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a question about covering the Dead's songs

I have two main musical outlets--one is a group of musicians that started out as a drum circle, then mutated into a free-form jam as a couple of guitarists, a banjo player, a harpist, a flute player, and an electric keyboard filtered into the mix--and me, I play bari and tenor sax as well as hand drums, electric keyboard, and piano, so it gets very interesting often enough that we've been at it together now for about eight years, meeting weekly for "Wednesday night prayer meeting." If you live in the Nashville area, you might enjoy stopping by to participate sometime...ask and i'll give details offlist.

My other musical offering is what I call "Brother Martin and the Intangibles"--me and a twelve-track, playing my original songs and recording covers of songs by Richard Thompson, Kate Wolf, the Beatles, and, of course, The Grateful can hear most of my music at
Here's the thing....the fat cats have been tightening up the intellectual property laws, and I can no longer just post Beatles songs without paying some agency in New York, even though I am not selling them, just making them available for free download...I have direct agreements with Richard Thompson and with Kate Wolf's estate that it's OK for me to post my covers of their this permission implicit with the Dead's work (along with taping), or do I need to ask somebody? Sure would like an answer....
thanks...hope to hear from somebody about this soon!

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now THERE's

a blast from the past!

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Buffalo Roam Reunion

If you were around Berkeley in late 80's-early 90's you might have seen them at the world famous Starry Plough well Nov.7 2008 we're back for a nite of the Buffalo's!

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The Wheel *******out of South Florida

About The Wheel
The wheel had great success up and down the east coast in the 90s now settled here in south Florida, The Wheel recently did some recording at WXEL TV made some very cool videos You can find them here on this page or on YouTube The Wheel delivers heavy doses of driving rock and roll mixed with spacey jams and beautiful ballads. We try to approach each show without expectation This way neither the audience or the band ever get bored. Our approach is more free flowing and less orchestrated which makes for a different show every time we play. We try to let the music show us were to go,and go were the music brings us. Lets just say we make music the old fashion way, we create it at every show. You can e-Mail us at

Falin Angel

Angel Jam

Other side of town watch?v=g4Cc4Haevi4

This is a ver y cool song called Magic Garden

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posted to soon. i also

posted to soon. i also wanted to add we have a bitchin record release show coming up sept. 19th in philly @ the Mroom, here's an early review of the record

This Philly jam band features ex-members of Cordalene, and The Elevator
Parade. Where as
those bands owe their sounds to things like Pavement Husker Du, Weezer,
& Guided by Voices,
North Lawrence Midnight Singers sound is more inspired by The Greatful
Dead, Traveling
WIlburys, & George Harrison. If you're a fan of jam bands or that
classic folk meets rock sound
this might be right up your alley

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Colorado Heads

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Hey my name is jessy and i have an awesome band, we play gigs in NY woot!
we are called jimmy's sock drawer and we play more of an aciddy punky slow sound, If you ever hear that we are playing come check us out. im easy to notice im the singer, i play bass and keyboard.....and oh yea im the only chick!

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Just for the Fun of it

Hi folks. I loathe modern commercial music--hate every last bit of it. I can't stand indie--that cheesy corny cornball stuff. My favorite period was 69' through 76' with 73' through 75' being the peak of good rock.

Anyway, I am a concept album junkie--loved the albums Wish You Were Here, The Wall, 2112, Caress of Steel, Hemispheres, Relayer, Tales from Topographic Oceans, Welcome to my Nightmare, Tommy, Quadrophenia, and some others I can't think of.

I am not in a band--don't plan to be. It would be fun but I am too busy with work & family life. My hobby is playing 2 guitars: nylon classical & fender strat. I used to be a humbucker fan but after getting a strat with overwound tex mex single-coil pickups, I fell in love with it.

Anyway, I recently purchased one of these digital multi-track recorder thingies with built-in drums. With this little box, I can pretty much be my own band. I am working on a concept type album for fun that will be divided into "parts" and follow a story line similar to Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony 6. Yes, it will climax to a violent thunderstorm, musically speaking. Part 1 begins with the Overture to Night. It will have classical guitar, strat with various clean & distortion tones, keyboard with various tones, bass, and the digital drums. It will be wet and swampy with reverb. I have no idea when I will finish. Part 2 is complete with Parts 1, 3, and 4 still being modified and re-recorded.


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