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Joined: Oct 14 2008
The Kind - Blacksburg, VA

(I posted this in the tirbute section too)

I have been playing in a Dead band in Blacksburg, Va (the home of VA Tech) since 1986 called The Kind. We formed at my 20th birthday party as the band we had scheduled to play found themselves in a state unable to perform so I grabbed some buddies and we took the stage. Now we are approaching our 24th anniversary and my 44th birthday - yikes! Our only goal was and is to have fun playing music. We have had a handful of lineup changes over the years I and the rhythm guitarist and lead vocalist Wendy Godley are the only founding members that still play regularly. We have had a bunch of really talented folks come and go (and come back). We do a reunion show every summer at the Port O'Call in the Outer Banks of NC - we have as many former and current players as we can get together and put on one hell of a show. Folks coming in from as far as San Francisco and Hawaii to do these shows. We have gotten to play with some other great folks over the years including David Gans - who sat in at a gig at the Underground on Howard St in San Fran. Jerry Abrams (of Head Lights) joined us with trippy light shows and congas on some shows in SF that summer (1987). Robin Sylvester from RatDog played a couple of shows with us in Blacksburg and at the OBX reunion shows (he played guitar and keyboards - and is great at both and a great guy). We have opened for Rick Danko, Jefferson Starship, New Riders, Hot Tuna and a few others over the years.

Our current lineup features me, Wendy Godley, Rick Godley (drums), Danny Dunlap (guitar, synth, vocals), Mandy Cash (vocals) Steve "Slash" Hunt (bass) - also Greg Bump (bass). Slash is a monster bass player and toured with Bob Margolin for years (Bob was Muddy Waters' guitar player for the last 8 years of his life and is standing next to him in "The Last Waltz"). Former members include Mark McLeod (rhythm guitar, vocals) who is now teaching economics at Penn St, and Tom Lehman (bass), and Tim Taylor (drums) - Tim lives on the Big Island of Hawaii and plays with Hawaiians Unlimited and competes in triathlons.

Our website is and we've got a bunch of videos on YouTube - search for "The Kind Blacksburg)

Tom Snediker
Lead guitar, vocals
The Kind, Crossties, Scott Fore and His Hillbilly Hotclub

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Mars Retreval Unit out of

Mars Retreval Unit out of Portland is pretty kick ass!

Check them out!

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I've played guitar, sang,

I've played guitar, sang, &/or drummed in rock'n'roll cover bands, original rock bands, blues bands, jazz combos, bluegrass groups, & even orchestras & string ensembles. Currently I'm
playing in a church band, sometimes drums, sometimes guitar, always singing. I've tried to get the other musicians in the band interested in doing some dead-inspired extended jams during prayers & other parts of the service, but so far not much interest.

“Santa Claus wears a Red Suit, He must be a communist. And a beard and long hair, Must be a pacifist. What's in that pipe that he's smoking?"~Arlo Guthrie (The Pause of Mr. Claus)

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Buckdancer's Choice

Hell yeah I have a band! We're called Buckdancer's Choice and we do all originals. Everybody can check our stuff our here:

Our second album is coming out in a few months and we're hellza stoked!!!

Joined: Nov 7 2009
insane sounds
Joined: Oct 17 2009
Pentultima love to jammm!

Got a new groovin song called Pinky at I think Gerry would approve :)

I play in a band called Pentultima and we love jamming rock guitar music. Check out the sounds we make sometime and leave a comment? Peace! :)

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Sweating Honey

Yeah, that's the name of the band. We're out of Fairbanks, AK and are hoping to conquer the world. We do some Dead covers-- Franklin's Tower, Eyes of the World, Deep Elem Blues.

Check out our music at

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hi everyone i play guitar

hi everyone

i play guitar and originally i played in the pub/club scene in scotland back in those eighties, i made it to finland and met two englishmen playing folk music who needed a guitarist, say no more, nudge nudge wink wink...anyways, after much hard work, doobs, late nights and candlelit parks at 4am, i ended up in switzerland, with a swiss drummer, still doing gigs, still loving it..
check us out

hanah (not verified)
My Band

Although I have a band of my own, I'm looking to jam with a band as a side project. Genre:Rock/Heavy Metal.
Orlando Remodeling
I'm just over 30 years old & seeking to fit in as a bassist or drummer. In addition, I can do backing vocals if needed.I have my own gear & if need be,my place can be used as a jam pad

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Is not my band

But as Bdog's new self-appointed publicist (he knows I am) everybody check this out! Is worth your while:
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