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The Chili Peppers are great

The Chili Peppers are great live and the Who this last time around gave me serious goosebumps.

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some favorites

Springsteen in the late 70's awesome shows
Jerry Jeff Walker in a small club in Charlotte NC in 83 (great show he just keep playing 2+ hrs without a break)
Jorma with Jack in a small club in Portland ME in 86? ( sat at a table right in front of Jorma)
Marshall Tucker Band when I was at school in Alfred NY ( one of my 1st concerts and still one of the best)
Max Creek at the Mason Jar in Rochester NY in the early 80's

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12/29-31/97 - Great American Music Hall, SF: Incredible 3 show run. My friends and I were welcome backstage throughout the run thanks to sound dude Steve Young who we met during the Vinyl show on 12/28. The band I was used to hearing talk and joke throughout shows, including during songs, just put their collective heads down and wailed.

11/6/01 Madison Theater - Peoria, IL: CD release party for Warts and All vol. 1. Do yourself a favor, go to and stream Waiting For the Punchline right now. I've seen a ton of shows but it was during this song that for the first and only time ever I thought a band might actually tear the roof off a place.

Also, just saw Hank III last saturday. If your musical tastes include both country and all that metal rock theater can offer go see that kid.

11/6/01 Madison Theater - Peoria, IL

It was the CD release party for

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zen tricksters

HippieChuck -so many smal intimate shows at nyavenues on long island new york.the guys just blew us all away night after night week after week.holy shit some of the experiences i had were beyond description and almost seemed like something.......

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Prince and a lot more

I saw Prince in the summer of 2004. He had Maceo Parker and the best drummer I have ever seen in his band (John Blackwell). It was three hours of non-stop music including a long solo acoustic set. He is an amazing guitar player and played it a lot that night.

I also love seeing Pearl Jam. Last summer in Philly was really good.

The Hold Steady are my new favorite, they put on a great show and have the best lyrics I've heard in years.

I was lucky enough to catch on of the three Radiohead "Kid A" North American shows (Toronto). It was one of the best and rawest shows I have ever seen. It was very gritty and just amazing.

Other great bands I love to see: Depeche Mode, Pixies, Donovan, Mercury Rev, Beck.......

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Zappa Plays Zappa

Spacebrother and others. I saw Zappa Plays Zappa at 10,000 Lakes Festival on July 19. My brother and I got there early and heard the music of Zappa and I almost ran to the front of the stage for the soundcheck which we were lucky enough to see with only several hundred Zappa Freaks who knew what was going on by recognizing the music. I got a body rush just being there, I know that it was the most excited I was the whole festival. I was like a kid at a candy store and had a big goofy grin. . Then several hours later we got to see the show. These folks are amazing musicians. It brought back memories of one of the best other shows I have ever seen - Frank Zappa - Mothers of Invention with Adrian Belew in Iowa City in 77 or 78. Do not miss this band.

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Zappa Plays Zappa

Went to an amazing ZPZ show at Meadowbrook Music Theatre 7/27. Simply the best band with the best musicians playing the best music now. If they are playing in your town I would highly recomend seeing them if you're on the fence. Those not on the fence are likely going.

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Dylan at The El Rey Theatre

In the late 90s. I went to two of the 5 night run. I got a wave from Ringo who was in the balcony (next to Joni Mitchell). They were both incredible. Also a couple of Allman Bros. shows in teh early 90s at The Santa Barbara County Bowl. One with Little Feat, one with Blues Traveler. Both outstanding shows. Many others. Many great Jerry and Bobby shows. And General Public has been great. Some Who shows are at the top. I could go on.

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ELP in 78 or 79 in St. Louis

ELP in 78 or 79 in St. Louis was the best show I've ever been to, hands down. Others: Panic at 10KLakes, Zappa, Rare Earth, Robin Trower, Charlie Daniels Band at Kiel Opera House the night that Skynrd's plane went down, Jackson Browne, The Who w/KMoon, The Neville Brothers under the Arch and backed by FIREWORKS in St. Louis, JGB at Mississipi Nights, many Jake's Leg bar shows at Twenty North, couple Santanas, Metheny, and on

Worst show: A KSHE triple bill topped by All Bros when they were all totally downered out; the songs went on and on and on with 20 minutes of "whhhaaaaooommmmmm........whooooommmmm" stuff at the end of every song.

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Dregs... yeah... I saw 'em once in college '78 or '79... Steve Morse is THE most underrated g-man in music IMHO...

Also- the Ozark Mountain Daredevils. I've seen them twice, once in '80, once in '97. The Chicken Train ROCKS!


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