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Joined: Jul 15 2009
Me and my friends made a cover of "Ripple"

Just fooling around, got the camera out, here you go!

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Joined: Jul 19 2007
Donnie Loeffler TRIO : Wick's Pizza (goose creek) Fri. 04/09 -




9 pm - 1 am


$2.00 domestic beers and well drinks past 10:00 pm !!!!!

Donnie Loeffler - guitar/vocals
John Thornberry - bass
Dave Schmitt - drums

Blues, Rock, and Psychedelic jams

"the warm wet world of analog audio"

Joined: Aug 21 2007

Hello! I play guitar in a band called Reform. It´s instrumental psychedelic...well jazz-rock is not exactly correct...but maybe somewhere between GD and Mahavishnu Orchestra?

Check his clip out:

It was recorded here in Stockholm, Sweden last sunday. It´s based on a classical piece by a swedish composer, Wilhelm Peterson-Berger. The middle section is a minimalist, semi-ambient jam that turned out quite nice.

Check for more info.

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Joined: May 26 2007

great to see you!

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Joined: Jul 19 2007
Been a while, so I'll throw up a plug -

Hey guys,

my name is Donnie Loeffler, I'm from Louisville, Ky. I've been playing around here for a while but I'm back on the scene after a hiatus. Please drop by my myspace website to see where I'm playing around town and check out the new upload of "Cissy Strut" as I play all the instruments on that track. Thanks so much for your time !

"the warm wet world of analog audio"

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Joined: Mar 9 2010
basement band

my band's based out of brooklyn, ny and we're called basement band. We do mostly originals but at longer bar band gigs we do a bunch of covers by folks like the dead, gram parsons, the byrds, and a lot of dylan. Check us out if you're ever in NYC. We gig about once a week.


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Joined: Dec 22 2007

I'm not in a band right now, but I'd like to change that. So I set up a Myspace with some scratch recordings I made of myself, hoping to either find or form a viable working band of jam oriented individuals, ideally other multi-instrumentalists. Currently seven originals and four covers (yep, one track is a twofer, they have a 10 song limit) and any and all feedback is welcome whether it's roses or rocks. I'm equal opportunity like that.


Conversation is always more interesting than recitation, so speak your mind and not someone else's.

Joined: Jun 4 2007
Good stuff in here

I'm a regular on the "old " Deadnet (now That site is down for maintenance, and they have a message up reminding us to check out this site. This in the first discussion I stopped in, and I've been clicking on a lot of the links, checking out the myspace pages, etc.

The biggest gift I got from The Grateful Dead was the inspiration to play music. I learned how to play drums by going to hundreds of GD concerts and watching Billy and Mickey, and then going home and playing my drumset while cranking my bootleg cassettes through headphones. I played in GD cover bands for a couple of years, and then went on to playing original music. Through my love of The Rhythm Devils, I learned about electronics and sampling and so on, and no I use the primitive "technology" of drums alongside modern digital technology. My current project is The Rhythm Method; we collaborate via the internet and do shows in our own towns, with different musicians, under the same name. Check us out at

Hopefully in 2010 various Rhythm Method lineups will be hitting the road; drop us a line to inquire about booking us at your club, festival, etc. Our live performances are a lot of fun; we use a vast array of percussion from around the world, as well as guitars, keyboards, samplers, DJs, vocalists, dancers, etc.

For more info, email me:

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Joined: Jun 30 2007
ANY kind music in DFW?

looking for originals, Dead covers, good jams, kind audience. can't find it. new to Dallas area

Joined: Jan 26 2010
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