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Joined: May 26 2007

nice to see you back among us.Sorry for the tough times.

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Joined: Oct 20 2008
Can't Win For Losing

Not that's it's particularly interesting, but I feel like I've worked so hard and achieved so little this year. I'm really bummed, it's hard to deal with the so many people against you.

The best part though, and I believe the hope is: that I love my family here on Dead.Net. I got to visit some family members from old at, and it really did my heart well. Although it was quite a long strange trip, and we didn't even make a show, the best part about it:

I finally released some pent up emotions over my last trip.

Thank you Dead.Net family, for instance you Pid, ch1na, scottishlass, mcgeeky, moye, the list is endless and of course MANY others I wish I could remember to name.and I can't thank all of you enough for how much support you've given me over the years.

During our short little trip from Ohio to Chicago to Michigan back to Ohio and Home, I wrote and created a ton of material. It was alot of emotions and things pent up inside. It was the best release I could think of as I was physically and emotionally tired from the real Grind.

I've had to deal with alot of past issues, both emotionally and mentally to even make it back alive this trip. Luckily, I had so many friends and family (((HUGZ)))) help me along the way.

Thank you all for showing me that even in my darkests of hours in a long time, you still know how to bring me out into the Light and show me that LOVE is Real!


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Joined: Dec 22 2007
Not that it's particularly

Dead-related, but one of my favorite bars in NYC is McSorely's Old Ale House on 6th street just east of Cooper Square. Been there since 1854, and it's something to experience at least once in your life. Lots of really cool, all original crap hanging on the walls, sawdust on the floor, and they have both kinds of ale, light and dark! Order in increments of two. I have heard allegations that the Dead hung there a couple of times way back in the wayback. Not entirely implausible, as it is just down the street from where the Fillmore East used to be.

Joined: Jun 24 2012
NYC help

my travel schedule for work is a busy one and I get to visit some wonderful places. It seems as though everywhere I go I try to find a bar that an old Deadhead would enjoy.

And now I find myself headed to NYC this week (knowing that the Wetland Preserve is long gone).

So I would love to hear from anyone who could recommend the best bars/clubs for an old Deadhead wandering around NYC.....

Peace and Kindness

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Joined: May 20 2010
Dead Letters Book Signing at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

Paul Grushkin and I (Steven Marcus) will be doing a very special Mulit-Media Lecture, Question & Answer, Booking Signing in support of Paul's new book, Dead Letters, at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio on June 13, 2012 at 7:00 pm (Ohio time) This will also be streamed live at This is a feature presentation of the Grateful Dead Exhibit at the Hall of Fame...more information is available here:

We look forward to seeing you there!

Thank you and Stay In Touch!

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Joined: Jun 8 2007
40 Anniversary Olympia Theatre Show in Estación Terrapin

Estación Terrapin (, the only Spanish program about Grateful Dead, tomorrow celebrates the 40th anniversary of the second concert at the Olympia in Paris on May 4, 1972, with a special program four-hour which will play the entire concert. In the tuning HomeGrownRadioNJ (, 7 to 11 AM East

Joined: Feb 18 2012
Skull and Roses Hobo Bag Giveaway -- AWESOME!

Hi everyone!

Just stopping in to say that I am participating in a blog giveaway. I design and make purses and the item I'm giving away is a skull and roses (Grateful Dead style) purse. There are two handcrafted other items being given away. It's easy to enter the giveaway. Please check out the details... If you have any questions, write me at Here is the link to the blog...


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Joined: Mar 30 2008
contribute more ham with doller


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Joined: Jul 31 2007
happy birthday johnman!!!

I pray that you are safe and warm.....wherever you are

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Joined: May 26 2007
Happy birthday Johnman!

and a much better year to you!


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