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Joined: Jul 20 2007
Best Days Bewteen? ...and my New Speedway

I really loved that song, and it was getting better up until the end. I caught a few, but there were always a couple vocals flubs by Jerry that disturbed the flow. fall 94 at Boston Garden was one of the better ones I caught, but I wonder if there was one that they nailed at some point. If anyone remembers a particularly powerful and flowing Days Between please let me know, and better yet if you have a copy....

Oh and I have to mention the New Speedway Boogie from June 17th(?) 1991 at Giants stadium. Wow. If you like New Speedway as much as I do check this out. The interplay between Jerry and Bruce is incredible.

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Best Scarlet>Fire

My favorite Scarlet>Fire is from 3/22/90 at the Copps Coliseum in Hamilton, Ontario.

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Glens Falls!

Oh….indeed….you are right on with that one! What a great show. I totally forgot about it until you brought it up. I’ve always been puzzled as to why 1980 gets swept under the rug (even by myself). I mean, let’s not forget the magical acoustic shows that were performed. Nothing like that was ever done before (well, maybe not since The Warlocks, or studio material) or after that. And so much of that year was just fantastic. Thanks for reminding me.

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This is like argueing politics....... here we go

Morning Dew - 4/28/71 Fillmore East
Jackstraw-1/15/79 Springfield,Mass.
Estimated-5/8/80 Glens Falls,N.Y.
Halfstep>Franklins-10/20/78 Winterland
L.L. Rain-4/18/82-Hartford

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Best of the Best of the Best............Sir!

Best Scarlet/Fire - 10/21/83 - Worcester Centrum
Best Eyes - 9/3/77 Raceway Park, Englishtown, NJ

Best Jam of all time - Jam before Goin' Down The Road - 4/29/71 - Last Night at Fillmore East

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I don't know why tis doesn't get mentioned more often. Maybe it was my state of mind the first time I heard it, but the China/Rider from Miami Jai Lai in June of 1974 is without equal. In the jam out of China Jerry keeps taking the band to higher and higher peaks with relentless speed and abandon culminating in an incredible creshendo that races into a furious equally fast paced Rider. Check it out!

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The version of China Cat/I

The version of China Cat/I Know You Rider from Without a Net. Ive heard other really good versions but none with near as much energy

"You know the one thing we need is a left handed monkey wrench....."

Joined: Jul 5 2007
if i had to pick one

it would have to be "scarlet begonias" from the orpheum theatre in SF 7/18/76 ...

i taped that show off the KSAN FM b'cast and listened to the cassettes incessantly for many many years ... in fact one summers night in '78 or was it '77, in the front yard on 47th & judah, in SF, i shared this tape with our new neighbors (just moved to SF from LA) who had never heard the dead ... they were instantly converted ...

i still think it's the best version ever ...

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Joined: Jun 4 2007
Some of my Favs

Jack Straw 8-27-83 Seattle - Phil drops some serious bombs, would like to hear a SDB
Wharf Rat 4-12-78 Durham NC - absolutely amazing
Morning Dew 6-14-85 Greek - Probably not the best, but was on my first bootleg and love it.
Dear Mr. Fantasy 4-14-85 Irvine CA - Comes out of space and a great version
Music Never Stopped 6-28-85 Hershey PA - Opens set 2 with a great jam.

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Top 5

Good Lovin'...Madison Square Garden (9/21/82).

Turn On Your Lovelight...Nassau Coliseum (3/29/90). Thank you Branford Marsalis.

Franklin's Tower...Hampton (4/9/83). Brent got quite funky with the opening.

Midnight Hour...Oakland Coliseum (12/31/85) "So everyone wishing you all out there...a very Happy New Year......From us to Youuuuuu."

I Need A Miracle > Bertha...Madison Square Garden (10/11/83). "One of Jerry's speakers just barked its little heart out."

Just my choices...for what THAT is


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Best version EVER?