Grateful Dead

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Joined: Dec 30 2008
Current fave

It is really difficult for me to pick a favorite version of any of them with such a wide selection to choose from.
Right now it would be St Stephen/Eleven, from the Filmore West '69 disc set I think, but could be wrong.
My favorite Friend of the Devil would have to be the Garcia/Grissom version. So moving after listening to and enjoying the original for so long. It ages very well.

Good to know you got shoes to wear when you find the floor.

Joined: Dec 10 2008
Easy Wind from Festival Express

How can you beat that? Also 1973 shows from Boston Music Hall. All three shows. The early summer '76 shows from the Beacon Theater, The Capital Theater - Passaic and The Tower Theater in Philly.

Joined: Jan 2 2009
Truckin' - June 28, 1974

Truckin' - June 28, 1974 (Dick's Picks 12)

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Am ashamed to admit that have freaking finally dug out a pig/janice Lovelight and am freaking out with joy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry to admit my ignorance so loud and all-but so full of joy have to admit that have found my new fave LOVELIGHT ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now someone will prolly be asking WHICH pig/janice lovelight-like sunshine daydream just did. Suspecting is the 69 one. But not sure.

I don't know
don't really care
let there be songs
to fill the air
Don't part with your illusions. When they are gone, you will still exist, but you have ceased to live.
Samuel Clemens

Joined: Nov 22 2008
Bird Song question

I asked about this in another thread and still haven.'t found the answer...
Anybody know anything about a version of Bird Song they play occasionally on the Sirius GDC. It doesn't sound like it's live-it's a pretty slow, quiet version, but not as psychedelic as the original Jerry solo. I've checked out alot of websites and haven't found the answer. Even tried emailing Sirius !
Any info would be "grately" appreciated...

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Joined: Jun 8 2007
Best Scarlet>Fire....hands down!

4-13-1983, Patrick Gymnasium, UVM, Burlington

Single note transition between tunes gives me chills just thinkin' about it right now!
The boys were on FIRE that night and 3000 people had a blast!

..even a blind man knows when the sun is shinin' can feel it!..

Joined: Apr 2 2008
3-28-81 Essen, Germany...

...yes, let me once more try to convince you about this spectacular show... the boys had no easy task following The Who on that Rockpalast-night, but they did exceptionally well considering they played for an audience that hardly knew the band by name over here in Germany. You know, german audiences whistle, if they don't like something and there where lots of whistles during 1st set when they were tuning up between songs. People here like that "now we're gonna play our next song, it's called bla-bla-bla one two three four"-attitude. When the set crashed to an end with an incredible powerful Deal, they slowly had gotten into it.
The setlist reads quite conventional, but there really aren't any hang-ups, no vocal lapses, only strong versions, many of them able to turn on any dead-novice! A magnificient Sugaree that really rocks, a Shakedown both long and very potent, the above mentioned Deal, a pre-drums O1 with a very noisy and spacey synth and feedback section before giving way to drums... and the rest from NFA through to Good Lovin' is sheer power and delight throughout!
Pete Townsend sat in during that part; he was so stoned, that they turned down his guitar in the live-mix next to inaudible! (Jerry sent that occasional amused smile to him once in a while...)

So, people; if you still don't own that fantastic show on foreign ground: get it!

Joined: Mar 12 2008
Winterland Row Jimmy 3/20/77

Have a listen

Gone are the days we stopped to decide........where we should go......we just ride.

Joined: Nov 17 2008
o yea couple more EXCELLENT

o yea couple more EXCELLENT must listen DEWs

1972-12-31 w/ david crosby. ABSOLUTE MASTERPIECE, crosby deserves a lot of credit because he is a large part to what makes this dew special, jerry bobby, david and phil all flowing together, god i love it!!!!

1972-10-21 - really love this one too, phil is just dropping bombs left and frikkin right

Joined: Nov 17 2008

Jack Straw - 1987-04-06, Dead Set, Goin to Nassau, probably a lot i've forgot too.

High Time - 1981-05-06, anyone else know of a High Time with a guitar solo??????

Let it Grow - DP 25, 1990-09-12, DP32, DP13

China>Rider - DP12, DP31, 1989-07-17

Music Never Stopped - DP18, DP3

NFA - 1977-09-03, 1977-10-11

He's Gone - 1984-03-31


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