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I could go on and on about

I could go on and on about Brent! He is my all time favorite keyboard player. The way he mastered the B3 was phenomenal; the other sounds he came up with and the masterful way he fit his phrases and notes between the other band members was just what the band had always dreamed of. This is unique for a keyboard player I can tell you. Of course his singing was a great help to the band and of course his firey, soulful efforts were inspiring to the crowd and more importantly his bandmates!

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Yes Let's Hear It For Brent

Brent gets none of the credit he deserves BRENT KICKED ASS!!! I still get chills when I hear him drag his hands up the keyboard at the begining of "Gimme Some Lovin'" and when he brings in the high harmony on "Across The Rio Grande-O" in "Half Step"
And on the bands last album "Built To Last" he wrote almost half the tunes (1 more that Garcia/Hunter?)
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Thanks Brent

Love this idea! He really did hold a special place in the lineup and definately held his own as the "new guy" lol

I am directly influenced by his playing. Started playing the B after witnessing his soulful style..

If there is ANYTHING I can do to help honor this great musican let me know.

Michael McMorrow

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Nice work.

Plug for Carla - Saw her site the other day - Good stuff

Memories of Brent - 1989 GW Forum - Take you home...Made me cry... :) Blow away diffently

Saw him many times at Shoreline - wathcing that leslie amp spin...

watching him wail at the CalSate shows 1990
Ive got many memories....

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Brent Mydland and Bruce Hornsby portrait

Hi I did a portrait of Brent Mydland and Bruce Hornsby
If you would like to see it, it is on my web page

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man, that is AWESOME...

I dont have any good shots that would be usable, but I love that the idea is being vetted by the town.

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orginally posted by jaylif...

This comment is being moved by izzie, from the Deadheads in Europe Forum.

Fellow Deadheads, here in Lafayette, CA we are working on a fundraising event for our Town Hall Theatre. Raising funds is the second motive. The first is to honor Brent's life. Brent was a resident of this semi-rural city, just east of San Francisco. Our community is rich with music tradition. With that tradition, doing something for Brent is way past due. A local artist has agreed to paint a portrait of Brent to be displayed permenently at our historic Town Hall. We are looking for a photo of Brent you would be willing to share with us for the artist to use. The photo would have to be something you took and would give us the rights to use it.

In exchange for permission to display Brent's portrait and plaque, we will be organizing a celebration in October to raise operating capitol for Town Hall.

If you think you can help us with this request, please send Brent's photo to:
Jay Lifson, Executive Director, Lafayette Chamber of Commerce
100 Lafayette Circle #103
Lafayette, CA 94549


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Brent Mydland