I lost all my back issues in a fire, but was able to buy a copy of the "Garcia, A Grateful Celebration" issue at an auction for a better price than what I originally paid for it and what you're offering here.

In short, Dupree's Diamond News was a wonderful magazine made with love and shared the love of the Grateful Dead.

Joined: Jun 5 2007

Hello John & Sally & DDN fans,
I had the pleasure of writing a handful of columns for DDN over the years. If I recall they were under my pen name, Vic Bradley. I wrote most often on Dylan as well as some on the bootleg industry, I believe. I'd love to find some copies since my archives went down in a flooded basement year ago.

DDN was hugely popular in the record store I co-owned in Wilmington, DE between 1987-1997, ROLLING THUNDER RECORDS. We opened shortly after the JFK show in Philly in 1987 and had worked the parking lot hard letting anyone with DE plates and anyone with a smile know that just down I-95 there was a DeadHead oriented music store opening up as a gathering place. Our friend Jonathan Marx also was in the midst of growing his Grateful Graphix imprint resulting from a successful Delaware Dead t-shirt that sold on Shakedown Street outside Philly gigs.

We carried copies of Terrapin Flyer when we could find them and were ecstatic to be part of the retail end of the DDN magazine. Every issue just got better and better and in between issues of Blair Jackson's GOLDEN ROAD our fellow DeadHeads loved having a place to pick up DDN and RELIX and tape covers, T-shirt, vintage posters, blank tapes and so much more.

I was such a great time for a nationwide coming together of community and friends and music. I'd moved east from Cali in '81 and found a community in a world that was foreign to me. I miss the calls with fellow DeadHead entrepreneurs and the joys of major touring. It is wonderful that the jamband scene carried the ball and particularly great that the former members of the Dead have made so much fantastic music along and together since Jerry's passing.

Being part of such a loving and weird and complex subculture is a feeling I will cherish forever. Here's to Jerry's birthday and to all of you who carry the torch.

Brad Riesau
Big Bear Lake, CA

Joined: Jun 5 2007

I used to grab a copy of the handout whenever I could find it.... it was always good reading. Thank you!


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