Grateful Dead

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David Gans 8th March 2008

this is a really good show, i wish i had been there

or at least could see David at some time

posted here because David doesn't have his own topic


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Spanish Jam

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yes i have seen something really cool lately

Dark Star Orchestra, and before that, Phil & Friends this past Fall was amazing! I downloaded the show, and I swear, when I think about the show, I'm STILL buzzing from it. It was THAT GOOD ! I still listen to it pretty regularly. Btw, there are some free downloads from the NY shows from the board on Phils site, just in case you didn't know.

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at the old Ritz (4th/11th) in NYC in '81. A capacity 2500 dance hall.
Saw them again in '92 at Yankee Stadium, capacity 68,000. Hardly seemed the same band.

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nice list frankly

take a breath of fresh air after reading your list

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YES-DONOVAN(with electric band,simply great)-PACO DE LUCIA,AL DI MEOLA,JOHN MCLAUGHLIN-GEORGE DUKE AND BILLY COBHAM(with sheila escovedo on percussions..!)-PETER TOSH(the godfather of reggae)-BOB MARLEY(his boss)- FRANK ZAPPA(played gem after gem for two an a-half hours) -SANTANA(no comment)-STEVIE WONDER(incredible stage presence.)-JOAN BAEZ(only a voice and a guitar..:-)-CROSBY , STILLS AND NASH (right after david was released )-ROBERT PALMER,-HERBIE HANCOCK(a magician like zawinul),-WEATHER REPORT(jaco was incredible),-EARTH,WIND AND FIRE(such happy music)!i have to add that the MEGA-bands aint worth to mention.musically yours!!:-)(-:

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my morning jacket

fillmore nye 2006/7...this is what rock should be...

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Splintered Sunlight is playing tonight!!

O'Malley's in Gloucester, NJ 10:30 show time!!
Awesome cover band!! :)

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I have no idea why we didn't launch a topic for them months ago, but better late than never:

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I am Unbeliveably EXCITED!!!! I can not wait to see them. They will be here in 2 months. I will be sure to give everyone a review!!!! Peace DaNell!!

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Dark Star Orchestra

Dark Star Orchestra plays complete Dead shows in the stile the Dead played them. You don't which show they are playing in advance, but if the play a 91 show it will sound like 91 Dead, a 77 show will sound like 77 Dead. They usually play a second encore with songs not from that show. They sound almost exactly like the Dead, it’s spooky.


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