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Joined: May 26 2007
Alain and jpo

please send me a PM with your order details and I'll see if we can resolve this. Sorry for the hassle.

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Joined: Jun 8 2007
Buy on store becomes very difficult

Excuse me for my english, I'm french.
I live in France.
I bought all Dick's Picks, All From The Vault, all Dave's Picks, all Road Trips, and box (Europe '72 The Complete Recordings, The Warlocks Box, Fillmore West box, Fillmore East, Ladies and Gentlemen, Cow Palace, etc..), except one or two.
I bought Spring 1990, I still have not received 17 days after shipment. In addition, the tracking number of the package was erroneous, and I do not know where my package is.
I noticed that last longer delivery times, shipping rates are ridiculously far more expensive.
I do not understand your logic.
Make an effort, please.
I'm sorry.

Joined: Jun 5 2007
Euro postage

euro heads are honest to a fault but if these prices for shipping continue to increase it will surely be stretched.

Joined: Jun 5 2007
Spring 90- Dave P 3 - What next ?

After buying basically each items from" all the store" of dead net, subscribe to the Dave Pick s program, order the Spring 90 ....what I think right now?
I didn t receive
- the Dave Pick s 3 as said lost by USPS
- The Spring 90 sent on the18th of August and still not arrived
The shipping cost for Europe increase as crazy , unbelievably madly, 150% for a single cd ( from 10 or 12$ to 28$ now)
In Europe all guys are more than surprised , all of them have the same problem with non received Dave P 3 and Spring 90 and this growing and illogical price rate that it s even impossible to find in UPS , USPS or even DHL
Now If I place a new order I m not sure I receive it.
Please dead net It s time to awake , Europe isn t a no mans land around Pluton.
Since years I ve send hundreds packages all around the world none of them have never been lost and didn t take so hugely long to arrive, NEVER.
Maybe European market isn t interesting for the store of Deadnet ?
And now I m really hesitating : did I place a new order or did I have to consider that.... before was better and time as come to change?
PS : Please consider this message as a kind voice for a lot of disappointed persons, concerned by all thoses problems. I m really sad to be obliged to write this kind of message but please, with my apologies , believe me it s really "necessary" ...
Hope it help
Jean Pierre

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Joined: Dec 25 2009

....seems to have smoothed out, the new format is truly forgettable and not even worth interacting with because of the coldness of it's
demeanor. It seems we have entered the Matrix with no way of coming back up the rabbit hole

Joined: Jan 22 2011
New Look

I keep getting this "it's almost Christmas" vibe. Couldn't be all the red and green could it?

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Joined: Dec 26 2007
new look

don'like the new look, hard to navigate...logging on DIFFICULT, not enough instructions..

Joined: Jun 29 2012
Spring 1990

Is there a reason for the Indian theme? I don't get it...

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Joined: Dec 26 2007
followed by.........


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