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The Music Never Stopped from

The Music Never Stopped from the Phil zone. The sweetest feeling. Thank's Phil

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Black Throated Wind

Just curious, what is your favorite black throated wind? I've been looking for a good one to show to potential deadheads for a while now, any advice?

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Any Ideas Of Best DAYS BETWEEN ?

I shy away from anything post Brent so my exposure to Days Between is limited. Anyone have a favorite version of Days Between ? To me, that song is Jerry and Hunter at there finest. Thanks in advance....

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I have a couple favorites here, First Sugar Magnolia June 20 1983, the absolute best Sgr Mag I have ever heard, live, tape, cd, what have you. The mud, rain and the energy of the audience, wow, I'm getting chills thinking about it. The same show the Truckin was awesome, the lightning hitting somewhere close by and killing the power for about 2 seconds, most bands would have started the song over, but not our boys, seemed like they picked up with the very next note and finished with a bang. The next year June 26 1984, they opened the first night with, what I thought was a space, but turned into Casey Jones. I lost count of visited shows around 50 and that was the only CJ I saw live.

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Rochester NY - 9/1980

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76 Philly tower theater
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lookin for a show ? my FAVORITE help!!!!

I could use a little help finding a tour date.Back in the 90`s me and my friend Dan went to several shows and became grate fans of the Dead. Dan collected 100`s of tapes that we would spend our evenings listening to shows, wishing we where at them all. One show hit me like no other during those days, The energy from Jerry and the Band had me bouncing in the sky. I think it was in `76 at the Philly spectrum? Is it possible they played the spectrum in `76. If so would anyone have a great copy to $$. That top 20 sounds like something I be interested in also!! Gratefully, Fatumseye (Joe)

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Top 20

They've always said that with The Dead, it's not about performing the song perfectly, but rather the energy and emotion ... whether measuring in terms of a song, a show, a run, or even a tour. If I were writing this ten years ago, I'd probably have 100 songs on this list. But where Dick says the preference changes daily, I would say my list dwindles daily. That's not to say the ones that fall to the wayside aren't still great ... But I'm eternally searching for the perfect list to hand to a newcomer, and be able to confidently say "THIS is why people love The Dead." I believe there are a handful of songs that not only have great energy and emotion, but are also note perfect. (Or damn near) Here, I humbly submit my top 20 favorite performances, in no particular order. Thanks for reading....

Oh, PS- I hope this doesn't come off as pretentious. I got a TON of great suggestions from this forum, and I just wanted to return the favor. Thank you!

DARK STAR 11/08/69 (dp 16)
Packs all of the punch of a 30 minute jam into about 15 ... Very distinctive version for '69

LOVELIGHT 04/27/71 (ladies & gents....)
Pigpen in all of his glory....

LOOKS LIKE RAIN 04/08/72 (europe '72 remaster bonus track)
Jerry on pedal steel. Prettiest version I've ever heard. (Just look the other way when Jerry flubs a chord at the end of the solo....)

ONE MORE SATURDAY NIGHT 04/08/72 (steppin' out)
I've never heard them rock quite like this, except for this one other time.... (See GDTRFB)

CHINA CAT / RIDER 06/26/74 (dp 12)
I'm baffled as to why no one ever talks about this one. It's 20+ minutes of lazy and in-the-pocket groove. Great harmonies, too.

GDTRFB 10/18/74 (gd movie/soundtrack)
Explosive! I have never heard this much pure intensity in straight rock terms. A must hear!

Yeah, I know ... Cornell, blah blah blah. :) But I have yet to hear a funkier version. 12/26/79 (dp 5) is pretty damn close, though....

Another show that gets accused of being overrated. Although I mostly agree, there has never been another Half-Step that I've heard that reaches these heights. Make sure you listen to the build in the middle.

LET IT GROW 10/11/77 (road trips vol. 1, no. 2)
I felt like I got run over by a train the first time I heard this. Hopefully you will, too. :)

LOSER 12/29/77 (dp10)
I read somewhere that Jerry played a different guitar this night. I don't know if the rumor is true, but the solo is STINGING. A very unique sounding solo for this song, and it's full of passion.

ESTIMATED PROPHET 08/12/79 (so many roads box)
Perfect transitions, Brent's solo ... 'Nuff said!

HE'S GONE -> CAUTION JAM 05/06/81 (dp 13)
This is a very dark and murky version of He's Gone, and comes off even more heartfelt than other versions I've heard. As far as the Caution Jam is concerned, all I can say is "WTF???"

LOST SAILOR 06/15/85
I've always had a soft spot for this song. Bob sings beautifully, and the music is flawless.

COMES A TIME 11/01/85 (dp 21)
So, you think the song's over and drifting off into "Space," then BAM!, they all fall back into it perfectly. I've listened to that section 100 times, and I STILL can't figure out how the hell they did that! You have to hear this performance.

MORNING DEW 09/18/87
Ok, it is very important that you hear this. Easily the most emotional Jerry performance I've ever heard. Just listen the way he pours his soul into his vocals, and later, the guitar solo. There's this one note ... this ONE note he hammers near the very end ... Man, my hair stands up just thinking about it. If this list were only a "top three," this would be in it.

PLAYING IN THE BAND 07/29/88 (so many roads box)
A pretty rare, un-separated version. The middle, "main ten" jam builds and builds until it sounds like the world is coming to an end! Once the damage has been done, you hear them quietly crawling out of the rubble before they hit the last chorus.

BOX OF RAIN 07/19/89 (phil zone)
Perfect. The definitive live version.

Bob really hams it up on this one, and it sounds like the rest of the band is supporting him 100%. Sooooo much power and energy coming across here, and the guys seem to be having a great time.

SCARLET / FIRE 03/22/90 (so many roads box)
This is the hardest tune(s) for me to find an absolute favorite performance of, but I think most of you will agree that this is a great one. Pretty economical for a s/f, clocking in at only 20 minutes or so. It's virtually flawless though, and that's why I chose it.

STELLA BLUE 08/01/94
I dare you to get a copy of this and not tear up when you hear Jerry sing at the end. I prefer SBs to audience tapes, but this one you almost need the audience recording to hear the fans' reactions, and to get the full effect. I cried when I heard this for the fist time.

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I believe

that would be the Dark Star from 12-6-73 show at the Cleveland Convention Center that clocks in at over 40 minutes (and then segues>Eyes of the World>Stella Blue>Sugar Magnolia!) but I don't have that one. Good luck in your search, dhk!

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I heard there was a fourty minute dark star cut. Any one know where i could get my paws on it? I love darkstar. my cousin's tribute band did some awesome jams based off of it recently and i would love to hear some originals.


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