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Joined: Nov 6 2010

I don't know if most people have seen the insert you designed (SustainBill) But it is beautiful, I cannot belive how much Effort you, and CC put out for this promotion... Truly a Blessing
That said I am gonna put the tunes on and cook-LOL
Happy Tuesday

Joined: Nov 6 2010

yeah, I like the idea for a Ramble on rose- that would be a great song to get
I also like Unbroken chain, wharf Rat, loose lucy ( sung slowwww) I know a lot of people would have liked a scarlet/fire, eyes, mexicali blues, me and my uncle, there are just 2 many screw 12 days we need all of DECEMBER....ha ha

On the 31st day....God said " Play more Dead"

Joined: Nov 6 2010

Listen, a lot of people had some issue that we are missing very Jerry tunes, How about 12 days of jerry? I think helena mentioned this in one of her post, oohhh this would be fun, fun, fun

November and More as I wait for the Score.....

Joined: Nov 1 2010
Welcome to Day 31

Once the narrative information about Sugar Magnolia is released, the compilation of documentation for 30 Days of Dead will be complete, It's available for download at

It appears as though all of the music will fit on 5 chronological CD's.

Pigpen: Cream Puff War - Easy Wind A (64:16)
Pigpen: China Cat Sunflower - He's Gone (71:54)
Brent : Estimated Prophet Cassidy > Don't Ease Me In (67:46)
Brent: St. Stephen - Let It Grow (60:23)
Keith/Vince: Playing in the Band - So Many Roads (78:04)

What song do we explore on December 1st? I nominate Ramble on Rose. Does anyone have a favorite version that they would like to share for our guessing game? Or have the rules changed? Maybe we ought to listen to a "Song of the Week," and select the most-liked version by consensus. This would definitely lead to lively discussions if we remain actively interested.

What surprise awaits us on Day 31?

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Joined: Jan 2 2009

It sounds like you are in the same boat that a lot of us are in. That's why I am grateful for this site and the folks who come here as well as for Furthur. We got to keep this magic alive.

We will get by. We will survive.

Btw = I agree with you about Facebook! Those sites make me cringe. I prefer being a tad more anonymous!

"It's got no signs or dividing line and very few rules to guide"

Joined: Oct 31 2009
can't wait till next year

It would be interesting to discuss this a little bit more. I'm really not the social networking type. My wife spends 6 hours a day IM'ing on FaceBook, but I'm lucky if I check my E-mail once a week.

If I don't make an effort, I'll just be "out of the blue, into the black" and retreat into my own head. Talking to my cat about GD. It's becoming harder for me to keep in contact with my bros that I toured with. A few have passed now. When we do have time, it seems there is so much other life to talk about, and real time bonding with the music playing is rare.

I don't mean to gush so much, but the odd thing, is that this simple promo touched me so deep.

Joined: Nov 12 2008
WOW!!! Thank You So Much Dead Net for Sharing the Love...

I am so glad I decided to stop back in for a find the {30 days of The Dead} starting up! The songs your crew pulled are incredable! Would be grate if this became part of Dead Net every month...I know I'm only dreaming,but a nice dream! AnyWho Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! and I Thank You Again for those who did not...You are All My Brother's and Sister's and I Love and Miss You Much...Promontoryryder

Joined: Jun 25 2007
Thank you, Marye!

This was fun and it certainly helped get me through a rough patch this month! :)


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Joined: Oct 20 2008
Thanks Marye!

This is going to be a place where we can continue the discussions of the recent promotion 30 Days of Dead has sparked. What a wonderful month it was, but once it's gone....well we got two versions of that song didn't we. LOL. Besides continuing the wonderful discussions that this brought up, we can also share the ways we'll make up our gifts to others from this great promotion.

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And On the 31st Day...