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Joined: Oct 20 2008
Keep on Truckin''s hard to raise 3 boys (wow) with 2 much less alone. You'll find funny stories about deadhead/nondeadhead marraiges in the forum here as well that might make you smile. Glad you found your home....but don't forget that has 1000's (way more) of shows on the computer you can listen to as well. It's truly a great resource. Just go here and look up the Grateful Dead Twirly Banner

Joined: Nov 1 2010
Grateful forever

I got an email from a friend asking about a FB post (yeh, but not obsessively so) asking me why I was still on 'that GD stuff.' !!! I have been so incredibly joyful this past 30 Days, having been without my beloved Dead (except for one cd - the very first RoadTrips selfishly purchased a few years ago- and what little plays on my classic hits station) for nearly 12 years. My life has been focused on single parenting 3 boys on very little, my cassette player was broken by one of them 10 yrs ago, and my ex took the stereo leaving me with lots of GD vinyl but no way to play it (and he was NOT a deadhead so did not 'allow' me to listen to it, no idea how THAT happened.) I now have an incredible FREE collection to get started again with and have been dancing and happy for 30 days now. No way to say THANK YOU!! enough. Two downloads were not complete but I plan to fix that asap. Thanks to all who have made this possible and reminded me that the most happy times in my life are those spent with this awesome music playing! I have found and will NEVER be without GD music again. Keeping it alive!

Joined: Nov 24 2010
How Fast Were the Winning Submissions Each Day?

What an awesome contest! I finally got to put my best skill to practical use! :)

Anyone know how long until when the first winning entry was submitted each day? A couple of days I had thought that I was likely the first respondent (e.g., yesterday, I submitted in roughly 6 minutes). No such luck. Apparently, there are people even more obsessed than me! :)



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Joined: Oct 20 2008
New Contest and Sustainabill's Insert

First of all I had a wonderful time, and most of you found the site I've been on for years, which has truly been a blessing to my life. I've met and danced with some great friends this last 2 years simply because of Dead.Net.

Here's a click-able link to Sustainabill's Insert for the's really cool:

Also I would like to propose a new contest....this one, I'll do this week and your prize will be a brand spanking new "trade only" secret movie that some of you may not have...

Sunshine Daydream Documenting the Creamery Benefit show and one of the finest ever heard IMHO. 8-27-72 Venetta, OR at the Old Renaissance Fairgrounds. This is a highly sought after unreleased video that is only traded. It is also the one that is the full and rare one that not alot of people have.

I'm coming up with a good contest but any ideas will be welcomed....perhaps we can do this every week, and have one person do it, etc. etc. for the month of December.

Well, there's the we just need to come up with a good contest.

Twirly Banner

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Thank You

This has been a November to remember. Thank you to all involved for making this happen. Out of all the downloads I only missed one. He's Gone B If someone would like to send it to me ( it would be Gratefully appreciated.


Joined: Jun 13 2007
30 Days, 30+ Songs

Thanks - great promo!

The links to all the songs are still available from several different places, including Dead Roots: +1

Happy and Grateful Holidaze everyone!

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Good Love Turn on Your Light

yetay, Thank you for 3o & 31 days and Furthur we will go.

Nothin Left to do but Smile, Smile, Smile
yetay, DFA/Grateful Life

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Thanks Sustainabill!

Joined: Nov 1 2010
Compilation Complete

Documentation of the 30 Days of Dead promotion is available at
Thanks for helping to keep the vibe alive.

Joined: Nov 1 2010
Fillmore info from


Documentary/Feature film

Film produced to document the final performances at Fillmore West in June and July 1971. The Grateful Dead appear performing Casey Jones and Johny B Goode.

Other performers include Elvin Bishop, Cold Blood, Hot Tuna, It's A Beautiful Day, Lamb, Quicksilver Messenger Service and Santana. The New Riders Of The Purple Sage were included on the album that was released to mark the closing of the Fillmore but do not appear in the film apart from a brief non-performing section.

Film credits;

* Director - Richard T. Heffron
* Producer - Herbert F. Decker

The movie was released on DVD in 2009;

* Fillmore: The Last Days, Various Artists, 2009

Music from the last shows of the Fillmore was released on LP in 1972;

* Fillmore: The Last Days, Various Artists, 1972


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