Grateful Dead

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Make That
Casey Jones DP11 (not DP3)

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A few of my Favs

This is a fun thread.
Forgive me If I repeat some or mistake a date

Hey Little One 2/25/66
Cream Puff War 11/19/66
He Was A Friend Of Mine 11/19/66
Doin That Rag 1/25/69 (?)
Mountains Of The Moon 3/1/69
Hard To Handle 4/29/71 8/6/71 , also Canada DVD Bonus blanking od name
Casey Jones DP3
Dark Star 11/11/73
Morning Dew DP7
Estimated Prophet►The Other One (of many) 11/4/77
I Need A Miracle 12/31/78
Little Red Rooster 7/14/84
Black Throated Wind 9/10/91
Baby Blue 9/10/91
Stagger Lee 3/24/93
Corrina►Mathilda►Drums 3/23/95

So many more, should I go on?

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The Eleven

This song makes me want to boogie all the way to the Milky Way, I think some nights I have.
I don't recall ever hearing a weak version of this one.

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Any Dead version of Good

Any Dead version of Good morning little schoolgirl off any of their albums......dig that song! :)
"May your dogs be with you"

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St. Stephen/Cryptical/Other One/Cryptical

For me it has to be Dick's Picks 8, disc 2. My first show was December '73 so I never got to see this version of The Dead live. In my opinion this is by far their peak. Pig was still a vibrant part of the band, Jerry's guitar is alive and powerful, and the jams are incredibly tight. I typically play my music in "shuffle" mode, so now The Dead is only chance listen. However, when I sit back by myself with the headphones on, Dick's Pick 8 is most often my choice.

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The China Cat/I know you

The China Cat/I know you rider on without a net, Ive never heard a version that was so upbeat and powerfull. Also The Dark Star from RFK 6-10-73 is my own personal favorite.

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Simply Incredibly Scary

I have never been blown away like I was listening to a Scary version of Dark Star in Miami, FLA on 10/26/89....u have to take about 37 minutes, close ur eyes and dream!

stay safe and feel good!

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Some Personal Favorites

Dark Star- 11/11/73- Winterland- Simply out of this world, takes the listener through so many emotions and modes. Incredible!

Eyes Of The World- 6/18/74 Louisville- My 2nd live tape ever. Still my all time fave for mellowness and good vibes

Uncle John's Band- 4/10/83 Morgantown- It was a pretty average show until this point, then Jerry took over. I still don't know how Jerry can play so many notes in such a short span. Everyone there noticed.

Lazy Lightnin--> Supplication- 2/17/79 Oakland- For the same reasons I like the Morgantown Uncle John's. Jerry rips it up!

Other One- 11/29/80 Gainesville- Brent plays the best jams on this one ever. Super tight!

Shakedown Street- 4/6/82 Spectrum- Jerry and Brent's interplay on the jam is out of this world!

More Later.....

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Re: Still Looking

Most probably you were listening to a version from the spring of 1972.
Very possibly April 14th.

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Still Looking

I'm still leaving my options open on this one, but I have a few that stand out, probably b/c I've listened to them the most:

-the China Doll off of Reckoning - when they nail that harmony on "just a little nervous" I get chills
-Friend of the Devil off Dead set - even though when i tracked down the original I didn't like Brent's solo as much, it's still one the tightest well played solos I've heard
-Sugaree - 5/5/77 (just heard this one and I'm still in shock)
-Scarlet/Fire - 5/8/77 - call me mainstream
-Mountains of the moon -> dark -> etc - 2/11/69 - this has been one of my favorite jams for awhile, but I'm wrestling with some other recently procured copies from the Fillmore West that may end up winning out. . .
-LL Rain - just heard this ridiculous version on Sirius, they didn't tell me where it's from. Bobby says something like "now for a sad song" at the beginning and Jerry is playing slide on the whole thing . . . I'm hoping someone with a little more experience might know where this came from.


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Best version EVER?