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Stella Fix

I stand corrected 8-01-94 is THE ONE

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wish I was is breathtaking.

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stella blue

I am looking for your ideas for best stella blue. I heard a sweet version with Jerry playing those end solos very soft and clean, and can not find it anywhere. Please help. Looking for pre-"vince".

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stella blue

Stella blue 8/1/94 Jerry's birthday this stella still gives me goose bumps

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second encore

If in fact Dazer's memory is correct, then credence is given to the belief that the crowd was not much of a critic (Bobby once said that there are nights when the audience should run them out of town, but they never do). 10/28/77 is perhaps, along with 10/15, the weakest of the Fall tour. If I had to name the shows from the Fall tour where the band deserved a "going wild" crowd, I'd put 10/16, 10/29 and 11/4 at the top of the list.

No offense Dazer. I only saw the band in the 90's, and I thought they were great, but if I listened to those shows now, I wouldn't be impressed, especially compared to earlier and better eras.

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Casey Jones encore followed by ?

I am almost POSITIVE the Dead played a second encore after Casey Jones on 10/28/77. It was my first Casey--AMAZING, and best ever! I also recall the Dead left the stage, the roadies started breaking it down, but the fans were going wild! We would not leave. The Dead finally came back out and played another. That is how I remember it to this day. But I can't find any evidence to back it up, as all tapes/recordings from that show say Casey was only encore. Anyone share my memory??? Was it a dream, or another show, or ???

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Top 5 Faves

China Cat>Rider---7/11/81 Alpine Valley (Rockin')

NFA---10/20/78 (Love the Egypt vibe)

Dark Star---9/21/72---(has hints of Ollin Arageed[not reallly but listen] and full blown Mind Left Body Jam....listen)

Eyes of The World----(Love the Super fast disco ones)

Lazy River Road---7/31/94----I just love it

Honorabel Mention---Foolish Heart...2/21/95 Love the jam

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So many to pick from...

...but currently:

China > Rider 2/24/74
Eyes 10/19/74
Half Step 5/7/77
The Eleven 10/12/68
Ripple 10/11/80
Help > Franklin's DP3
Playin 8/27/72

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Tennessee Jed

my all-time fave (for today) has gotta be 7/7/78 Red Rocks, bouncy, fun, and everybody seems to be into it - including the crowd! oh, to have been there for this run!!!!

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Let It Grow 9-2-79 This is

Let It Grow 9-2-79 This is the first Brent LIG and also the longest ever!!!
Dark Star>Eyes 11-11-73 The Mind Left Body Jam in the middle of all this is perhaps the best of that as well
Sugaree 12-28-79 If you haven't heard this, this is a must listen.
Keep Your Day Job Any version that was not in the encore slot. Although an interesting theory has been thrown around that a Day Job encore means the whole show is smokin hot
Initial studies have concluded that repeated exposure to Grateful Dead music may be habit forming, and can result in a permanent change to the psyche of the listener. While no one has successfully reversed this condition, it can sometimes be controlled to


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