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Joined: Jun 18 2008

Howdy Folks!!

The Passengers is looking for a keyboard player. Vocals would be great as we are vocal/harmonies heavy.

The best thing to do is clink on our link:

Thanks for stopping by.

Jambi !!

Joined: Nov 20 2008
I've been playin guitar for 5

I've been playin guitar for 5 years

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Happy to see you around!

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How are you???

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Toni Brown

Toni Brown
Toni Brown just finished RELIX, The Book: The Grateful Dead Experience. She and guitarist Ed Munson are putting a fall 2009 tour together, and working on next year's festival bookings. For more info, contact Toni at
Toni is a singer/songwriter/guitarist, and has toured with many members of the Dead and the extended family. She was publisher of Relix Magazine from 1979-2000, and is active in the music world, not only as a musician, but as a publicist, promoter and is always helping bands get out into the world.

Joined: May 4 2009
StrangeFeather - Awesome San Fran Band

San Francisco based band thats been following the 2009 spring tour in a 1964 IH schoolie
They have been playing the lots. I caught them at the Greensboro, East Rutherford, and Philly shows. If you want to catch a great set they will be in the Denver shake down until the show starts. Awesome!

check them out @ or search for strangefeather (all one word)

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Joined: Apr 30 2009
Under Kings
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Odacious Green

Hey guys i just joined a band with my friends that i have been jamming with for about a couple months. We were strawberry jam but we changed our name to Odacious Green. Here is our site.

the age range is 16-20. We are all good friends and we play a bunch of our own originals that we jam too but we do many grateful dead, some allman brothers and some phish covers as well. We are working on getting more music up on the myspace, even some of our dead covers. We cover many dead songs which is pretty cool because there are like very few bands from my area that even listen to the dead. We do
Scarlet > Fire
China > Rider
Franklins Tower
and many songs from the very best of like ripple, friend of the devil, uncle johns band, box of rain.

we are currently working on Help > Slip > Frank

If anyone that is around Philly can help us out with shows, please let me know

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Free music by Cave Street

The music and lyrics of Cave Street contain subtle and multi-layered sound textures that are revealed only through your focused attention.

Thank you for giving music life by listening.

With the knowledge that Music is truly free, all Cave Street songs are avavilable for streaming or mp3 download (no strings attached) at:

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Imagine Woodstock

crowded with people, flags waving in the air, psychedelic hippie mentality reigns over love peace and understanding. A roar of music comes from the stage with guitar feedback, tight, deep drum grooves and the growl of a thundering bass.

That's the music of TRIO (The.Rhythm.Is.Odd)


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