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I was there, too

I was there, too, mom.

you see? we HAVE danced together!

grate show.


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Three nice ones

From about December of ’73 through the “retirement” shows, Phil would sometimes (maybe half of the time or a little less), at the end of the second “Well the sun will shine in my back door some day” line in IKYR, include a little vocal embellishment on the word “day”. He would sing it kind of like “day-YEAH”. I loved this the first time I heard it – Phil’s obvious enthusiasm at those moments is just super-great to hear - and thereafter sought out shows where he did it. To date my favorite example is 6/20/74 Atlanta.

I plan to check out the ’77 Peggy-O’s that have been mentioned in this thread, but I don’t really expect them to surpass, for my ears at least, the sublimely melancholy Peggy-O of 8/4/74, that appears on DP31.

Finally there’s that haunting Ship of Fools from 6/23/74, with the beautiful instrumental intro, that opens Set 2.

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This was a grate show. CCJ... JFK's last show

I was there with my sister( Miss u Patty!!) and a bunch of friends. I was pregnat with my twin girls ( now tuning 18 this month) WOW!! Awesome Scarlet Begonias!!

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if you have some time, give this one a listen:

good show.

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Who's to say...

Went thru this thread and saw some real interesting comments. I don't know if it's possible to choose which is the best version of songs but I'll go with three. First, the Sugaree from 9-2-80? It's a boot I used to own and have lost it transit. There was also a real good FOTD on that one , too. That Sugaree was real intense.

Second, Jack Straw from Syracuse 1984. I think the actual date was 10-20-84. Hell, that whole Carrier Dome show was intenese. "The fire marshall is gonna shut down the show. Step, take step back." Hot Smokestack and Lovelight. Drove up from Baltimore on blotter. Guy driving was nursing a hangover and had no aspirin so he dropped. The rest of us did too. Enjoy the ride.

Third, Morning Dew 1986 at the Spectrum in Philly. Came out of space with the one song that defined Jerry. After he finished, the boys walked off the stage. Place was going crazy. You can see this one on youtube. This band always brought out emotions of joy--this song the tears flowed so freely. The year before Jerry did this and his voice was gone, the jam real short, and Bobby carried the day. You just had to have seen the Dew in '85 to understand the '86 Dew. I remember holding my then girlfriend, both of us just crying as the song ended. Still sends chills right up my spine. watched it on youtube the other day and I still had tears flowing freely.

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Killer Versions of:

Help/Slip/Frank 5/9/77 War Memorial Buffalo
Jack Straw DP 7
Morning Dew 12/27/89
Truckin' DP 34 (Toronto)
Viola Lee Blues DP 22
Disc 4 of Steppin' Out England Europe 72 is sublime
Dancin'/Frank on the new Road Trips '79 is KILLER

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Make That
Casey Jones DP11 (not DP3)

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A few of my Favs

This is a fun thread.
Forgive me If I repeat some or mistake a date

Hey Little One 2/25/66
Cream Puff War 11/19/66
He Was A Friend Of Mine 11/19/66
Doin That Rag 1/25/69 (?)
Mountains Of The Moon 3/1/69
Hard To Handle 4/29/71 8/6/71 , also Canada DVD Bonus blanking od name
Casey Jones DP3
Dark Star 11/11/73
Morning Dew DP7
Estimated Prophet►The Other One (of many) 11/4/77
I Need A Miracle 12/31/78
Little Red Rooster 7/14/84
Black Throated Wind 9/10/91
Baby Blue 9/10/91
Stagger Lee 3/24/93
Corrina►Mathilda►Drums 3/23/95

So many more, should I go on?

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The Eleven

This song makes me want to boogie all the way to the Milky Way, I think some nights I have.
I don't recall ever hearing a weak version of this one.

If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.
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Any Dead version of Good

Any Dead version of Good morning little schoolgirl off any of their albums......dig that song! :)
"May your dogs be with you"


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Best version EVER?