Grateful Dead

Call the Tune - Season 2

and now a word from our esteemed host and producer, CC Joe:

From the producers, director, and humble host of Call The Tune:

A message to all contestants:

The object of the game is to listen carefully to the bit, and to guess what song the boys are about to start playing.

We may have a daily double from time to time, which will be identified as such, in which case the object is to guess both the song ending AND the next song about to start.

It is the strict policy of the producers of the hit, family game show, Call the Tune, to only use bits of songs that the Grateful Dead ever played live. There will NEVER be Jerry band, Bobby and the Midnights, Kingfish, Phil & Friends, Other Ones, Rat Dog, or The Dead songs used.

In the future, as there have been in the past, you may get peeks at the humble host's old lady's extensive GD related t-shirt collection, and you will often see the trademark 'always set on 5:15' antique clock; there are no intentional hints in any of this, just something to point the camera at during the pre-production phase.

On occassion, as there have been in the past, there may be some distracting back-ground noises, pots and pans clanging around, dishes crashing in the sink, dogs howling or baying at the moon, screams of extasy, loud whoops, and most especially the automatic bread kneeding machine whirring away, please bear with us and accept these distractions. They are not there to confuse you or distrupt the integrity of the tape, but the are there because I need to bake bread to feed the hungry and generally keep the galley in tip top condition. We also humbly ask that you give custom to our sponsors. Our current sponsors are Tofu Turkey and Vitalis Hair gel.

We would gratefully appreciate it if you would please make your guesses using the private message system, so that we may have more than one winner, and so that we may extend the life of a round and keep it fun for as many people as possible for as long as possible.

Please make only one guess at a time.

Please do not give hints to the other contestants in the public space.

Please bear with us, there may be delays in letting you know if your guess is correct or not.

Please bear with us, there may be numerous bad jokes, comic quips, and extraneous comments about the host's polyester sport's jacket and greased back hair.

After a round gets 'boring' (usually in a week or so) and after we have had a few contestants WIN, we will do our best to post up the next round as soon as I get around to making it.

Don't be shy, you too can try to Call the Tune!

I remain your humble host.


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Joined: Jun 4 2007


pk guessed:

> I need a miracle. no really.

but I'm afraid that answer is in-correct.

Please try again!

We'll be back in a while.

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Joined: Jun 7 2007
I prefer brylcreem, don't

I prefer brylcreem, don't have to worrry about the 4 hour thing. ;)

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Joined: Jun 4 2007
Season II, Round A

Round A:

Welcome back ladies and germs. (ba da dum)

We are back with season II, and the very first Round. Round A!!!
(loud cheers and whistles from the studio audience)

I'm your humble host, cc joe.
(noticeable boos and hisses among the laughter heard in the studio)

For this first round, the producers have authorized an initial hint!!
(loud cheers)

The authorized hints:

first set, opening song.

Can you try?

Will you dare?

Can you, call the tune??

Please make guesses via the private message system, and please refrain from dropping hints in the public space.

And now, a word from our sponsors:

Tofu Turkey!! It tastes just like chicken!

Tofu Turkey, simply impossible to overcook!!

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Vitalis hair gel? wow


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Call the Tune - Season 2