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Yes and no, Stan


I agree that Jerry & Brent were an INCREDIBLE team. I loved watching and listening to them play off of each other - it was truly magical. BUT - I'm gonna defend Bobby here. His interplay w/ Garcia is truly magical, as well. Weir's style lent itself SO wonderfully to Garcia's!!! They complimented each other and that's the beauty of the GD - EVERYONE complimented each other SO well....the interplay with each and every member off of each and every other member is what made the GD magical.

Now, for the Chimenti/Baracco rant. First, let me say - I like BOTH of these guys a lot. BUT - Rob Baracco PLAYS HIS ASS OFF. And I don't mean that as a compiment. He's too busy. He never seems to stop. Great chops, but VERY little dynamics. Chimenti is more of a subtle player and is a better listener, IMHO. He may not have all the chops as Rob, but he's tasty. NEITHER of those guys are on the level of Brent Mydland or Melvin Seals (two guys who REALLY knew/know how to listen and utilize dynamics to the fullest degree), so at some point ya just gotta get over that...I know it's hard, but ya just gotta. It's my same beef w/ Warren. GREAT player. Chops galore. Too busy, not enough DYNAMIC interplay. Some of my favorite moments of a GD show were when you could hear a pin drop in the middle of a He's Gone or Stella Blue or even songs like They Love Each Other & Looks Like Rain. THAT'S what I want from a band. Too much "full-throttle" gets old quick to me. Raise the roof, then bring it back down. Let it breathe.


~ Pappy

"Once in a while you can get shown the light in the strangest of places, if you look at it right." - Robert Hunter

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View from the Vault 1

I think it's 1 anyway, from 3 rivers stadium. Jerry and Brent connections...priceless. Same in the Radio City dvd and truckin' up to Buffalo. Unfortunaltly I never got to see Brent live, I was just getting into the Dead the summer 90 when he died. Looking back and listening to the boy's from a historical perspective, the late 70's through the 80's are the best years for me. I know several will disagree and that's fine, notice I said for me. Since this is a Bobby topic, I feel I should say something about him as well... I love him although I really, really wish he'd stop dragging Jeff Chimenti into every Dead revival. What is this guy? Bobby's security blanket? The Summer 04 tour with the Dead? They sh*t canned Baracco for Chimenti? That made absolutly no sense. When They first came back in '02 after the big Terripan Station at Alpine Valley thing, I saw several show with the Chimenti/Barraco lineup. Baracco would be playing his heart out, singing his a@* off, freaking Chimenti would be sitting there trying to catch up. I said it before and I'm sticking to it, it's like getting a 1st grader to play with the high school band. Allman should be sitting in at PSU, why not Warren's pulling double duty? Okay I know why, his stlye of playing may interfere with the sound. At least call back Barraco, he obviously still has a great love and passion for the music despite being given the ax being a valuable member of DSO. I gave up my security blanket at age 6. Bobby how old are you? Okay my Saturday morning rant is done. 9 more days!!! Hell yes!!

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planet bobby?

Brent & Jerry, Jerry & Brent. If you don't know what I'm spouting you might want to check back. I know there are a lot of people out there that don't appreciate Brent. Well, I got news for you, Brent gave Jerry what he needed. If you were lucky enough to see The Band from 88 to 90 you should know what I mean and if you don't you were too high or you haven't seen the videos'. Brent rocked Jerry and Jerry rocked Brent. They had a connection that Bobby wished he had with JG. I watch the videos' and it gives me chills to see how happy Jerry is playing with someone as talented as Mydland. Yes, he is similar when playing with Hornesby, but Brent was there for over 10 years and JG loved him. As much as I love 77 and 73 my favorite thing to see is JG smile and look at Brent and jam on.

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what made bobby green?

Hey Pocky Way/ Women are Smarter

If you don't know, don't bother. These two songs, on a good night really show how much Brent and Jerry had a major connection. Brent would just fuel Jerry's fire and vice verse. It gives me chills to see Jerry so happy and animated. By the way, I have friends that hate Brent's voice, but I feel he is incredibly under appreciated. I love his voice, it seems to melt beautifully with Bob and JG. Regardless of your views on the vocals, the only player as good or better, in my opinion would be Hornesby. JG and Brent would just start a back and forth that Bob seemed oblivious to. Watch the DVD's if you don't believe.

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It's funny. In the 60s it

It's funny. In the 60s it was the John Birchers who wrote stuff like this; Illuminati, the Rothschilds; one world government; etc., etc., etc. I guess it's true that paranoia knows no bounds!

"I just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in."

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he said he was going to only post once, and I've read it at least twice. Once is fine; people can post all kinds of stuff. However, spam is another matter and has a short shelf life hereabouts, and such is likely to happen to this. Or its clones. Rock on...

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EOTW is cluttering the site with jibberish. Let's keep it to what it's all about. The music. Rock on!

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Have Bobby + Mickey Joined the Illuminati?

It's really not my intent to create negative vibes, but here's something all Deadheads
need to know about:
I'm only going to post this once and then will leave this forum as I'm sure I'll be censored
anyhow.If you don't know what the Bohemian Grove is, go to YouTube and search it.
What you need to know is that your beloved Bobby + Mickey actually party with the most
corrupt and evil legal criminals of the world - George Bush, Dick Cheney, Henry Kissinger,
and the list goes on. The folks known as the Illuminati who are responsible for orchestrating
the wars and economic destruction happening to America and attack on the US Constitution
that could bring martial law and the end of our inalienable freedoms according to the law.
Their aim is world domination, economic exploitation and enslavement of the world and
according to many reports, a desire to bring about the extinction of about 90% of the
population. Basically the elite evil-doers of this world. I think Deadheads have a right to
know why they are there. I had hoped to give this some benefit of the doubt and hope
that maybe they were trying to use their personal clout to affect positive change and to
try to reason with these folks. But from the many reports I'm seeing it sure doesn't
look that way. I found this to be very shocking and felt an obligation to share it with
the Deadhead community. I can find no justification for this. People like Bobby and Mickey
who are supposed to be role models and icons of peace and love and enlightenment
should for damn sure have enough personal integrity and moral values to refuse invites
like this and to make a positive statement. This is the equivalent of partying with the
Third Reich. I will say no more of it and I will now leave this forum.But I believe I deserve
the chance to speak my piece.

The bottles stand as empy as they were filled before.
Time there was a plenty and from that cup no more.
Though I could not caution all, I still might warn a few -
Don't lend your hand to raise no flag atop no ship of fools.

Save Mother Earth. Resist the New World Order.

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before I space this completely

Bob Weir, along with Maria Muldaur and other local musicians, will be playing the Stop the Spray benefit in lovely Sausalito, CA, on Sunday June 8th.

More info here:

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bobby who?

you mean yosemite sam's body double! i don't remember any pool tables there:)


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