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a little light

What Brent brought to the band, wow. He was an artist. Yes he was the best keyboard player and all that. But far beyond technical prowess or any of the competitive crap .He was way beyond any of that nonsense. His voice and expressive honesty was genuine. Musically he brought a dimensional layer to every song that made it real and alive. It was a layer I am not sure all were comfortable with. He was there in a very shy way taking everyone further. He used his voice as an instrument to extend everyone’s range and added superb yet subtle complexity to everything .You know Jerry knew it .I think everyone knew it .
He could not be replaced. His loss was so damn tragic

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He's Gone......

.....But not forgotten!
Brents memorial and my birthday are the same.
Perhaps it helps to explain why I always felt such a connection to his playing & his music......and to this day still gives me the chills.
Don't believe the band ever sounded better while he was in the mix.

What can one say? ....... fare thee well

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Got that right....

CCs Gone-thanks for all the great videos you put on here----wow-18 years already-we all loved him mucho..........Gypsy Cowgirl

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Not a Better Keyboard Player They Had

Previous post was right....Brent was the fire in the band many a night. Just like Jerry, I remember exactly where I was when I heard the news...sounds odd, but never went to another Dead show after that...just JGB shows. I get chills and tears whenever I hear "I Will Take You Home" cause it makes me think of the photo of him and his little girl (mid 20's now?) sitting on stage on the piano stool together. Miss ya Brent!

..even a blind man knows when the sun is shinin' can feel it!..

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How soon we forget

R.I.P. Brent...18 years ago today

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definately Phil!!

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Love your work Carla!

Love your work Carla! Awesome detail. Brent was my favorite as well. Very distinct voice and keys. I am still saddened on his death. I've read on the aspect of his failing marriage and dealing with kids. I just know he is watching his daughter every time I hear the song "I will take you home." I wish he was still here to sing it to her.

Love you Brent.

A dream we dreamed one afternoon long ago...

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sirius channel 32

killer blow away I was at brents last shows, world ampatheater IL. I think Brent was the Fire in the band in those days. Nobody plays the hammond organ like him brent was a hard habbit to break. scepticism kept my love at bay for his stand ins who had their hands full trying to fill those shoes

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Brent Memorial Event in Lafayette

Following up on jaylif's earlier message, just got the official notice of the event. This is in Lafayette, California, where Brent was living at the time of his very untimely death:

Benefit Concert

On Friday, October 19, a special benefit concert will be held at Town Hall Theatre in remembrance of the late Brent Mydland, former Lafayette resident and keyboardist for the Grateful Dead. The music of the Grateful Dead, as well as select songs written and performed by Brent, will be highlighted in a performance by Workingman's Ed, featuring Stu Allend and Pat Nevins.

For the evening, the Town Hall lobby will be transformed into a Grateful Dead wonderland, with lights and tie-dyed drapings. A video montage/tribute will play before the concert. Guests will have a chance to bid on a silent auction, featuring Grateful Dead "schwag." The evening will include the unveiling of a portrait of Brent Mydland that will hang permanently in the theater lobby.

As you know, the Town Hall Theatre is a small, intimate setting, with only 188 seats. It is expected that this concert will sell out in record time. Whether you are a Deadhead or a friend of Town Hall Theatre just looking for a special night of music, we invite you to join us.

Tickets (at $45 per, with proceeds to benefit Town Hall Theatre) can be purchased through the Lafayette Chamber of Commerce. Call Jay Lifson at 925-284-7404 for more information. Or email Jay at

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always thought he was the best keyboardist they had
and it' sad to see another opiate user fall (including jerry)
pain can be a horrible trigger
brent had talent, and jerry and him always got off playing
miss him alot


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Brent Mydland