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Saw YES on their 2000 Masterworks Tour. They played the song Close to the Edge, the first song from the Relayer album, and the last song on Tales From Topographic Oceans--plus some other stuff I can't remember. Hope Jon Anderson gets better.

Saw Rush a few times. The last Snakes & Arrows Tour was better than the 2002 Vapor Trails Tour. They played Circumstances from Hemispheres and Digital Man.

I don't think Robert Plant has that strong of voice these days, and you really can't compare him to Freddie. Freddie was always far superior. Plant's vocals are mild to weak with his solo albums with Page. Check out David Coverdale for strong vocals or Ian Gillan. Deep Purple is still cranking out albums.

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Great Shows Recently

Little Feat @ The Granada Theater '05, New Monsoon '07 tour , DSO whenever they come to Texas, the latest Mars Volta show last April, Allmans. THE FLAMING LIPS!!

Joined: Jun 4 2007
And gotta give some love

to Leftover Salmon and kudos to Michael Franti (sp?) and Spearhead at the 10K lakefest. My sons were very taken by Spearhead's message, showmanship, and music. Great stuff by both these bands at that Festival. I missed much other music there but was wowed and danced to these fine acts. 'Thank you, for a real good time"....!!!!!!!!

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Gov't Mule

I saw them last Sunday (June 22) , they split off from the joint tour with Ratdog for one night and did this one alone. Played for almost three hrs.. I can't say enough good things about this band. From the incredible energy to the stunning musicianship and just good feelings that flow from the band to the crowd and back again. If you love live music and I assume everyone on this site does you owe yourself the favor of going to see Gov't Mule.

With all due respect to the many other great jam bands that are around now and that I love, this is my favorite one that doesn't have a GD member in it.

As an added bonus, I was able to shake Warren Haynes hand and have a few words with him after the show.

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railroad earth

Saw Railroad Earth last September when i barely knew any of their stuff. One of the best shows ive been to. Probably my favorite show actually. The good vibes and mandolin and fiddle solos kept everyone, even my metalhead friends, dancing for a solid three hours.


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oh, that must have been great!

I really like those two!

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Now that was sweet....

I just came in from the Derek Trucks & Susan Tedeski concert at Longwood Gardens in Kennit Square Pa.....what a awesome venue and we were in the 1st row!!!!!!!! Now that is something special to see a husband and wife jamming side by side.....Susan's voice was so sweet, that girl can rock!

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Great Shows

I saw Johnny Winter back in 84 in a small bar venue ( 1,000 or so ) he rocked the roof off the house. He is still touring but he sits as he plays and is some what slow to move as he walks. Get out and see him people cause all our great musicans are fadeing away - Long Live Jerry. How about these shows anyone seen them?

John Mayall
Canned Heat
Buddy Guy
Ten Years After
Roger Waters 2006 Tour
Dickie Betts
Country Joe Mcdonald
The Who

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I left them off my ROO '08 list because I didn't see much of their set unfortunately (I saw Phil's acoustic set then HAD to take a "break" which can be involved and time consuming at Bonnaroo) but what I did catch was very good. I like Krauss with Union Station too.

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Alison Krauss and Robert Plant doing an Everlys tune. Whoda thunk it!

Their whole band is really good too.


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