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Bryan Stow benefit DVD

Last year SF Giants coach/Americana musician Tim Flannery did a couple of benefit concerts for Giants fan Bryan Stow, who was severely injured when he was beaten after a game at Dodger Stadium. At the Uptown Theatre show in Napa, Bob Weir sat in. Now the show's coming out on DVD, also benefiting Stow, who's probably going to need care for the rest of his life. Read all about it...

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Okee dokee

Let's just let this drop, thank you.

(mod hat off)

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Good Evening Anna rRxia

It was a good choice, as far as I am concerned,
to not put Bob or Ken in the opinion of a useless
critic. I understand your post and have looked into
the information surrounding your post. The facts
you are attempting to humble Bob and Ken into
are so far from me and the information I have gathered.

You know little of Bob and the great purposes he is
involved in. Have you investigated the awesome
volunteering he is apart of. Have you seen his TRI the best on the planet? Bob Weir is a
excellent role model, excellent guitarist, excellent
coordinator and facilitates some of the most excellent
up and coming musicians! If you think you are spot-on
in your description of Bob by stating "Poor Bob" you
are definitely mistaken and know nearly nothing of the
amazing person he is. How foolish of you to claim to be
in the know and really know nothing. It's rubbish you there will never be a day "Poor Bob" will ever
prevail truth. Bob is one of the best individuals on the
planet and beyond. It's an unchangeable fact, no if
or ands about it. That is equally true for Ken; I am
not even going to argue it. He was (is) a phenomenal

If you think your doing the world or this site a favor by
expressing your often negative and hurtful comments;
think again. Your joy and love is where it's at not the
darkness. Heal yourself woman, you are loved. Stop
dragging the wicked around like a child with a little red
wagon. The Grateful Dead and Family have been generations
of lovingkindness; the best love of the highest measure.
It's unfortunate our current generation has fallen victim
to believing ridicule, belittling, sarcasm and hate talk are
somehow the way to live and communicate, much like
what you are up to. "Ain't no time to hate???"

Well, I am glad to discuss this and will follow up and make
- disappear soon. However, it is good to exchange words
with you as I better know who you are and how you are
thinking about things. All the best to you as I wouldn't want
you to delve into anything that is hurtful as we do hurt ourselves
when we hurt others. Many are addicted to the pain, hope you
don't spend too much time there. Be happy, it rocks!

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If you are interested

to read what was edited out of my original post drop me a PM.

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Done, SherBear

Maybe I see some of the same things in myself that I saw in the 2009 press conference with the boys in NYC or in the interview with Bob. I haven't hit the trail anywhere near as hard as they have but I recognize the symptoms.

Watch the interview again. This is akin to a prizefighter with too many blows to the head. Remember, I said the soul was intact. Read some of the comments on archive about Bob. People there pull no punches.

Most of the world is living in denial, I realize that. "so naive and pathetic" That is what I would say about people who don't give their honest opinion. I have quite a few compliments for what I write and I'm not at all insecure about it. Nor do I think Bob needs an iota of affirmation from me. I did say that I'm not batting on the same level as Bob, so may not be able to pull it all in. One thing I do know, I've been trained very meticulously to observe without my judgement butting in. So why don't you reign in yours? Judgement, that is.

Other people have pointed out that on this site people just fall all over themselves to point out the good with the blinders on. I see that. But I also see people who disagree and are not afraid to say so, That is what makes this a great site to read and post on. What I have come to see is that not everybody sees this site in the same way. It is the commercial arm of of Rhino and GDM. Any questions?

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1 2 1 2


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please do not post entire copyrighted articles

Post a link to them. Thank you.

Previous post edited accordingly.

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Bob's bio

Bob Weir

A founding member of the Grateful Dead, Bob Weir's musical legacy (separate from its cultural implications) will be of an utterly strange rhythm guitar player and songwriter who grew up in one of the most lasting outside bands of the 1960s. ...

Through a revolving lineup, the band -- like the Dead -- toured incessantly, working their way through clubs and theaters, building both a repertoire of new Weir compositions and reworked Dead songs as well as an original sound. In 2000, Ratdog released their first album, Evening Moods to mixed reviews. In the summers of 1998 and 2000, Weir reunited with several former Dead bandmates to tour as the Other Ones, releasing a live album in 1999. Weir continues to develop as a bandleader and an elder for new generations of jam bands.
~ Jesse Jarnow, Allmusic


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Weir Robinson and Greene

WRG will play at KC Crossroads this Saturday night! It's been awhile since Bobby has performed in Kansas City. He'd been in Lawrence, KS with Ratdog a time or 2.
This venue is an outdoor urban theater located behind Grinder's a pizza joint w a good microbeer selection.

jonapi (not verified)
nervous system blues


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