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Joined: Feb 23 2008
Original songs and live Dead covers . . . via the internet!!

This exercise in logic started as a joke but evolved. Here's how it goes. What if - people loved your music but were afraid to come to your show? You know, because it was all thuged out like the Dead were when they first started with Hell's Angels, bare breasts, free acid, and weed.

No problemo!! With today's technology, you could buy tickets over the phone or over the internet, not go to the show, and then download the show off of the internet. Just immagine if a fan wanted to show his appreciation for the iconoblasting effort of his favorite band and contributed to their well being without expecting a show. Personally, I think it would be cool to play a mostly empty stadium. Just a few bikers and such that would let me experiment with really wierd stuff so I could prepare for playing, "Space".

All the people who hired me can expect is for me to get pepole to pay for tickets. As long as the money keeps rolling in it's all good . . . and people should eventually start to show up at shows. That would be way cool.

Joined: Feb 20 2009
Spring Tour

Hope to see as many people as the place can hold! Wachovia Arena - April 22. I will be there and you should too...lets keep the ball rolling


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Joined: Oct 18 2008
Just got done updating my music sites!
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...sorry..that's mini

...sorry..that's mini q-tron...jeez I only have one in the back room...

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Joined: Jun 4 2007
....far as I know he use a

....far as I know he use a Mutron=very expensive. A mini mutron is quite affordable though.

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Joined: Feb 4 2009
Wally Nations says a big ~HELLO~

My band is Wally and the Paupacks. We can't divulge who exactly Wally is, but either way we'd love to have you on board as part of Wally nation.

Please stop by and give Wally Radio a listen or two. Hey, if you're from the Scranton PA area we could even add you to the radio. More info at the site.

Anyone having some ideas of what auto-wah Jerry used, please pass it on to me.



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I created a band a few months back with one of my best buddies, and we decided on a name for the band. But whoever was to be the singer in the band had there name in the un-official band name, nobody wanted to be the singer, so me playing lead guitar took up singing also. So, in about one week, Ryan Moore and the Merry Pranksters was born.
Well, I have a very strange taste in music. I listen to about everything, but of course anything Dead related would be what I am most interested in. It' very hard to develop a sound that revolves around the Grateful Dead, Tool, Sunn O))), Sage Francis, Into The Moat, and other various non-relating bands.
So, as we write material and record things, I intend to push the musical genre not into one direction, but what seems to be in all directions at once.
We are currently recording our first song, it's coming along very smoothly and once we upload to a site I will post the link on here. Hopefully, everyone will enjoy it.

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The Bailout Blues ~ The Alright Brothers

Had to write a song for the times as the media and the constant barage
of all the news and the blues and the holes in my walkin' shoes kept me up
night after night until I got this out of my we hit the streets and played our hearts out...and now I'm ready for the changes in times.
Have a look if you have a notion...
Me and J went out and jammed it up on Main street.
The Bailout Blues ~ The Alright Brothers.
Street version
Alley version

"Walk into splintered sunlight
Inch your way through dead dreams to another land"
Robert Hunter
"Ray, a drop of golden sun"

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Joined: Jun 4 2007
My music site is up-come listen!

After way too long working on it my music website is up with two albums for your listening and more to come relatively soon.

Drop in and listen if you are so inclined. There is a forum if you would like to pipe up a suggestion or whatnot-I haven't listened to all the songs since being uploaded so let me

know if you notice any problems.

My Myspace site has also been updated with a new song and all the other songs that were on it have been remixed and should sound a little tighter.

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Joined: Jan 4 2009
rock n roll

Here is my music site
The first few songs were professionally recorded at Prairie Sun Recording Studio in Cotati CA. and it's modern rock. I sing and play some guitar. The last couple are acoustic and are more like Beatlesque. They were recorded in my basement.peace and good listening. bruce


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