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Joined: Apr 16 2009
TRIO "The.Rhythm.Is.Odd"

Imagine Woodstock. crowded with people, flags waving in the air, psychedelic hippie mentality reigns over love peace and understanding. A roar of music comes from the stage with guitar feedback, tight, deep drum grooves and the growl of a thundering bass.

That's my band :) give it a try


Joined: Jan 13 2009
Ong's Hat

Happy Easter!
My band is.....Ong's Hat & we play paranormal Jamm Rock

Rock ONG!

Joined: Apr 8 2009
Bluegrassy Stuff

A few of us are trying to get a bluegrass band going. I'm playing fiddle, acoustic guitar; another's on banjo, another on guitar and mandolin. We'll see how things work out. But how does this relate to the Dead? Often "Friend of the Devil" or "I Know You Rider" and others will be played. And just last week the banjo player started in with "Lonesome Road Blues!" "Aha!" I said, I know this one, and I sang it as I've heard it so often on one of my live Dead recordings. There's a ton of Dead stuff which lends itself to a bluegrass interpretation. (And I do enjoy much of their electric stuff, too, but I just concentrate on the acoustic when I'm playing.) Indeed, at last year's California Bluegrass Campout this fine guitarist played a smooth "Ripple." Very nice.

By the way, I'm new, so hello to all.


Joined: Jul 12 2007
Lazy Swamis Band

I wanted to take this opportunity to tell everyone about my band, "Lazy Swamis". We're from Columbus, Ga. and are currently working on our first recording. If you'd like to know more please check out swamis band. It's a new site and still under construction but there are a few pics, etc. Welcome!!!!!!

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Joined: Mar 28 2009
Second Hand Soul

We play a variety of covers - a lot of Neil Young, some Grateful Dead, Widespread Panic, well, you get the idea. We also do some originals.
Nothing serious 1-2 a month in the local bars. We met at a local open mic night and evolved from acoustic duos/trios to a five piece electric band. Just a lot of fun.

Yeah, we changed our name - Second Hand Soul kinda fits what we do.

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Joined: Mar 3 2009
not in a band, but have made

not in a band, but have made some fine tunes at

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Joined: Aug 11 2008
2009=year of musical reunions?

what are the odds of the dead, phish, and me all re-uniting
in the same year? but there you have it, after several years
absence, i have re-united with myself and will be appearing:

me@nunyuns 3/22/09 10ish-noonish
corner of north and park, b, vt,
'united states of love'

"it feels good to be back together again"- h. dumpty, cowbell

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Joined: Mar 20 2009
Guardian Rocks...

Hey Folks,
I love the Dead, have seen them a bunch before Jerry passed, and played in a Dead acoustic band in college called Lazy Lightning (in New Haven, CT). Now I live in south Florida and play mainly original Folk Rock music. My influences include the Beatles and the Dead. So far, I've released 2 CD's. And I love Egypt, been there 9 times, many interesting stories to tell...

You can check out my stuff on MySpace here:

My official website is here:

You can get my latest CD, "The Dreamer or the Dream", here:

I'd love to meet some Deadheads down here in South Florida (Ft Lauderdale area) who would like to jam. I play mainly lead guitar and can sing, and LOVE to jam...

If you like my music be sure to leave me a note!

Think Peace!
Best Regards,

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Joined: Feb 23 2008
Original songs and live Dead covers . . . via the internet!!

This exercise in logic started as a joke but evolved. Here's how it goes. What if - people loved your music but were afraid to come to your show? You know, because it was all thuged out like the Dead were when they first started with Hell's Angels, bare breasts, free acid, and weed.

No problemo!! With today's technology, you could buy tickets over the phone or over the internet, not go to the show, and then download the show off of the internet. Just immagine if a fan wanted to show his appreciation for the iconoblasting effort of his favorite band and contributed to their well being without expecting a show. Personally, I think it would be cool to play a mostly empty stadium. Just a few bikers and such that would let me experiment with really wierd stuff so I could prepare for playing, "Space".

All the people who hired me can expect is for me to get pepole to pay for tickets. As long as the money keeps rolling in it's all good . . . and people should eventually start to show up at shows. That would be way cool.

Joined: Feb 20 2009
Spring Tour

Hope to see as many people as the place can hold! Wachovia Arena - April 22. I will be there and you should too...lets keep the ball rolling



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