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Talent Show: Mesa Arizona

Hi Everybody,

I'm new posting here, but I'll take a shot at it. Anyways, on Friday, February 15, 2008 there is going to be a charity concert for children in Nepal at 7pm at Fremont Junior High in Mesa, Arizona (see below for address). All proceeds go directly to a NGO in Nepal. They spend so little on anything but the children that they don't even have a website. My band, Bobby McGee and the Hippies (assuming that Bobby doesn't get pneumonia before the concert), will be playing Let it Be (Beatles)(I'm sorry it's not a Grateful Dead song, but we really liked let it be, or at least our Republican drummer did). We'd really appreciate any of you who are going to be in Mesa, Arizona to come down and support us, since it is for a good cause. Thanks.

Here is the address:
Fremont Junior High
1001 N. Power Road
Mesa, Arizona 85205

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, only then will the world know peace." -Jimi Hendrix

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You have been warned.

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Covert OperaTIONS bAND

hEY nOW! The band Covert Operations plays the Flint, Michigan area--these guys are a must see. Starting December 28 and every friday thru Feburary these guys will be rocking the Purple Moon on Dort Highway. Any Michigan heads within the area please do yourself a favor. I have never seen a group like this.

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Hey localcrew

nice tunes :)

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Hi i have a few new tunes

Hi i have a few new tunes and remixes of the older ones on my page now.

The tunes are all tributes to the Dead except for On the Road which is more of a breeze through the beat scene etc (brief and not in depth but I think catchy) and Memphis Hideaway is more inspired by the Dead scene that a tribute to the band.

I hope you enjoy them.

Merry Christmas all!

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Will King's new album featuring John Cohen aka "Uncle John"


July, 2007 marked the release of Will King's solo album, Come on in from the Cold. Featuring twelve Americana-twinged tracks, special guests include Grammy nominated John Cohen [The New Lost City Ramblers, and recently featured in Martin Scorsese's documentary on Bob Dylan, No Direction Home]. Cohen, who has been said to have served as inspiration for the Grateful Dead's "Uncle John's Band," plays mandolin and sings on the title track.

John Ventimiglia [Artie Bucco, The Sopranos] co-wrote "28 Days," and sings on the title tracks refrain.Other guests include Drummer Doug Yowell [Suzanne Vega, The Dragonflys], bassist Saul Zonana [Ace Frehley, Luv Junkies] and vocalist RJ King.

paste: to check it out...

For more information, please visit - click "music" to hear title track!
Check out "Pathways to Freedom" page featuring new song recorded with drummer Aaron Comess [Spin Doctors].

If you can assist in any way [bookings/gigs - spreading the music/word] that would be great!

Would be great to hear your thoughts on the album...drop a line...

Many well

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I'm in a band named Hey You

I'm in a band named Hey You Guuuys...check us out! Ok, so it's just me...

P.S. If you like weasels and you like johnny cash you should check us (me) out

and our sponsors

Art Vandelay Industries
The Human Fund

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Dead/JGB covers

Wow hip forum topic!

I've got some vids posted up on of mainly Dead related cover tunes (acoustic). I'm not that great at guitar - but am woodshedding with a teacher right now and making some progress. Hopefully in the next year or so I will have some Electric attempts posted as well.

Always looking for constructive feedback and local heads to jam with.

Joined: Jun 29 2007
upright bass and vocals

Xmy husband and i have past experience with various bands in the tri state area currently we are experimenting with a repitior of dead and jazz standards sung by ladies like nina simone sara vhaun and billie worked out a nice arrangement of my favorite things but mastercard did a cheezy commercial and killed it for us song feels cheep now hopefully time will heel the wound and restore its original glory got old tour head friend from back in the jerry days on rhythm guitar that joins in on occasion

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