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About The Wheel

The wheel had great success up and down the east coast in the 90s. The band just did some recording made some very cool videos You can find them here on this page or on YouTube are music is rock and roll mixed with spacey jams and beautiful ballads. We try to approach each show without expectation. We try to let the music show us were to go,and go were the music brings us. :>) You can e-Mail us at some videos

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GratefulDead celebration in Myrtle Beach August 1st

anyone gonna be in the Mytle Beach, SC area August 1st is invited to come and celebrate the music of the boys with PLUTO, a Dead based band from Murrells Inlet. We play all the faves from Duprees Diamond Blues to Terripan Station along with some originals and the usual Dylan and Beatles. The Party will be located at The Island Bar in Surfside Beach August 1st from 6:00pm-2:00am. Acoustic set first. All are welcome to bring drums, tamborines, guitars, pennywhistles, anything but accordians!!!(still love ya Bruce!) Vending welcome and encouraged. Contact Island Bar or email me at for further info

see ya there!

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The Dark Side of the Loons

Well what a nifty little folder we have here! Can't wait to dig into everyone's music and hear what's cookin'...

I'm in a band called Voodoo Loons, which you can check out at both of the links below:

Plenty of streaming tunes on both, where you can sample tracks from our new album "Euphobia" as well as odds and ends, rough demos, and whatnot. New album, you say? You betcha, and there's even some loose GD connections (gonna stretch here) in that our brother Mark Daly sits in on mandolin on a few tracks. Mark is buds with Grisman and has worked with tons of mentionables, and if you check out his page you'll see pics of him rafting down in Costa Rica not long ago with ol' Bill Kreutzmann. DNCer Mike Sokolowski also plays on a track (and you should check out his wonderful music, too).

You can find our stuff on iTunes and lots of other outlets, but if you order the CD via our website (only $9.99!) we'll toss in a free bonus disc and free shipping w/in the U.S. WHATABAHGAIN! You're in Europe? Then the USD/EU rate makes the album practically free for you peeps.... act today! Operators are standing by!

P.S.- the subject line I stole from an alt-paper's piece on us, which made us chuckle. You can find it and other coverage on the site, too

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I really enjoy reading your

I really enjoy reading your lyrics they really seem like poetry more than lyrics to me. Well done!

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Hey Sken!! This message is especially 4 U dood!!

This is Joan Jett's Rabbit - I used to post here earlier before the recent big change. You should check out my web page and download my songs. My fantacy is that young kids will listen to my music while playing hookey and going up to the mountains for a snow adventure, etc. So . . . enjoy - and I hope more Deadheads listen to these Dead-inspired demos.

Here's the link for the tunes:

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Joined: May 30 2008
Venice Gas House Trolley

‘Angel headed hipsters’ and ‘holy barbarians’ arise, Venice Gas House Trolley is on the tracks and headed back to you! In a time when spoken word and music performance is rapidly taking shape as a popular form of entertainment, Venice Gas House Trolley stands poised to stake their claim at the forefront of new musical takes on the oldest school around. This three-piece Beat Freak group was formed in Madison, WI out of respect for the Venice West Beat Poetry Scene that flourished in Southern California. The group features Adam Gregory Pergament, a Madison Area Music Award Finalist for Best Artist. At once visceral, exciting, cool and jazzy, the vibe appeals to audiences ranging from finger-snapping cool cats to bohos looking for the next thing in words and music. For more on Venice Gas House Trolley please check out: or

Adam Gregory Pergament, a two-time finalist for Best Artist (Other) in the First Annual Madison WI Area Music Awards, is a Spoken Word performer who has bridged the gap between poetry and music. His dynamic style of Rock and Fire Flowpoetry combines rhythm, musicality, and a highly condensed depth of poetic language. His delivery on stage makes him one of the most unique and riveting performers on the Midwestern musical and artistic landscape. Adam speaks shamanically through poems of Asian Gods and Goddesses, tells Cowboy stories of the American Wild West and the Railroad Age, and poetically rants and rages about both Love and War. In 2006, he was appointed as the first ever "Poet-In-Residence" at The King Club, Madison, WI`s premier live music dance club. He has performed over 500 times in the USA with Rock and Roll bands, Jazz musicians, and as a solo poet.

His current projects include Venice Gas House Trolley (a "Beat Freak" trio consisting of voice, double bass, and percussion) and Rock and Fire Flowpoetry (spoken word with vocal effects, loops, guitar and electric bass). Over the past two years, he led and taught Chime Collective Big Band weekly improvised free flow musical and poetic workshops at The Madison WI Center For Creative And Cultural Arts. In previous incarnations, Adam has played catcher for the University of Minnesota Baseball team, spent five years backpacking throughout Asia and India, earned a Master of Arts Degree in Languages and Cultures of Asia and studied for seven years in the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Buddhist Studies Ph.D program. He holds a black belt in Kendo (the art of the Samurai swordsman). He has performed with such Jazz notables as Hanah Jon Taylor (Chicago’s Artists For The Advancement of Creative Music) and Vincent Davis (Roscoe Mitchell Quartet). He has opened shows for The Steve Kimock Band, Cornmeal, Groovatron, Buck 65, and Claude Coleman, Jr of Ween. He has also appeared on festival billings with The Jerry Garcia Band and Indigenous. For more on the Venice Gas House Trolley please go to

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Farther than Furthur

A few friends and Myself have formed a little dead/Jam style cover band here in our home town of gainesville FL. Our last show's setlist was
AlabamaGetaway.1/2-Step.Cold Rain and Snow.Ramble on.Mr.Charlie.
Set Two: Eyes>Bertha>Werewolves.Morning Dew.Scarlet>Fire.
Encore AC/DC Bag>Psycho Killer.

We just love playing and being a part of the world of the Grateful Dead..........
"the drummer"

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Joined: Jun 7 2007
Last week's gig

I'm in this band, called "Crossroads", I play bass & sing lead vocals (a black art, like phil says in his book..), we had a concert last week in our town, Cerveteri, 40 km from Roma, Italia. We play 60'/70' music (and we're rehearsing "truckin" for some new gig in june). The place was small (about 100 people) but hot and the listeners were dancin' all night to this set list: Brown sugar, Dead flowers, Get off of my cloud (stones), The wind cries Mary (jimi), Have you ever loved a woman? (derek and the dominos version) I’ m so glad (cream), Cocaine (clapton) While my guitar gently weeps (fab four) Sharp dressed man (zz top), Fresh garbage (spirit), Little wing (jimi), Heart of stone (stones) I heard it through the grapevine (C.C.R. version), New world blues (gov't mule), Crossroads (cream version), Sunshine of your love (cream), Honky tonk women (stones), White room (cream), Badge (cream) and..
Johnny b. goode (berry) , Jumping jack flash (stones) as encores.
Almost all the songs are filled with guitars jammin', since the band's got three guitarists!
Have a nice day.

Joined: May 16 2008

I am in a band called underhill and we are heavily influenced by the Grateful Dead. We play mostly originals and are from the Chattanooga, TN area. You can check us out at or our website which is coming soon at


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hmmm...speaking of victimless crimes...

well, bubble bubble bubble, that's a very interesting subject you raise there. There certainly are a lot of victimless acts that are labelled as crimes. And one might speculate as to their true criminality since they are victimless. Kinda thought that the phrase "witchy hairs ripping one" had an overtone of self-deprecating humor to it relating to old age and flatulance...oh well...jus' like walkin' on glass man, gotta take each step real slow and careful like...nah, life's too short!


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