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Jackie Greene

Jackie Greene came to free venue in the little city of Driggs, ID at a festival called Music on Main which is a free concert every Thursday in the summers in Driggs, ID. and man Jackie Greene just played so well. it was exactly what this little town needed. This town consists mainly of bluegrass music which is also great but once in a while it is really nice to hear some nice rock like this. he mixed the genre of music so well, with some faster paced songs using the electric guitar to more slower songs with his big ol' Gibson acoustic guitar, he did so well even coverd some Dead tunes really well and got that crowd young and old non-stop dancing. Great show,

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Widespread Panic in Denver 12/30-31/08

Here's my early recommendation to catch one or both of these sure-to-be scorchin' shows.
12/31 is available on-line to view and listen!!! Yonder Mtn String Band is on the ticket too!

Will Jimmy Herring be chipping-in on lead guitar for the Dead tour come April 2009?

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I Think I was----Were They ever really here at all?????

Maybe YOU had to much to fast, HE just came to play guitar...... Meadowlandschris
Bruce at the bottom line-76------ ALL bromberg at the bottom line.... The byrds 20th anniversary?? show at the stone pony in 83??? (Rick Danco, Blondie Champlain, Roger Mguinn, Chris Hillman)( I had a tape of this show from a shit recorder placed between two sets of speakers that was terrible- and like most other tapes, it came and it went--Dead at berkley in june 85--Dead in austin-86---Garcia band at music mountain (S. Fallsburg, NY--Hung and partied with jerry at my then girlfriends cousins house where jerry stayed for the week before starting tour at music mountain---HighLite of my life)AND the show was the funkiest I ever heard jerry play( I like to think it was my live Marley shows we were listening to).............

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Duan Duan puts on a pretty

Duan Duan puts on a pretty good show

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Been checking them out lately. Local band from MN, just saw them again at the Cabooze last week. They put on Project Earth & Harvest Fest during the summer. Their having their 10th anniversary party on Halloween!!!

Be afraid, be very afraid... Naw............................. they're great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish I could go, gotta go outta town that day :o(

Check em out, you'll be glad you did.


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Grisman & Avetts at Chicago Bluegrass & Blues

What's up guys, I just wanted to give everyone a heads up about the inaugural Chicago Bluegrass & Blues festival, this 11/22 at the historic Congress Theater, all benefiting the Saving Tiny Hearts Societies fight against the country's most common birth defect.

The first 10 folks that hit me up at will get a pair of tickets mailed to them. We're excited for you to help us spread the word about this righteous endeavor

Michael Raspatello

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Best shows other than The Grateful Dead

My memory for years is somewhat hazy,but-
Allah Rahka,Zakir Hussain, Ravi Shankar and Ali Akbar Khan /Carnigie Hall (early 80's?)(any recordings circulating?)
The Who with Keith Moon at the Garden /mid 70's
Art Ensemble of Chicago at a church on Yale campus
Dizzy in New Haven
Weather Report with Jaco and Peter Erskine in New Haven
Clapton with Derek and the Dominoes at Yale Bowl/torrential rain/mid 70's
Jorma at Pinecrest 4 hours acoustic(does anyone have an amazing recording of this possible early 80's)
CSN Lennox MA mostly acoustic/neighbors complained so they stopped playing electric
Billy, Merle Saunders and John Cippolina Toads Place New Haven
Airplane Reunion tour early ? 80's??
Tuna at the Beacon when they were using part of the old wall of sound(my ears rang 3 days)
Airto in DC 2 separate years with Flora,a keyboards/sax player, and I think it was a bassplayer
Kodo drummers of Japan at the Kennedy Center/ late 80's-early 90's
Zakir and his dad a few times!
Planet Drum when Olatunji was still alive
Jimmy Cliff somewhere in Ct
Robert Hunter and his band
A Max Roach workshop
Sea Level mid 70's
Saw Masters of Indian Percussion this year(highly reccomended) , RTF and Carlos
never got to see Pig or Elvin Jones but I'm still Grateful!

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The Doors, 8/3/68

..." one man gone and another to go..." During Soul Kitchen, Jim morrison shouted out he'd like another cigarette, and good golly, packs of smokes began FLYING up onstage. Setlist was rather short:
Cleveland Public Auditorium

Break On Through
Back Door Man
Five To One
When The Music's Over
Vast Radiant Beach
Krieger's Solo
The Royal Sperm
When The Music's Over
Soul Kitchen
Light My Fire

Jim was dressed in tight black leather pants and was animated throughout the show, not quite as much as Mick Jagger, but still very captivating.

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That sounds awesome. What a treat. Sounds like a really grate evening.

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Allman Brothers Band

Last night in Camden when Ratdog left the stage and ABB came on Bobby joined them for the sweetest version of"I Shall Be Released" it was the best!!! It blew me away Bobby, Warren and Derek sweet :)

Nothing left to do but Smile Smile Smile!!


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