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Primo? You know a guy called Felipe, by any chance? or already been to the fest that marye was just writing about, on your own?
Don't part with your illusions. When they are gone, you will still exist, but you have ceased to live.
Samuel Clemens

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I want to make Rock-&-Roll movies with the AXIS Guitar reefer with calm honest merkin burger toys & Mahawkma Rentacotux the caulmn BA peeshorezz lady ~rocketzz w/ spuing corn on shakers .. I was playing my fiddle and it was smoken each note -primo¹

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if anyone's in Pacifica tomorrow

The Trips Festival Film Screening

This Saturday:
August 16th 7:30pm
Sanchez Concert Hall
1220 Linda Mar blvd.

650-355-8000 advance tix
$12 general admission

Film Night Pacifica is here again. On Saturday, August 16th please join us at The Sanchez Concert Hall.

On this evening we'll be enjoying some truly Magical films witha 1960's theme. Learn about our region and the birth of the "hippie" generation as well as many other facts that have impacted our community and the world.

Celebrate with PCT as we bring history and a look back at history Saturday, August 16th.

Start time 7:30pm SHARP!

Advance tickets at 650-355-8000


What's The "Trips Fest"?
from Charles Perry's
A History of the Haight-Ashbury

On new Year's Eve 1965, Stewart Brand and some associates staged a parade down Montgomery Street, the heart of San Francisco's financial district.

The real reason for the parade was to get a little press attention for an event three weeks in the future, a sort of circus that would gather together the Acid Test, the Open Theater, Tape Music Center activities, rock bands, light shows and everything else the organizers could think of. Brand and his friends were going to use Longshoremen's Hall and have Bill Graham coordinate it. The name was straightforward: the Trips Festival.

The Trips Festival was the seminal event that was the passing of the baton from the beatnicks to the hippies. It also was the coming out party for Bill Graham, the father of modern concert promotions as we know them. Before graham's experiment at the Trips festival, the idea of lights, multi-media and other "mood inducing" production elements in live music was pretty much unheard of.

Many aspects of concert promotion and pop culture that we now take for granted were breakthroughs at the Trips.Festival. Many acts whom we now regard as part of Rock & Roll royalty were also discovered at The Trips Festival; acts like Jefferson Air-Plane (today known as star-ship) and The Grateful Dead.

In Fact, one of Pacifica's own, Steve Brown, worked for the Grateful Dead and contributed in the making of the film. Steve will be on-hand Saturday to share rare footage and stories with us. 

The film's creator will also be on hand to discuss this amazing piece of local and international history. Please join us this Saturday at 7:30pm at the Sanchez concert hall. Advance tickets can be found at PCT: 355-8000

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"Gonzo" Viewing Update...

*The following is for entertainment purposes only and is dedicated to and inspired by a true American hero, Hunter S Thompson (HST). This is a test of each reader's humor response system, as required by Homeland Insecurity, on an annual basis. My attorney has advised me to include this disclaimer*

OK, for anyone within a day's drive and the stones to meet me face to face, I'll be reserving an entire section of the ESPN Zone, just down the street from the E Street Cinema, in the name of Raoul Duke, for around 5:30 pm. I want to take over the entire restaurant with crazed Deadheads like locusts in Egypt, if possible. I want to remind the current status quo, in that God forsaken city, what they're up against if they keep fucking with us. Selah!

If The Man is out there reading this, along with your bullshit "new" surveillance law, I'll just let you know that I'll be loaded down with all types of contraband so I would advise bringing everything at your disposal and prepare for an ugly scene reminiscent of the town when it was taken over by drug addled hippies during the Viet Nam crisis. Mace, dogs, tasers, those tear gas guns used to kill Salazar, fuck man, whatever you can get your hands on will be needed to subdue me and my attorney by the time the hor d'oeuvres get to the table. Fair warning...

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Viewing Party, Anyone?

"Gonzo", this Saturday night (7/12/2008) @ the E Street Cinema, NW Washington, D.C. in the beating heart of the Beast itself.... if you dare. We're hedging toward the 7:20 pm show, at the moment.

"I like to load up on mescaline and turn my amplifier up to 110 decibels for a taste of 'White Rabbit' while the sun comes up on the snow-peaks along"... Pennsylvania Ave. "Fear and Loathing in America - The Gonzo Letters, Volume 11, 1968 -1976", p. 235. Note that HST says, "... Continental Divide" and not Pennsylvania Ave but I think he'd share the sentiment, had he stayed in town long enough (and met me).

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Opening July 4th

...there will be bats!

"You know what the trouble about real life is? There's no danger music."

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Born on the fourth of July 1989

I watched this movie last night on HBO for the 2nd time, I'm not a Tom Cruise fan,but he rocked this movie!

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my feet hurt

at the mention of that movie, and i can picture him twisting his neck and the cracking sound

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scary shit

scary shit there mom.

another one was Bangkok Hilton, about a brother and sister.

lots of books out too, written by people who were / are inside for smuggling.

don't do the crime if you can't do the time.

BIG warnings printed in RED on the Malaysian arrival/departure cards, that drug traffickers will be sentenced to death. they also announce that on the plane before you land. Thailand has similar punishments for traffickers.

but yeah, Midnight Express is the best among all of those films.


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Brokedown Palace (1999)

With Claire Danes, Kate Beckinsale...Two women are arrested for smuggling while vacationing in Thailand.
Not a bad flick, but Midnight Express (1978) was better!!


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