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Joined: Jun 4 2007
A Great Dew

In the car today listening to 5/23/72 (Dark Star>Morning Dew) and Jerry juxtaposed verses but what the heck, it was all from the gut. Since all was spontaneous, during the "Thought I heard a young man", verse, he does a call-response with himself that is so nakedly emotional it can only really be rivaled by the version from 5/26/72. (One day we'll hear it at its appropriate pitch!) Escuchalo!

"From day to day, just lettin' it ride,
You get so far away from how it feels inside,
You can't let go, 'cause you're afraid to fall,
But the day may come when you can't feel at all."

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Joined: Jun 16 2007

lets see... Ive got too many damn tapes and I havnt listen to many in a long time but also shows Ive been too etc....

mind left body jam from Reno 74
the Spanish jam from the show I saw in Chicago 92
Black Muddy River from Shoreline in 89
That would be something from LA 93
My 1st show...9/5/82 Shakedown>Playin
Long may you run with Neil of course 11/3/91
Theres many more but Ill let you put those in...Eric

Joined: Jun 20 2007
best ever

Live Dead.

Joined: Jun 4 2007
best ever

RODGER ALLINSON The Help Slip Fire from 9-20-91 is truely remarkable granted its the only time they did it but the short second of dead silence after slipnot and the thunderous reaction into fire is truely amazing thank god for masters.

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Scarlet/Fire 12-31-78

Trader X

This is THE BEST version of this jam.....great tribute to the closing of SanFrancisco's finest dancehall.

Joined: Jun 4 2007
My Favs....

China/ Rider 7/17/89 Alpine Valley (I am sure some of the early 70's versions might be better , but so far I have yet to find one
Scarlet/Fire 11/8/77 Barton Hall, Cornell Univ. (amazing)
Dancin' 2/26/77 Swing Auditorium ( Just Cooks)
Shakedown Street 12/5/81 Indianapolis ( Jerry's Lead work just sounds like he is trying to just 'pop' the notes out, scaling fast, circling )
Lost Sailor/ Saint 12/5/81 Indianpolis ( the build-up and release between Sailor and Saint is orgasmic)
Morning Dew 10/12/84 Augusta, Maine( Just Smoking)
Sugaree 10/17/83 Lake Placid ( I loved alot of the late 70's ones, but this is just wicked)
I could go on and on, alot of fun thinking of these, but it is all subjective, ain't it.
I love this thread, makes me want to go out and listen to these picks.

God Bless this Band, and all of us.

Joined: Jun 18 2007
Scarlet Begonias > Fire On The Mountain

Man, it's hard to say what song/show was the best. But I'm quite sure that I like the version of Scarlet > Mountain from Hamilton 3-22-1990 as presented on the So Many Road Box Set very much.

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Best show

Best show ever.................
Dillon Stadium
Hartford, Conn.

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There's been many great versions of Terrapin, but I like the one from the 09/13/81 show at the Greek Theater in Berkeley the best. It's the only version I've heard where the band goes through the middle instrumental part, not once (as always), or twice (which is rare), but three times they take you for a ride with the melody, giving Brent the lead for the start of the last go around.

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live dead stephen ddhnm 2

live dead stephen
ddhnm 2 from vault
crazy fingers 1 from vault
ds 2 14 70
black peter bear choice
around and around 12 31 76
morning dew 5 2 70
truckin 4 26 72
looks like rain 3 25 72
cassidy reckoning
music nev stopped 5 22 77
alabama go to nassau
lovelight dp 16
ujb 12 31 76
gset stanley 72
friend of devil dead set
bertha skullfuckc


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