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the grass is dead

old rough video of mountains of the moon. not sure how to get it into the sight to be seen

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Dead Covers Project-Cubensis-Sugaree

HI Everyone The Band I do Sound for is in Dead Covers Project take a look and vote please ...Come Check us out if your in SoCal for info and dates we're on facebook as well
Here's the video

click like from the youtube video thanks

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The Lost Highway Ramblers

The Lost Highway Ramblers were a Grateful Dead cover band in the NY/CT area from 1977 - 1980. We had a reunion in 2009. No rehearsal, just winging it after 29 years. Check out this video and let us know how you like it.

Lost Highway Ramblers: Dark Star->The Other One->Smokestack Lightning

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Liquid Sun Day

Liquid Sun Day is located in Petaluma, CA.

If you like the Dead you'll probably like us!
Hear Liquid Sun Day songs on ReverbNation!

Like us on Facebook:
Like Liquid Sun Day on Facebook

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Christian Jam Band

My friend and I are in process of putting together a Christian jam band. We plan to play originals as well as hymns, gospel, praise and worship music, but all with plenty of jamming and jiving. We're not what you'd call "fundies." More like ecumencial, mystic Christian lefties, but who needs categories?

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HI guys!

My name is Simon Stanley Ward. I am a 25 year old singer songwriter from London!

I just wanted to share with you a little video of me attempting a cover of Standing on the Moon last night at a show in Brixton (south London)!!

Anyway, here are the results below..

I normally peform original material ( but I really enjoy playing this one live when I get the chance.

Thanks guys and its really great to have become a member here.

Best regards


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primo -Grateful*Dead- electric fiddle AXIS magic stance

~$~~~~<...!' ~this is the vocal of the vidio for my spring seat,that road up a steep hill with only the action of the springs in the highest top gear. -primo'

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The Garcia Project

Please stop by our FB page or Web site and say hI!

The Garcia Project faithfully channels and projects the feelings, emotions and music that propelled the Jerry Garcia Band and the fans through many years of musical bliss. Its about family, soul searching, rejoicing, contemplating, celebrating, seeking truth and loving one another. Its The Garcia Project.

Kat Walkerson adds heartfelt and soulful female vocals to the mix. She brings an awesome energy to the project and you can feel her love for this music though her singing. She exudes positive vibes and her smiles are a testament to her appreciation of the music. Kat has had the pleasure of singing with Melvin Seals and JGB, Stella Blue's Band, Legion of Jerry, to name a few bands.

Mik Bondy fills the "Jerry" role with modesty and an understanding that no one can replace Jerry - but that we all together can rejoice in his music. Mik has constructed two tribute guitars and a recreation of Jerry's actual guitar amps, effects and speakers. Mik loves to jam and has played with his other band "Tapestry" for over twenty years. A long time jerry-head, Mik enjoyed the last few years of Jerry's life following the JGB around whenever he could.

Tom Lee has played in numerous groups from the 60's on through today. He used to have a crack equipment crew to haul his Hammond B3 and leslies back in the day but now enjoys the marvel that is the new Hammond XK3C and a new road leslie! Tom fills the keyboard role and really gets into it. Since adding some GD Jerry tunes to the mix he has added some piano sounds as well and really fills up the air with some heavy swells!

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Central Mass Drummer

Hey now everyone,
For over 15yrs I've been a gigging/session drummer from central Massachusetts who is fortunate to play in all kinds of bands and with all kinds of great musicians in the central and western portions of Mass. I play with bands/projects that range from jazz, organ funk, hyper-eclectic blues-funk-rock to bands with Dead heavy set list. I even have a couple GD/Jerry based projects in the works for next year! If you're from or ever around these areas of Mass, let me know or check out my (shameless plug) facebook page as I usually post any gigs I'm doing there.

And if you or someone you know is a pro/semi-pro level player looking for a drummer in the aforementioned locations, let me know! Especially if it's Dead related ;)

Thanks for your time!

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first posting on

Hey Now!

I'm an old deadhead, so glad I made it! I've been "out of touch" for a few years but so glad to be back. I'm a musician who plays a very unusual instrument, a "Prizim" which is a glorified Autoharp. 37 strings. I have just uploaded a bunch o dead tunes, including Terrapin, Eyes, Birdsong and some others. Bluesy Black Peter.

take a look, enjoy. Website is coming in a few weeks.



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