Grateful Dead

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jonapi (not verified)
smiley smile

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

always a stretch to challenge the '79 adaption with Alec Guinness.
but with a superb Director in Tomas Alfredson; Let The Right One, yes the original Swedish film, not the pointless American remake. are U.S. citizens really so dumb that a language outside of English, a cinematic production with subtitles is so completely incomprehensible?

digression in the rear view mirror.

nicely paced, nicely shot and nice sound. not exceptional, but anything with Gary Oldman has a certain gravitas.
and Kathy Burke is always a treasure. dominates any scene she's in.

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American: The Bill Hicks Story


I feel as though I knew this man my entire life yet we never met and I never saw him perform. An acquaintance over on rottentomatoes (as well all three of my sons) turned me onto Bill Hicks a few years back and my life changed for the better ... I no longer felt alone.

I also really like "Sane Man".

lamagonzo (not verified)

A variation on the mad scientist theme. Modern pharma hires bright young DNA splicers to create new life and come up with life saving medicines.

They create Dren, a humanoid creature that can be aquatic or avian when the need suits and has many other attributes as well, like being able to change sex. Which she does and has sex with the boy-friend, girl friend couple who are the splicers.

Worth seeing but the morality play part (big corporation toys with life for profit) is weak in this movie to concentrate on the main character.

jonapi (not verified)
a map for liberty

Soldier Of The Road - a film about Peter Brötzmann.

"This film came out of an irrepressible desire to hear Peter Brötzmann's music live, to record his sounds as he crafted them, to film the energy and the freedom of this man. I knew the old vinyl covers he had designed as well as his posters, but the discovery of his painting was a revelation, Above all, as we discussed, enjoying a good cigare, I discoverd a sensitive, open minded man. It was a privilege..."

lamagonzo (not verified)
Woodstock: Three Days of Peace, Directors Cut

Just saw this particular version for the first time. Had me rockin' even though I didn't attend.

Fell in love with '69 Grace Slick. Triple Scorpio with those piercing blue eyes!
Janis Joplin with the crazy quilt stargown.
Wavy Gravy's announcements from the stage.
Jimi Hendrix playing the Star Spangled Banner>Voodoo Chile (I think)

~ Hipsters, tripsters, real cool chicks sir ~

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thanks marye

If it can't be found on Netflix or something try

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it's a very nice area

that's for sure!

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Love Nature ?

Then check out "A Wild American Forest" narrated by Susan Sarandon. It's a film about the Klamath-Siskiyou ecoregion which straddles the Oregon-California border and where I've lived for the past 25 years. Check it out and then come visit !

Walk you in the tall trees

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birdie num,num

The Party w/ Peter Sellers

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two words

Pineapple express!!!!!


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