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Joined: Jun 13 2007
deal by dusk

hey now good peoples,
dang, this new site is bangin...

anyway, thought i'd direct any wandering souls passing through to our little corner of the net. we got a thing going we call deal by dusk. i'm not exactly sure what kind of music it is that we play - but, we humbly cover 'Loser' on our last jammy. any interested parites can listen to it at

mostly playing in soCal this summer, but we'll be hitting the road in the fall. please give us a shout if you're so inclined

much aloha,
d b d

Joined: Jun 13 2007
Juba Juba! Denver Band

Please check out Juba Juba! We're from Denver and play the music of the Grateful Dead in our own unique way. If you live in or are visiting Colorado, come to a show and say "hey"! You''ll find our schedule on our web site and myspace page. Hope to see you!



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Joined: Jun 7 2007
new songs from my upcoming cd

First of all - Woody, checked out your page. Good stuff - like the mando in G minor.
I put 4 new songs on last night. They are all on my upcoming CD titled Everyday Things. What you will hear on myspace and on my web site,, are the rough mixes. I'm sending them off to Black Dog Studios in Tampa to get mixed and mastered this week.
The songs on myspace now are special because they feature the singing debut of my 5-year-old daughter Josie ("Gnu Gnu") and my wife Anna ("Everyday Things" - she does a whistling solo too). My friend Eric Jackson ( plays melodica on "Gnu Gnu" and sings background on "Hello to the Rain."
What I do is folk rock with a kids/family twist. My wife is my manager, and we're putting together a whole multi-media concept with activities, educational stuff, merchandise ... I'm a teacher, and a lot of the songs have (I like to think) learning value.
My wife thinks Hello to the Rain sounds like a song Weir might sing. I've been told Gnu Gnu sounds like a Phish song - I know I've seen folks grooving to it at my gigs.
Also on myspace, scroll down to the comments and check out the cd cover art done by my pal James Hixson.

"Got a few wrinkles but that's OK, hang out in the breeze and they'll blow away"

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Joined: Jun 10 2007
this musical jammin' concept

HEYYYNOWWW--- great stuff- I sincerely hope you all get it together and go to my global spot, http// this is a place where we can share files of our own music and add more stuff and share back, constantly adding to the jam!! there is no telling what may come from it---- bass from Europe, drums from Africa, Keyboard from Asia, guitar from America--- blend it up, share it and pass it on---- also go to facebook--- the virtual band--- let us hook up

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Joined: Jun 4 2007
Southampton NY


I am a guitarist/vocalist interested in jamming on eastern LI. Please email if interested.



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Joined: Jun 7 2007
The Jack Fate Band

The Jack Fate Band is my current lineup of friends that stretch back almost thirty years and still going strong. Currently we are a quartet with two acoustic guitars, flute and percussion. We play primarily music of the 60's, but will try anything and if it works we embrace it. As we all have professional day jobs, this is more of a hobby, but I know we are having more fun than should be legal. You can usually find us in the garage on Saturday nights, but we are always willing to play benefits and parties. Just remember that there is nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile.

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Joined: Jun 6 2007
On the Spirit Trail

Hay now Guys,

This is cool, a forum for musicians to meet....
My name is Woody, been a Deadhead and going
to shows for many many years, so many show,
I lost count.

I've been working on a basement project CD,
called, On the Spirit Trail, inspired by all the road
trips taken over the years. It started about a year
ago as a myspace project where I recorded a
few Dead cover tunes and Dead inspired original
songs and posted them on myspace.
I've made a couple demo CDs in the past to
give out to friends I meet along the road. Then I
decided to enter a couple songs into a Relix jamoff
contest to try to get onto their compilation CD.
Did not win, but received runner up,
which was more than I thought I'd get and It got
me an add in the Relix June issue.
That gave me the inspiration to try to put
together a real CD.

It turned out to be a bit more work
than I originally thought it would be,
had to get licenses in place for the Dead and
other cover songs, CD art, CD mastering,
and have learned lots of stuff along the way
about how to make a real CD.

The CD should be released around June 21st
or so. It is at the replicators now. It is kind of
a cross between the Grateful Dead and Yonder
Mountain String Band. Will be available from
CD baby and I will be trying to sell a few along
the road durring this year's road trip.
Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

You can listen to a few of the songs at my
myspace site. Check it out and let me know what
you think.

Cheers and see you'all on down the road....


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Joined: Jun 8 2007
The Jimmy Mundanes

Kings of that Fat-ass Rastabilly groove your mama should have warned you about.
Cut my teeth on Dead covers years ago! Been to 20 Shows! (19 Jerry, 1 Jimmy Herring) How do I post that on the left column? Anyone?
Check it out
J. Stockbridge Mundane

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Joined: Jun 7 2007
Just listened to your music

Just checked out your page and I really dig Tall Tale - reminds me of Let Me Sing Your Blues Away, the old Keith Godchaux tune. King of Hearts also has (to my ears, at least) a hint of Unbroken Chain - very nice.
Did some recording last night with my friend Eric Jackson, a singer songwriter pianist. ( He contributed backing vocals and he's coming back over to add melodica today. My album is almost finished!

Folk Rock for Groovin Families!

"Got a few wrinkles but that's OK, hang out in the breeze and they'll blow away"

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Joined: Jun 4 2007
Hey great stuff! very deep

Hey great stuff! very deep with all the great art work and web page style too. I'll be visiting that site from time to time indeed!


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