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My experience is similar to Smiler. I have an email from customer services back in February confirming my order. But when the boxes started shipping to Europe i did not receive any email with regard to my order. I subsequently emailed customer services 3 times, but have yet to receive any response.

Getting worried i then phoned customer services. After being put on hold for 10 minutes i eventually managed to speak to a young lady who informed me that she could not access my order on the system but that she would escalate the issue and get back to me directly. Needless to say nearly a week later i have still not heard anything.

Now we are told that if i do not confirm my order in the next 24 hours or so it will be cancelled! This is not on. I only found out about this deadline because a friend has just told me about it - there is nothing on the home page of the site as you would expect with a announcement of this importance.

As far as i am concerned emails from customer services confirming my order (which i have never cancelled), and subsequent emails and phone calls by myself about it's non-delivery are proof enough that i have a valid order and still want it delivered to me. I shouldn't have to email yet another address stating confirming that i still want the set.

I have been very patient and understanding during all the problems relating to this release, but that patience and understanding is rapidly coming to an end with this latest piece of incompentance!

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no e-mail here either

I can only echo the comments above. I have yet to receive my box, and I did not receive any e-mail along the lines of that described in the announcement.

I had sent 3 e-mails to various addresses prior to today, reporting a problem with my delivery address, and (more recently) no sign of the goods. All I had received back were "thank you for your e-mail, we'll get back to you" type replies.

To then find that an announcement has been made somewhere that I would never have gone to look, telling me that a non-existent e-mail was sent out that I should respond to within 2 days - is a joke. I have several time zones to contend with between me and, and tomorrow I am working away from my usual workplace, with no idea of whether I will have phone or internet access.

Therefore I did what any sensible person would do, with their back to the wall - I called the customer service telephone number, only to be placed in a queue because "all our representatives are busy with other customers". How on earth can it be justified to cancel customers orders if all lines of communication between customers and customer service have been severed, or customer services are tied up with people all reporting similar problems?

Ultimately, after "only" a 10 minute wait on hold, and a 10 minute conversation with customer service, finally I have a tracking number and confirmation that my order is on the way. (Delayed, but on the way, at last). If the tracking number had been sent out automatically, none of this timewasting would have been necessary, and both customer services and myself would have had significant amounts of our time to get on with what really matters.

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what about other issues?

is this the same 48 hrs to notify Rhino of defective discs? what about other issues, 48 hrs just don't seem like enough time, some haven't even got their box, now you've got 24 hrs to comply, or else.
Where's the love here?

another knife in the back, and more of the same.....

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err thanks

I for one and others I know still waiting for their boxes HAVE NOT YET RECEIVED ANY EMAIL ON THIS TOPIC. After all that has gone before and the ongoing difficulties with communicaiton is it really fair now suddenly to give 48 hrs notice before the guillotine comes down. What if you are on vacation, have a broken internet connection etc.


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5 p.m. PACIFIC TIME THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 22--LAST CHANCE to resolve order issues!!!!!