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Campaign 2008 - Who Do You Like?

Here and there in the forums people are expressing their enthusiasm for particular candidates in the upcoming U.S. elections, while others are saying Enough Already, We Don't Want To Hear About It.

So, this is the right place to discuss your favorites (or non-favorites) and other matters relevant to the campaign. If you're not into it, skip this topic!

And as for all you non-U.S. residents, if you want a similar topic for what's going on in your part of the world, speak up and I'll start it. Thanks!


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Joined: Nov 24 2007

I'm sorry that I got you in such a tizzy! First I spoke about music and the Family being my passion but you must have misunderstood that. I have been enjoying this website for ten years as jerry_garcia71 but when I speak up to people that I care about how I feel, I am somehow deemed unworthy and under attack. It is terribly sad that you have no hope that nothing will ever change and you have no affect on the world.

Let me share a little nugget with you about a Deadhead I met at RFK Stadium one summer at a show:

He had hope, he thought that he could help the world. He was optimistic and wasn't ready to surrender. He was elected Vice President of the United States for 8 years and later won the popular vote to be our President. He has recently won the Nobel Peace Prize because he is currently engaging world environmental policy and trying to save the health of our planet. Yes, Al Gore is driving that train that you GRTUD are content to be a passenger on.

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Joined: Jun 4 2007
John Edwards

If I had to vote right now, he would be my MAN. I'm not quite ready for a female president, sorry ladies. I don't feel that foreign leaders would respect a female president. I'm done with the whole republican leadership. TIME FOR A CHANGE!!!

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Joined: Jun 4 2007
...Political Teen Spirit?

There is an absolute difference between saying for whom someone would vote, in an election and an endorsement. Needless to say, when one hitches their wagon to a political pony, for whatever reason, that line is no longer blurred. In this instance, jerry_garcia71 seems to be here for the sole purpose of political advertisement. Furthermore, I feel the wording of the two posts I've read, by this person, insinuates by saying, "the Dead community..." that you speak for me, which you do not. Equally grating is the notion that you speak on behalf of Mr. Obama ("our support might earn us a wink and nod in the future!"). Comments such as these, won't earn any endearment from me. If you were to speak about music, ANY MUSIC, I'd at least feel some endearment to you regardless of political affiliation, which I do not. This fact, in no way makes me happy. If you really believe in your candidate as a person that will commit to changing the social stagnation, in this country, brought on by decades of partisan pissing contests and an "all you can take" buffet mentality by the duelopoly system of political sharing when it comes to tax money, why not come here and ask about the things that we care about, instead of grandstanding? I've seen my share of political climates in this country come and go, but what I haven't seen is a politician that will really listen to the working class. Tom Wolfe said he was never interested in covering American politics because no matter who gets elected, "The American political system is like a train - it stays on the same tracks, no matter who's driving." In other words, the real issues are never allowed to be talked about, in an open forum. That notion isn't complicity btw, it's reality and one needn't be an elected official to help start change along those lines, unless they haven't any other "day job". Eventually, no matter who wins an election, any election, reality will replace fantasy and then...

"There's just the payment left and broken dreams."

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Joined: Jun 5 2007

They all say what they think you want to hear!


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Spanish Jam

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Joined: Jul 2 2007
Oh Badger

You made me smile at 7:30 this morning, while still groggy (am up because my son has a soccer tournament today). Has been a while since had a chuckle from reading one of your posts. Thanx!!!!!!!!

Don't part with your illusions. When they are gone, you will still exist, but you have ceased to live.
Samuel Clemens

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Joined: Jun 13 2007
smells of socialism

A few years ago I was sitting with my son in a diner having breakfast somewhere in N California.

A dude from another table comes over. He is middle aged, pencil thin, black jeans, white shirt, bootlace tie

'Say you folks ain't from round here, what kind of accent is that?'

'We're from England'


'You got socialists over there doncha?'


'You one of them?'

'I suppose I am'

'Huh. Well you folks take care now'

Dude walks back to his table and just sits and stares continually and evilly at us. We pay the bill, run for the car and drive for the next 100 miles checking the mirrors regularly!

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Joined: Jun 24 2007

Living right across the Big River from that political hotbed of Iowa, I have already been bombarded with more TV ads and news in the local papers than I can shake a 'hanging chad' at. Wake me when it's over...
...On the other hand, I'm a regular dude. I work an avg of 65 hrs a week and I kick ass at a job that I enjoy more than I dread. My hard work this year made me more than I needed to make, but I am by NO means a rich guy. I'm not sure which candidate speaks to me. The righties are too preoccupied with religion for me to take seriously most of the time while the lefties want to create a system of wealth redistribution that punishes hard work and smells of socialism. This two party system leaves little room for choice. I'm into personal responsibility, good decision making and enjoying life, I'm not sure which party is for me. The funny thing is, if JFK were running for president in '08, he would probably be a republican.

His job is to shed light, not to master...

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Joined: Jun 5 2007
My thoughts on Iowa

I am very pleased with last night’s results. I look forward to a time when I can not only stand to sit through a presidential speech, but I look forward to hearing some intellectually inspiring rhetoric. Now that I have had time to analyze what each candidate has to give, I feel kind of relieved.

Hillary - Although I like Hillary overall, I have not been able to get past her abysmal voting record over the last couple of years. I am happy that if the nomination follows suit, the Republican witch hunt will be headed off before it begins. I still feel like her experience as first lady is invaluable. Her experience with healthcare reform was doomed to failure due to the short time line and unsupportive Republican Congress at the time. She has a ton of international diplomatic experience. Besides I get the warm and fuzzys when I think about Bill being back in the White House.

Edwards – I like Edwards. He is the only candidate who has focused on the poor. As much as the media painted it the other way, I feel like he did an excellent job in the debates with Cheney in ’04.

Obama – I have loved Obama since his speech at the Democratic Convention. He is definitely the face of change. He is black with a very young family. He is not corrupted by decades in politics. I am very curious who he would choose as his running mate should he win. Hillary is from a Blue state (No gain in votes), Edwards would be good but I don’t know if he would go second fiddle this time around, but my choice would be either Richardson or Biden or possibly a third party person like Bloomberg or McCain if he switched over (although he will probably die of old age soon)

On a more serious note, a coleague at work wrote: " I was too young to vote for Jack Kennedy, but was for Bobby and was devastated when he was assassinated. When I heard Obama at the Democratic Convention, and have listened to him since then, I knew he was the right candidate at the right time. I’m pleased."

This lead me to the following thoughts: "Knock on wood, Obama is inspirational enough to meet the same fate as Bobby, John and MLK. I hope I am wrong about that.

Thankfully, I think we are in a different time now, although Bush and his cronies have tried their best to recreate the same tumultuous direction for our society. (I can’t help having an ominous feeling in my gut when I think of all the correlations – Vietnam – Iraq, Bush Crimes – Nixon Crimes, Assaults on our civil liberties, The speaking styles of MLK and Obama, the controlling of dissenting voices at the conventions [Free speech zones vs Miami Riots] The expiration of the assault weapons ban , etc, etc) I truly feel like the main reason there has not been civil disobedience this time around is the technology of today. People are able to express themselves and connect with other equally frustrated people enough through the internet that it is hard to let it bubble over in large gatherings where that is the only way to let your voice be heard.

Anyway, I feel like our country has been in a state of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome with the war, 9/11 and the last two presidential elections. That is part of the reason I get so outspoken some times. I want to get it all out there now so I can get beyond it in November."


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Joined: Jun 13 2007
Keep at it jerry_garcia71

Keep that spirit of positive change alive, don't let the complacent folks get to you.

However I take issue with two things that you wrote. "we allowed the Bush Administration to slide into power" and "Nobody showed up to vote in 2004". Please no absolutes. I did not empower or allow the Bush Administration, I fought it and still do and I voted in 2004 just as I have every other year since I was 18.

Peace. The future will be much brighter when these puppets of the the multinational corporations have been shown the back door to exit.

If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.
William Blake

Joined: Nov 24 2007
Thanks Marye!

I appreciate the efforts of Marye at to make a little room here for politics. As I was saying earlier, to me the Grateful Dead culture that I have loved being a part of for many years has historically been interested in politics and the environment. The music and the Family is my passion; but being politically active is protection of my freedom of expression. Freedom ain't free. I love to be carefree but folks we have to always keep one eye on The Man!

I hear alot of negativity from Heads that choose to be complacent politically because "all politicians are crooked and nothings going to change anyway". But I feel complacency has made the world a worse place because we allowed the Bush Administration to slide into power. As Deadheads we were given a gift to make the world a better place. We spread joy.
None of the candidates for president this year are perfect; but we must pick the lesser of two evils. Nobody showed up to vote in 2004 and the world is a much sadder place because of that. Turn on your love light this year and just vote for who you feel is best.

Right now I feel Barack Obama is our best choice to make the world a better place. I often think about how I can help make the world a better place. I'm not pretending to know all the answers but I'm just doing my best. Last year I started an internet group "Deadheads for Obama" located at:

I'm trying to show Barack that the Dead Community is interested in peace, logic, and compassion like he is. Who knows, our support might earn us a wink and nod in the future! Thanks again and may you have a safe and happy new year.


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Campaign 2008 - Who Do You Like?