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Cold, Rain, and Snow

The hottest Cold Rain I ever saw ~ one sorely underrated, as is the 10-song first set it's in the middle of ~ was 3-19-86, first night Hampton. Jerry's tease a moment before the song crashes in only makes it sweeter, and it's the only one I ever saw (or post-70s version I've ever heard) where Jerry goes double-duty on the high note on one of the choruses (this a-Way-ay-ay-AY-ay-ay-AY....) as on versions of old.

As for those old super-fast versions, 5-31-69 is hard to beat. Must've been the last stretch of that arrangement (they'd switched it over by the end of the year). The Monterey one's great, too, except someone's blowing a flute or something over top of it.

Well, and then there's that Madison Square 10-12-83 one, which my friend Al used to refer to as "the great one."

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So Many Roads

Listened to the 03/28/93 show from the Knickerbocker in Albany on Sirius today. Jerry's vocal gave me goosebumps it was so good, near the end of the song I actually started to tear up a little.

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The Best IMO

Eyes of the World : 8/6/74 - Dicks Picks 31
Playing in the Band : 8/27/72
Dark Star: 8/27/72 and 10/31/71 - Dicks Picks 2
Help>Slipknot!>Franklins : 10/11/77 - Road Trips Vol 1 # 2
Here Comes Sunshine: 11/21/73
ChinaCat>Rider: 6/16/74
Dancing In the Streets: 5/8/77
Truckin: 7/31/74 Includes Mind Left Body Jam & Spanish Jam = 31min
New Speedway Boogie: Festival Express one not sure of date think in July 70
Cryptical Envelopment & The Other One : 6/7/70

Many More Favs but just a taste of some of the best

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Louisville 6/18/74

It's a Sin jam into Stella Blue is quite memorable from Freedom Hall, icing the cake after a wonderful Eyes of the World > China Doll in the 1st set! Listen to the Weather Report Suite too.

Joined: Feb 20 2010
Stella Fix

I stand corrected 8-01-94 is THE ONE

Joined: Feb 20 2010

wish I was is breathtaking.

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stella blue

I am looking for your ideas for best stella blue. I heard a sweet version with Jerry playing those end solos very soft and clean, and can not find it anywhere. Please help. Looking for pre-"vince".

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stella blue

Stella blue 8/1/94 Jerry's birthday this stella still gives me goose bumps

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second encore

If in fact Dazer's memory is correct, then credence is given to the belief that the crowd was not much of a critic (Bobby once said that there are nights when the audience should run them out of town, but they never do). 10/28/77 is perhaps, along with 10/15, the weakest of the Fall tour. If I had to name the shows from the Fall tour where the band deserved a "going wild" crowd, I'd put 10/16, 10/29 and 11/4 at the top of the list.

No offense Dazer. I only saw the band in the 90's, and I thought they were great, but if I listened to those shows now, I wouldn't be impressed, especially compared to earlier and better eras.

Joined: Dec 5 2009
Casey Jones encore followed by ?

I am almost POSITIVE the Dead played a second encore after Casey Jones on 10/28/77. It was my first Casey--AMAZING, and best ever! I also recall the Dead left the stage, the roadies started breaking it down, but the fans were going wild! We would not leave. The Dead finally came back out and played another. That is how I remember it to this day. But I can't find any evidence to back it up, as all tapes/recordings from that show say Casey was only encore. Anyone share my memory??? Was it a dream, or another show, or ???


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