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Joined: Nov 1 2010
So glad I made it

As a freelance timber cruiser, I used to arrange my work schedule around the Dead shows that I could attend. I preferred to function as a Flintstone rather than a Jetson. My work kept me in the forest and out of the office. A knee injury has required re-training, and I joined the modern world of computers in 2008. Since then I have received my Bachelor's Degree (Applied Science) in June, 2010. I would check this site periodically, but schoolwork and shows kept me busy.

I am grateful to be a part of the online world. As I read the previous postings, I realize that I was not present in the strangest of places. I hope to learn from this; and I hope to look at it right.

As I continue to revise my documentation files, I will continue to post them to:

I added a chronology page on December 3rd.

Who's going to San Francisco for Furthur?

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Joined: Nov 1 2010
beeswingrm.. more of what to buy

As far as the best RTs...I'd zero in on 2.2 (2/14/68) and 3.3 (5/15/70). Probably since the material is rarer in the context of all the other releases. By that criteria, 2.4 (cal expo 93) would also be worthy, but that's only if you really dig the anything post '91. No bonus disc is a downer, though.

I don't think the Road Trips are that good of a value...I'd go for the commercial multi-track stuff first since the recordings are better, and the prices are generally lower on a per disc basis. You can find several of the Dick's Picks and multitrack releases on for less than what they sell for here, usually with FSSS. (I see that 2FTV and 3FTV are going for $14 each right now).

This might help you find releases in years and periods that please your ear:


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Joined: Nov 1 2010
another reference point has pretty good reviews for nearly anything official - tabs for main albums and compilations - checkout the review for DP v4;

But it is always good to hear from the real people right here.

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Joined: Jun 13 2007
beeswingrm.. what to buy

Maybe you should not restrict yourself to Road Trips releases. Here are a few personal suggestions for standout releases from each of the earlier years of the Dead (including expensive $$$ Box sets). You might want to look at the Best of Website that provides pretty good reviews of almost all the official releases.

You can also listen to hundreds of shows at and decide what you like best

1968 (wild psychedelia and R&B) : ‘Two From the Vault’ or Road Trips 2.2
1969 (the jams get bigger and even better!): ‘Live Dead’ or ‘Fillmore West Compilation’. $$$$$$$$$$ Fillmore West Box Set.
1970 (acoustic and Americana start to feature): Road Trips 3.3, Dicks Picks 4, Dicks Picks 8 (Take your pick)
1971 (Spaced out cowboy bar room band): ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’
1972 (the full package!): ‘Steppin’ Out’
1973 (laid back, dreamy, jammy and jazzy): Dicks Picks 28 or Dicks Picks 19. $$$ ’73 Winterland Box Set
1974 (deeper and weirder): Dicks Picks 12 or Road Trips 2.3. $$ GD Movie Soundtrack Box Set
1975 (on sabbatical) : One from the Vault
1976 (in transition): Dicks Picks 33 or Download Series Vol. 4(I think we are still waiting for the ultimate 76 release)
1977 (slicker, sharper with something for everyone) : So many to choose from. Maybe Dicks Picks 29. Maybe Dicks Picks 15. Maybe something else. $$$ ‘77 Winterland Box Set.
1978 (on from ’77, but less consistent): Maybe Road Trips 1.4 (I think we are still waiting for the ultimate 78 release)
1979 onwards: Not able to say. Someone else take over please!

of course these are my personal preferences and prejudices

good luck

now Rhino, about that 10% commission!

Joined: Nov 2 2010
keep it going

I was not familiar with many aspects of the band live (though I saw them in '78 and own numerous studio albums.)

The 30 Days tracks are on my iPod -- with repeated plays I have already moved beyond a casual fan.

Any advice on the best "Road Trips" to purchase (assuming they are all still available...)?

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Joined: May 26 2007

we miss him around here...

but Canyon et al, this is nice!

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Joined: Oct 20 2008
Yeah badge

I remember CCJoe...pretty cool dude. thanks for the links, I'll check it out and perhaps gain more ideas.

Twirly Banner

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Joined: Jun 13 2007

two or three years ago and by strange coincidence (or not) another CC, the inestimable CCJoe used to run a regular competition on this site which kept a lot of us highly entertained. He, in the role of celebrity quizmaster, posted tiny audio clips of GD song intros and we all tried to guess what they were. Joe awarded special prizes for the winners.

You can relive those days by visiting


Joe still comes calling here from time to time and its always great to see him.

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Joined: Oct 20 2008
A few answers and resposes...

>>>>Twilight Zone?
On December 1st, 2010 L. Mo. said:
I swear that when I downloaded Let It Grow, I heard Bobby say "we'll be back in a bit", but now when I play it, it cuts off before that. I tried re-downloading fron and the site posted here, but it still cuts off. Any help? Exorcist?

Actually no it's not the twilight zone, that would be the Tennesee Jed>Let it Grow one you the end of this sequence (which is a part of the 30 days) Bobby said"We'll be back in just a little bit."

>>>>My Lilly and Badger
Two of my favorite overseas Deadhead Dead.netters....I am totally with you on the Europe "banning" from contests and things Dead...I feel your pain (in fact the Europe tour banner this year proved that) and I'm totally for you guys entering these contests and being able to win stuff.

>>>>Two Sugar Mags
On December 1st, 2010 MrnDw said:
there were two Sugar Magnolias yesterday . . . where was the other one from? . . .

Yes there were two sugar magnolia's in the 30 days of Dead...make sure to check the archives they now put up and you can get them all until Dec. 8th.


Love that idea...we could have a "stage banter" contest, I have alot of those in my head right now just thinking of this idea


The artwork looks like to me that it was made from the guy who does the graphics for Dead.Net and he (who is a really nice guy by the way) was trying to give us a bone in this department. I can help you guys with any artwork, just let me know what you want.

Wondering the same thing myself....I sure hope so but I think they are combining those two weeks because they put up basically $100 each time there give or take.

>>>Re:Phil and Freinds Furthur Europe
I think Phil's act was just not generating enough revenue to justify a European tour. I think that if Furthur did one (they have enough revenue) it would greatly help their world wide exposure/fan base yet, I'm also thinking since the boys are a little bit older they aren't in a hurry to do this.

And regarding the contest, I've had some great ideas come what's posted and a note about A-Z deadsongs too.

I think for the Sunshine Daydream prize, I'm going to put up an anonymous You-Tube (Audio/Dead Fun graphics) and have you guys try to guess the show from which it was played. It's quite easy to do and this would make a great contest IMHO. We could do different contests and utilize the great ideas as well the next week. Video should be up tommorow and instead of just one winner, I'm gonna make it the first 3 to PM or email me.


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Joined: Nov 1 2010
Revised with new fonts

The compilation of documentation for 30 Days of Dead has been revised using the new fonts provided by The latest revision can be found at

There are also "CD covers" depicting memorabilia from the shows of each disc.

Please pass this on. Thanks to all.


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