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good one. Thanks Byrd.

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Doesn't get more free form than this....except in a worm hole...

The Sun: Coronal Holes or Worm Holes?

“July 26, 2012 was the first day in recorded human history that the sun failed to rise in the morning sky. Instead, what arose is what we now recognize as the event horizon of a worm hole.”

26 July 2012

Dear folks,

I think I've discovered worm holes and have sent my thoughts along to the SDO, NASA and others. For a good picture of one to get you started any SDO image will suffice nicely but the AIA 094, 335, 193 is probably the best. I admit going a bit overboard in some parts because, as you might soon imagine, this remains a work in process, so please do carry through to the short proofs at the end. It's really not that long.

Now my thoughts on the subject:

After studying various images from the Solar Dynamics Observatory over the past few months, I've made the following observations that I've also sent to Dean Pesnell at the SDO, among others. My theory leans heavily on a rudimentary at best understanding of Leonard Susskind's theories on illusory, holographic 3D space, along with a healthy dose of Roddenberry's StarTrek TNG technology!.

Part I: Coronal Holes or Worm Holes?

After studying multiple SDO single, composite and PFSS-enhanced wavelengths over the past few months, I've decided that it's more than obvious that the sun doesn't radiate in anything close to a uniform or constant 360 degree arc of heat or radiance, and that pathways may well exist along those magnetic arcs of lesser intensity that might be safely ridden and navigated, leading into and through what we now call coronal holes, but which are in actuality, worm holes. When we look at our sun, what we're witnessing is the event horizon of a worm hole.

I suspect that what we now call solar maximum is, in actuality, the worm hole opening on our side more actively, hence the greater radiation as stuff comes through, while solar minimum is the opposite. It's always open both ways in either cycle though, because a worm hole could never fully open and close as in Star Trek - it must maintain connectivity, hence the coronal holes are the avenues as the worm hole's energy naturally pulses, vibrates or fluctuates like a guitar string. And for you string theorists out there, I highly suspect that these are the strings you’ve been trying to find.

Here's one you might recognize: "No one gets any farther (to the father) except through the Sun." Remember that one? A simple instruction that has been morphed over time into something quite different.

But perhaps there's more truth hidden in that sentence than we thought. And perhaps it points the way beyond here.

Take a look at SDO images like AIA, 211, 193, 171 PFSS and bunches of others, and tell me what you think. With the right vehicle, or possibly even something like the correct mindset, I'll bet you a pint that we could ride those waves of magnetism and light straight through to whatever is on the other side.

You can envision getting through with Susskind's theory of illusory holographic 3D space in mind and consider traversing the holes like Odysseus shooting the arrow through the eyelets, yet distance is quite different traversing a two-dimensional plane without depth as we perceive it normally. You might think of the eyelets as you would tabs on file folders: You shoot through the tabs, but all the 3D stuff is folded neatly within. That's the real Odyssey!


Part II: How to Traverse a Coronal Worm Hole in A Few Easy Steps

(This part gets a little SciFi, so please bear with me!)

The problems of crossing large expanses of space have always been speed, distance, fuel, time, etc., but worm hole travel eliminates all of those factors.

As I see it, the fundamental factors of concern for GTE light speed are magnetism, polarity and light itself - and stars are the primary source for all those things in this Universe. So to travel across space at or above the speed of light, you try to latch on to things already going that fast by literally aiming for the stars and going through rather around them. And as the Enterprise used inertial dampeners to compensate for inertia, our vessel's hull's magnetism will oscillate using a magnetic resonance polarity compensator - as soon as we invent it – that essentially mitigates Newton's First Law of Thermodynamics using magnetic polarity fluctuation/shifting, as the liquid interior of our ship sits quietly behind its magnetic shield without disturbance from the spinning glass: Kinda like the Earth now sits, apparently at idle speed for some unknown reason, inside its magnetic shield and surrounded by space being constantly buffeted by the solar winds from a "star"?! Kind of a curious predicament, wouldn't you say?

But if we did actually need a mechanical ship, its inner hull would essentially be a huge gyroscope for stability, and so the outer hull could freely fluctuate as the ship glides along magnetic arcs, just as a sailing ship points as close into the wind as possible without capsizing - in our case, adjusting polarity instead of sails to fly either with or just off of the solar breeze. Similar technologies already exist at CERN with the LHC, and with the rail guns developed by the military. See below SDO image 30 July 2012:

You would be entering the coronal worm hole at the speed of light, carried along a magnetic arc or squeezed through like a baseball pitching machine, and let light and magnetism propel you through, so mass-less, you won't burn up like Icarus. The added bonus is that the MRPC would provide what amounts to a force field requiring no internal power source against radiation and friction itself, as in Newton's water and glass experiment, which then becomes the mechanism for either latching onto or bouncing off light itself. And when you travel at light speed, mass as normally perceived has no mass at all - and this is where Susskind's theories, and Frank Herbert's imagination, take over nicely. Travelling from star to star at worm hole speeds(?) through 2D space(?) would be like folding space: Speed, mass, time, distance, even cold and heat, Einstein's entire universe and things like that, are 3D relative terms that have no real meaning inside a worm hole, or in 2D space, and the only time you would ever actually hit or almost exactly hit light speed is just prior to entering and the split nanosecond after leaving - probably less.

So the ultimate goal is to literally aim for, and now through, the stars for the next slingshot to where ever you want to go, and you don't need any fuel because the energy is all around you.

It would seem that perhaps that path we've been searching for has literally been lighted all along, while we have concerned ourselves with peering through, and groping through, the darkness.

So perhaps it’s time we aimed for the stars instead… Hey, there’s one right there…What do you know?

Ninety degrees to starboard sounds good to me! Port is for drinking!

At least that's what SDO seems to show I've thought it through so far...


Part III: Stars don't exist, but worm holes do.

I'm here to demolish our classical conception of stars as singular entities floating nicely in three-dimensional space. Instead, what you're looking at when you look at a star is the business end of a worm hole, which can itself best be initially considered as you'd see it on a computer screen or paper - as two-dimensional representations on a thin film - a picture - a fiery StarGate, if you will, with exception forces at work.

But that star as we perceive it is only three-dimensional because of gravitational forces such as lensing, exerted by and within the worm hole itself, which elongates or distorts what we perceive as spatial and material reality from our participant perspective. So we, who are also caught up in 3D Space due to our proximity, can literally fly 360 degrees around the sun and always perceive it as a round ball because that is the nature of 3D space in the area around a worm hole - we always experience and perceive depth - so 2D space is more akin to viewing this ultra-thin film with no real edge depth at all, as a flat paper held edge on: It's right there, but we just can't see it. This warped space within the influence boundaries of the worm hole may even be the only place where 3D space and Time, in its tic-toc state as we know it, exists at all. As such, our solar system might be envisioned in three dimensions as resembling a cut fiber optics cable with the sun in the center strand and the planets hanging on the ends of, say eight or nine cut fibers, with some frayed to represent the moons, while its two dimensional representation would look something like the original Pong video game, with nine little balls moving horizontally back and forth across this circle we call the sun.

I Ching: "It furthers one to have somewhere to go."

So again, stars don't exist, but worm holes do.


Part IV: The Proof

Comet Lovejoy plunging "into" the sun - with hypervelocity subsequent eruption. There are more occurrences just like this one.

Here is the evidence for my theories, which I believe to be correct. The impact and subsequent discharge are too close together for the extreme distances involved for there to be any other explanation

There are other comet strikes that show the same thing.


Final Argument: It's long been known that the sun's interior is cooler than its exterior, but no one knew why. The reason is that what we perceive as the sun’s interior is actually a worm hole that dissipates the heat from what we call the corona, but what in truth is the event horizon of the worm hole which we perceive as a star, or the sun.


In conclusion, if I were to try to describe our predicament (if we are indeed in one) in the most concise terms possible it would be this:

We are essentially caught in the middle phases of a Heisenberg compensator operation - both material/spirit or corporeal/noncorporeal - and this thing we call the sun is that compensator. Matter would first be combobulated, then discombobulated (converted to photons) during passage, then recombobulated at the other end as it again enters 3D space. So where are we exactly? That's where the new quantum computer might just come in handy, because we're apparently in all three states (yes, no and maybe), or at least two of them (yes and no) simultaneously and kinda stuck here in limbo because of this curious thing called Time, which may only exist in its tic-toc state here in good ol' 3D Land, where we're sitting all combobulated (figuratively fat, dumb and happy), going around in apparent circles and waiting for the next phase - which may be no more than us finally figuring it out for ourselves.

The stars may not have all literally fallen from the sky, but they have been left dangling by rather curious threads.


P.S. In the Land of the Dark, the veil of the Sun is torn asunder by the Grateful Dead!

...ramble on Rose!


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If only pigs could fly

Pebble Beach would be an awesome site for a 3 night Furthur concert! Camping under the stars and turn the sand traps into big fire pits, yeah! I can see it now: "Come one,come all, Bubba Watson presents a weekend with Furthur". Could even have Bill Murray reprise his role as "Carl" and give an intro for the band. Oh happy day! Can't wait 'til tickets go on sale!

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standing on a golf course

..ahh golf courses. Excellent venues for some fine adventures. And always acccompanied by this fine piece of psychedelic whimsy from Caravan

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Are you going to make me post my Bogeyland Blues parody again? I hate repeating myself...

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it's almost starting to sound

like we might have critical mass among the golfers here to start a golf thread...

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fluffanutter? you out there?

I was checking back on older posts and saw that fluffanutter broke his leg playing golf. I played golf one time in my life and it was a lot of fun. Me and a buddy each had a "mushroom" sandwich and it took us 5 hours to play 9 holes. Pissed off several golfers when we were playing their ball by accident (didn't take the cussing at us personally because they all looked the same). Thank God for those benches at each hole 'cause we would have looked extra rediculous sitting on the ground laughing all day. That was about 22 years ago and i'm pretty sure we are still not welcome there. Hope this made you smile and that you are feeling better.

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thank you for leaving this one open!!!!

It would be sacrilege to close this thread. FREEFORM is EXACTLY what the dead and the original acid tests were all about!!! It doesn't matter what the subject is, it's just supposed to be light hearted and fun. we need to laugh and laugh at ourselves more often. if there is one thing to be said about the dead community it is definitely that we are creative and freeform. Let's get goofy!!

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is this what you mean by freeform Mary?

just for laughs. what's in a name? you know how the name "jerry garcia" just rolls off your tongue so smoothly, well, what might the future have held for him if his name had been "Shlochty Gibslinger Nowwowweegustemineroffhusen"? Lets say that his musical path stayed the same. Bill Graham presents a night with.............. say what?!! They would have had to add a couple of extra inches to the hand bill for starters. Happy Freaky Friday everybody!!!! :-D ( I'm having a blast scooting around these forums!!!!) God bless us, everyone (tiny tim)

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no worries

of course if people posted freeform stuff here it would be livelier...but it stays.


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