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Ratdog 12th August 2007 Lowell

may not be the best but it is worth a listen, Dennis McNally reading Kerouac about Uncle Neal


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Spanish Jam

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This is it!!!!!
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Best Ever Tunes

Howdy GD folks,'s always hard to say but some good versions off the top of my head are:

Dancin: 02-14-70, atlanta 77, of which there is some bass drum beats that have me wondering what was going on exactly, NEVER heard the bass drum beat so fast, like ginger baker....I think it was mickey, but you never know...the only reason I would think it was mickey is becuase he is the research drummer if you will

Sugar mag>scarlet>fire : 03-27-88 is on fire....this should be looked at for a commericial release, it's that strong, the fire on the mountain is great, nice groove, nice note choice by garcia, etc. the whole band is on...estimated that follows is really good too

Dark Star 04-29-72 Hamburg, Germany, it's difficult to assess europe 72 tour is simply so well performed , this is a nice dark star

Corrina : 06-15-93 , great performance, not a real fan of the tune, but the jam that comes at the end is so organic , and "indian like" not east indian, but american type indian

terrapin station>jam , 06-23-93 , the show is very mundane , until this point after is similar in design to the early 70's, but the tonality is much more complex and modern, not simply a mixolydian type of tonality, a nice full twelve tone tonality, that is very mature

wharf rat: 03-21-90, very well done on the instruments and vocals, the out jam is very strong

china cat sunflower>I know you rider, 07-06-90 is very good, nice phil and jerry trade off's , phil playing is very strong during the segue jam into rider

He's gone>jam , 07-06-90 Louisville, Ky. very nice jam, perhaps one of the best from 90's, very blues laden, but then does the triplet groove as in the other one on the out, nice phil playing on this one

visions of johanna : chicago, 95 , jerry throws out his ear monitor and let's it rip, he singing this one from the heart, I almost think he knew that this might be the last time

space: 06-19-93 chicago, mickey goes nuts on the beam, I never see him baseball swing like this before

playing in the band: 06-06-93, out of UJB, which is usually the oppisite, this one goes to meltdown into drums, full twelve tone wierdness by the end of the jam, also jerry is actually using a wah wah pedal reminiscent of the early 70's

Sugar Magnolia, 03-16-93, on the sunshine daydream, phil let's down on the volume pedal, on the F sharp to E natural kicks, I mean 20 kHz to the max, let the ole subwoofer put the vibe out, good version too

Big River : 06-22-73 standard honky tonk , will Billy K playing a perfect beat on the snare, plus everybody else just letting it rip

that's the short list, I could go on for days, most of this I actually saw, the other I've listened to many, many times

Ursa Minor

I wish that for just one time, You could stand inside my shoes, and for just that one moment, I could be you - Bob Dylan, Positively 4th St.

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This is just plain silly.....Darkstar>Spanish Jam 6-23-74

Go listen HERE

If you don't know the download trick to get the mp3, just message me.....

Dead to the Core

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big river

9- '72, Baltimore on Dick's Picks is a smoker.

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Aiko 4-16-78

This one is so spicy I swear my speakers were dripping Tobasco.

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They Love Each Other

I am gettin married in Oct and would love our first dance to be to They Love Each Other....I am looking for some ideas about some versions that some others may think would work. I think something from JGB would be best, but maybe some 1990 with Bruce Hornsby.... just looking for some opinions!!!! Hit me up with a message if you have a thought about it!!!!

much love,


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A Singular Moment....

...shall we go, you and I while we can...

There was a singular moment that occurred during every show that was so meaningful because it contained no music. It was the moment when the house lights dimmed, before the stage lights went up, as the band walked onstage. In that moment, you knew the band could take you anywhere they wanted to, and you gave in to it. It was the moment of the highest trust and vulnerability. The Grateful Dead never took anybody on a bad trip. Even on the off nights, the inherent good will of the musicians shown through. Thanks to Jerry and the rest of the band for letting me experience this 170 times. These were the highest moments of my life.

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Looking for a smoking

Looking for a smoking Althea. Any recs?

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music never stopped

Has anyone heard the music never stopped from 10/29/79 to end the first set? One of my favorite versions of this song. It just keeps rising and rising until you think they can't build it any higher and then they go ahead and jump up another 3 steps. Mind blowing. Check it out. The whole first set is superbly played. A wonderful Sugaree, Mexacali, High Time among others but the Music Never Stopped is the gem of that show.


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