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John frusciante greatest hits music musician

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dead store

What happen to the Dead Store?? only books, videos and music....what happen to the clothes, hats
accessories calendars this year?? I have been getting the calendars every year since they started coming out as gifts for all my deadhead disappointed!!!

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Bob Weir Blue Mountain Campfire Tour Nashville 10.19.16

The Blue Mountain show at the Ryman was really special. Visit the link above if you are interested in seeing photos of the show along with an accompanying article.

Thanks a lot to Bob, the band, and the sound/gear/travel/art crew members.

Ozark Matt

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Way To Go Bobby!

Great Show on 10/19 in Nashville. Hope to see you again real soon. By the way, that was one snazzy GD western shirt during the second set. : - )


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Blue Mountain Tour

I spent a week on the coast around Santa Cruz and finished off with Bob Weir and his "The National" cohorts at the Fox Theater in Oakland this past Saturday night. The music was clearer and more distinct than on the album, as commented on earlier. I had just gotten the CD when I arrived home Friday night, but I listened to it twice on the way in. I like "Only A River", but I thought "Gonesville" was the winner live.
The band clearly had rehearsed the material, and they appeared to be in synch and enjoying themselves pretty well, although Bob did not introduce the band members except as, " . . . my little buddies here." I believe he started the first set with Bob Dylan's, "When I Paint My Masterpiece". Two or three acoustic songs, and then the band came out. Bob Switched to a Stratocaster in the second set for some of the songs, did "Cassidy", "Big River", and "Peggy-O", among others. Bob waved the band on to continue toward the end and played a little lead while he was at it, too.
The second set turned rapidly into a sort of parlor-version Grateful Dead set, and the visual graphics were pastel rather than the stronger colors of the recent Dead and Company shows last summer. The bleak wilderness images were particularly intriguing, and were very reminiscent of my trip last year to northeastern Wyoming, up beyond Independence Rock. There were some subliminals in the cloud images, like a question mark, a skull, and a crow's beak and knowing eye. Stranger still since I photographed a similar cloud image around May of '15 prior to the Fare Thee Well shows. It didn't fit in then, but it sure made sense Saturday night.

The hometown crowd was very enthusiastic, and with a mere 8-show tour ahead, this was one of those under-the-radar gigs that was probably not to be missed. Having seen Billy Bob Thornton and his band, The Boxmasters recently, I would say that Blue Mountain falls into that same category of good Americana road music for passing the time on the long haul, or indoors on a misty day. It would certainly go well with bucking a stiff headwind in Kansas heading upgrade to eastern Colorado around this time of year. Get behind a Greyhound bus out of Topeka - you'll save some gas!


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No Evening Moods on Blue Mountain ?

that is what i hope for but after reading rgergelis review i don`t think
it will be fullfilled.
Anyway at least there is new music by Bobby, what about Phil ? Sad that he doesn`t come
out with studio-versions of the Furthur stuff he played, there were some new songs i remember.

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@Cowboy Bob's Blue Mountain

iGrateful, I received and listened to a 24 bit digital version of Blue Mountain. When I first heard the CD version I was troubled by the excessive echo and reverb esp. in the first 4 tracks as played through my equipment. Well the effect is still there on the HD release. The music is consistent with a very polished sound. It is not a cowboy nor a country album by any means. It is pure Bobby, a very somber Bobby reflecting and looking ahead to the inevitable. A very mainstream Americana sounding album. The opening song Only a River is easily accessible, Gonesville sounds like it belongs on country radio. Time will tell if any of these tracks turn into a jam oriented show stopper in concert as Looks Like Rain, Playin' or Two Djinn have become.

When the idea of a cowboy album was announced last year, I anticipated an intimate acoustic effort ala Springsteen's Nebraska, but aside from the song Ki Yi Bossie, it is far from that.

I will likely throw a rip of it in my car but don't see it getting much play time. Don't get me wrong, It's not bad at all, but with Clapton having released a concert with JJ Cale yesterday and Van Morrison's new release, I prefer listening to music that puts a smile on my face. Blue Mountain left me puzzled and pensive. With that said, I am planning on Bobby's Ryman show provided promised tickets materialize. I'm confident hearing some of these tunes done live will make them vibrant. It's just my opinion, your mileage may vary.

SXM has been running an interview with Bob Weir and Josh Kaufman re. the new album on the Buddy and Jim Show featured on Outlaw Country. Bob plays the title track and Ki Yi Bossie live and lends some light on the history of the recording. Some interesting old country tunes by Sons of the Pioneers, Buck Owens and Billy Walker are interspersed throughout the hour, those songs are timeless and a pleasure to hear. The best part of the show in my opinion is Bob speaking of his respect and admiration for jazz greats McCoy Tyner and John Coltrane and patterning his rhythm guitar playing after those artists. If you have 90 minutes to kill it's not a bad listen.

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Blue Mountain

My copy arrives Tuesday or Wednesday...anybody get to listen in entirety? Share your thoughts?
Thanks, looking forward to hearing Bobs latest release.

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Bob Weir 'Blue Mountain' 2016 Fall Tour

An area once Osage hunting grounds, the Black River courses over rugged terrain of pink and purple rhyolite rock features, flowing near other scenic streams like the Current, Jack’s Fork, Meramec, St. Francis, and Eleven Point Rivers; ancient waterways slowly carved into canyons as they navigate through the vast Ozark region, past the storied Irish Wilderness and portions of the expansive Mark Twain National Forest.

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Bob Weir Ibanez "Cowboy Fancy" Guitar - 2016 Reissue

originally posted at by Ozark Matt

The Ibanez 2016 BWM1-BS (Bob Weir Signature Limited Model), an exquisite handcrafted reissue of Bob Weir’s ‘Cowboy Fancy’ electric guitar originally delivered in 1976 and played in bands like the ‘Grateful Dead’, ‘Kingfish’, and ‘Bobby and the Midnites’.

When Ibanez guitar designer Jeff Hasselberger met Grateful Dead guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Bob Weir at the Philadelphia Civic Center, “one of those massive airplane-hanger-style joints”, onstage after a show in 1974, they discussed an innovative guitar with adjustable pickups, a larger headstock providing more sustain, and blending a style that highlights superior attention to a classic American instrument aesthetic and an impressive modern technologic array of functions and fine tune abilities complete with ornate mother of pearl inlay and onboard equalization in what Bob referred to as “cowboy fancy”.

read more:


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Bob Weir