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Joined: Nov 17 2008
o yea couple more EXCELLENT

o yea couple more EXCELLENT must listen DEWs

1972-12-31 w/ david crosby. ABSOLUTE MASTERPIECE, crosby deserves a lot of credit because he is a large part to what makes this dew special, jerry bobby, david and phil all flowing together, god i love it!!!!

1972-10-21 - really love this one too, phil is just dropping bombs left and frikkin right

Joined: Nov 17 2008

Jack Straw - 1987-04-06, Dead Set, Goin to Nassau, probably a lot i've forgot too.

High Time - 1981-05-06, anyone else know of a High Time with a guitar solo??????

Let it Grow - DP 25, 1990-09-12, DP32, DP13

China>Rider - DP12, DP31, 1989-07-17

Music Never Stopped - DP18, DP3

NFA - 1977-09-03, 1977-10-11

He's Gone - 1984-03-31

Joined: Nov 17 2008
couple of my favorites

LLR - 1984-03-31 and 1985-11-08 (could be the 5th not the 8th, its one of them, and SMOKING!)

Deal - 1989-07-04, 1989-07-19

The Other One - so many out there but i really love 1978-01-22

Althea - 1990-09-12, 1989-07-19, Terrapin LTD. Goin to Nassau

Sugaree - 1989-07-19

Morning Dew - also, sooo many but DP28, DP3, 1972-09-21, New Years Cow Palace 76-77, 1977-05-08, 1977-05-22 etc....

New Minglewood - 1989-07-18, 1984-03-31

Feel Like a Stranger - 1987-04-06, 1989-07-17, 1984-03-31

ill be back later to post more.

Joined: Apr 2 2008

...from 3/28/81 is both long -nearly 13 mins- and veeeery strong. A flawless version; let alone the little feedback noise...

Joined: Jul 16 2007
favs (this week)

China>Rider 5/19/74
Eyes 9/3/77 & 6/26/74 & 8/13/75
Dark Star 2/13/70
The 11 8/24/68 (Two from the Vault)
Playin 4/26/72 (100yr hall)
Help>Frank 5/22/77
Comes a time 5/4/77
Scarlet>Fire 10/2/77 & 3/22/90
Jam 7/27/73 & 11/20/78
Shakedown 11/20/78
PeggyO 5/7/77
1/2 step 5/7/77
Sugaree 5/22/77 (with out a doubt!)

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favorite song

My all time favorite Grateful Dead song is "Rosemary" but it was never played live as far as I know. It's just Phil and Jerry and the lyrics are sooooo strange!!! I also like "What's Become of the Baby" but it's hard to whistle or sing in the shower!!! And then there's the "Barbed Wire Whipping Party" but that's another story all together. I just came back from the dentist.

"Unusual travel suggestions are dancing lessons from God" ...
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personal fave is the Hard to Handle off Philzone, August 6, 1971. So loose, so jammin-danceable.
I liked it so much I wrote an article about it
such a hot solo.

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Joined: Jun 24 2008

i agree with the guy shakedown 4/6/82
morning dew , terrapin from that show also amazing
that 2nd set is one of their best moments
also 9/21/82 set 1
looks like rain,playin,crazy fingers
all top versions
and the southwest motif overall
after looks like....jerry says lets get the f**k outta here
and then i think they come back and do china rider
this is 1st set mind you
the playing is inspired
i still use these two shows as material when i teach improvisation to music students

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Joined: May 26 2007
I agree, barca

Branford and Hornsby pretty much top my list in this regard.

Joined: May 9 2008
What about favorite guest musician?

My new (re-discovered) favorite is the often mentioned show with Branford at Nassau, 3-29-90. Thanks for mentioning that show everyone. The entire second set is incredible, but go now and listen to the Eyes of the World and the Lovelight.

What other guest musicians have come out and put on that type of performance with the band? In Chicago, James Cotton rocked Schoolgirl on June something 1992 (my first show).


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