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Joined: Jun 4 2007
Terrapin Station 3-18-77


Only the 3rd Terrapin ever, but this is with the one time only Alhambra Jam....I just love this ending jam....Does not make sense why the never attempted it live again...

Dead to the Core

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My personal favorite Dark

My personal favorite Dark Star is September 21, 1972. Lasts roughly 37 minutes. It's delicious, if music can be summarized in such a way. It has three distinctly different parts, each with its own climax and beat.

Joined: Jun 30 2007
One of My Favorites...

I really like "Lazy River Road" from 3-14-93 at Richfield Colliseum in Richfield, OH

Joined: Jun 30 2007
Comes A Time & Loser

My two all-time favorite Grateful Dead performances.

Comes A Time from 8-19-80, Uptown Theatre, Chicago. Incredibly beautiful.

Loser from Englishtown, NJ 1977 (DP15) Wow.

Thanks for asking!

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Comes a Time - Buffalo 5/9/77

Not just my favorite version of this song, it's one of my favorite Dead performances period. Jerry's beautiful long lead reminds me of his "Like a Road" solo on Live at Keystone album; both show off his ability to imagine dozens of stunning variations of a song's single melody. And the rest of the boys build a perfect sky for his flights.

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He's Gone 6/26/73

Absolutely wonderful "vocal jam" at the end.


"This is but a dream we dreamed one afternoon long ago."

Box of Rain
Lyrics by Robert Hunter Music by Phil Lesh

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Dead in '67

I've had a great time reading people's favorite versions and scouring through my Dead collection or the Achieve to hear what you all have been raving about. Sometimes I'll hear a version I know I've heard before, but I think I'm hearing it with fresh ears. You all have excellent taste!

Anyway, I was recently reading an old piece of early rock journalism written shortly after the Monterrey Pop Festival in 1967. The writer (I can't remember his name) was ecstatic about the Dead's performance. It got me thinking: I have very few recordings from '67, and my knowledge of the music is scant. Can anyone point me toward a particularly excellent show or shows from '67? Many thanks!

Oh, a few more of my personal favs:
He was a Friend of Mine from the Fillmore West Bonus Disc
Scarlet>Touch>Fire (Exact date unknown-my tape merely says The Greek 7/84

Yo Soy Boricua!

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Joined: Jun 11 2007
my fav Wharf Rat

10-21-1983.....A perfect Wharf Rat...August West....stumblin around drunk on Burgandy Wine.
This night every note they played was on...Its Brents B-day..@ the Centrum...Like fine wine
this is a vintage worth a taste..Maybe they will make a DP? We need 83...

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Iko Iko/dew

Such a tough question. But one that stands out for me was Rochester 9/2/80. Came out of drumz with an amazing IKO IKO into Morning Dew.

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harder question than String Theory...which makes it such a great

I am so fickle that they change so often. I have best versions in different Dead vintages, etc...and they ALL change.
A couple from the top:
Stella Blue - 8.1.94
UJB - for the modern era - so many but 3.26.88 continues to dominate
Eyes - modern day tie - 6.17.91 and 3.31.91; and so many 74 versions
Terrapin - 2.26.77; 3.27.87
Shakedown - 6.30.85; 3.30.87
Scarlet - LMAO - almost impossible to nail one down but 3.27.88 is right up there; there are so many from 1974 and then there is Cornell and about 15 other 77/78 shows where this song steals the Thunder.
Dark Star - many and often, 10.9.89
“The Omnipotent Grateful Dead!”


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