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Compilation Complete

Documentation of the 30 Days of Dead promotion is available at
Thanks for helping to keep the vibe alive.

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Fillmore info from


Documentary/Feature film

Film produced to document the final performances at Fillmore West in June and July 1971. The Grateful Dead appear performing Casey Jones and Johny B Goode.

Other performers include Elvin Bishop, Cold Blood, Hot Tuna, It's A Beautiful Day, Lamb, Quicksilver Messenger Service and Santana. The New Riders Of The Purple Sage were included on the album that was released to mark the closing of the Fillmore but do not appear in the film apart from a brief non-performing section.

Film credits;

* Director - Richard T. Heffron
* Producer - Herbert F. Decker

The movie was released on DVD in 2009;

* Fillmore: The Last Days, Various Artists, 2009

Music from the last shows of the Fillmore was released on LP in 1972;

* Fillmore: The Last Days, Various Artists, 1972

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and of course

thanks to everyone who contributed to the always interesting discussions

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from a grateful greybeard in canada

First Dead show was Festival Express in Toronto, 1970, the year I began my working life; these past 30 days were the first 30 days of my retirement from working life. Bookends! Retirement is going to be just fine. Thanks CC, kutsavi, sustainabill, 3Phase, everyone at Deadnet for this incredilby entertaining and musical month.

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movie-save your $10

It looks like an original version in 16mm of the movie "The Last Days Of The Fillmore" It was a theatrical release for a short time only and has recently been re-released in a modified version on DVD. You can buy this now in the GD store.

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does anyone know what THIS is...

I have no way of playing it...was it ever released as a movie?


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Thanks to all it was fun so sad for the whiners

Im happy to be part of anything.
Basically just the Facebook freaks Imho.HA HA
10,000 came for free.
Screwed it up for all.
And they are the one's whining.
Just a grateful one!
Smiley dave

Do For Other's You Will Feel Better.

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So, like, ten bucks is ten bucks, eh?

There must be at least eight songs still left in the vault after the contest, right?

If there was a way to get, say, ten bucks from half of the fifty-million people that showed up the first week of November and crashed the server looking for free songs, that could pay for buying the catalog from Rhino and royalties. It'd be like Harley buying itself back from AMF. Then find a way to get David Lemieux and Charlie Miller to transcribe it to flac and put it up on

And while I'm dreaming: ditch the streaming, the mandatory MP3s, the show blackouts, and put all the soundboards back, too! :D))


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ain't life grand?

Many heartfelt thanks for the efforts of those who put this together and for those wonderful posters who kept the info and artwork flowing. This 30 days has prompted me to read the McNally book again and listen to whatever I have pre-71. I just love Pigpen. Best wishes for a healthy and prosperous December!

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30 Days and future ideas

Yeah, the 30 Days promo was great. I hope something gets going to keep me coming back to the site every day...

If the people are listening, the next thing needed is a mobile app that could link to the site(taper's corner, the store, the forum). That would be great.

While nothing will top free downloads as a contest, perhaps asking other types of GD trivia questions could be interesting. I am a trivia guy and have tons of questions in my head.


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