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Joined: Jul 4 2007

i had never had a GD dream until 3 weeks ago. My son (14) was trying out for the Governor's School of Music as a guitar and bass player. He worked hard for months to prepair himself only to not due well at his audition. I told him things always work out for the best, but i could see he was heart broken even though they only chose 24 out of 175 applicants and did not add any guitar or bass players.
That night i had a hard time falling asleep, not knowing if i had said enough to console him or wondering what else i could have done to help him prepaire for the failed audition. When i finally drifted off to sleep Jerry came to visit me, sitting next to me on the bed he told me that i had done all a dad could do, and to trust him, things always work out for the best.......then he was gone.
Two days later my son is asked to audition for the vacant bass job in a local band, and gets it. They will be opening April 2 in Hampton Virginia for Craig Morgan.
Guess Jerry was right after all...........strange but 100% true i promise you.

Joined: Nov 21 2008
Wearing Phil's bedroom slippers

Funny was looking for info on the furthur tour but just went to see them at Hamptong & Patriot Center in VA...haven't had a deadhead dream since Jerry died until this tour! I can't remember much about it but I had all access badge to see furthur at hampton, they had this big long conference table to sit at and watch the band (they hadn't started yet) but Phil was barefoot and I had on his bedroom slippers...weird

Joined: Sep 26 2009
Last night I had this dream...

I was at a show with my ex. The Dead were playing outside on a very small stage. There were only about 200 Dead Heads there. I remember they played " Scarlet Begonias", and everyone was jumping up and down. Bobby called everyone by name up to the stage and was handing out slices of psychedilic cucumber. Then I woke up.....
"Without love in the dream, it'll never come true."

Joined: Jun 9 2007
A Sunny Happy concert

This dream happened last night.
I was at a country fair with rides etc and the Dead were playing under a small tent. The equipment was on the ground and there was no stage in fact there was only a short picket fence separating the small crowd and the band. It was a Brent era band and the music being played was "Without A Net". I have been listening to that CD every day for the past week.
It went from Victim or Crime to China Cat what was strange was even though I could not see the band super clear they played the full version of the song.
It was very sunny and bright a color dream and everyone in the band had on shades.
3 dreams in 6 months oh my!

And the road goes on forever....

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Joined: Jun 23 2007
I'll dream about the GD 2-3

I'll dream about the GD 2-3 times a year. Usually I'll dream that they're playing somewhere nearby, but I can't get to the show.

When I was 22, I was fresh out of college and not real sure what I was going to do next. One night, I dreamed I was a movie star. I was lolling poolside with Lucas and Spielberg, discussing my next starring role, when someone suggests I play Peter Pan. Seemed silly to me, so I dove into the water. Swimming the length of the pool, the idea started to grow on me. I pop out at the other end, and hey, there's Jerry Garcia. "Jerry," I tell him. "I'm going to play Peter Pan!" He gives me that knowing, compassionate smile and says, "You're demented".

Next morning, I took the hint from my subconscious. Started figuring out what I wanted to do, seeing how I was a boy who had already grown up.

ka.swan (not verified)
once on backstage

Got invited by I don't remember who to go on backstage while the band was having a laid out breack and I stumbled up close to Jerry somehow and i preferred to reel back taking a safer distance between us where felt better to really enjoy seeing him.!

Joined: Jun 9 2007
worrisome dream

Last night I had a real nightmare involving my cat Pumpkin (he's orange and white and we got him on Halloween) and Jerry in some woods being chased by a pack of wild dogs. It was dusk and I was on the back porch of a very large estate with acres and acres of grass and trees. There was a pack of wild dogs all different sizes running around and barking. and my cat was trying to cross the yard to get inside. Suddenly I saw an older Jerry looking quite worried hiding from the dogs. Once again he was dressed in dark shorts and a black t-shirt. I was yelling and waving to him to come inside. I was worried about my cat because he really seemed to hesitate every time I would I yell and wave at Jerry. Finally the dogs went under a fence into another yard and Jerry picked up Pumpkin and walked towards the house. I woke up before I was able to talk with him.
You know sometimes i wonder if I listen to too much Jerry......

And the road goes on forever....

GRTUD's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007

I was "backstage" recently in a dream, when Jerry experienced a problem onstage and in what seemed to be unusual for him, he hurried straight for me. I was immediately terrified as I saw him coming at me! What had I done... kicked out a power cord or something? What the hell was I doing backstage, for that matter? When Jerry got to me, I could see I was not his target specifically. He was looking past me, unconcerned about me yet quite comfortable to enlist my help, in fact. "I need to find my guitar! Can you help me?" Without hesitation and relieved I wasn't in trouble... I began to look around the area for his guitar among the various equipment, crates and stage sundries, without asking about the guitar hanging from his shoulder. After digging through what was in plain sight, I opened a door to a shallow closet that contained several music stands... the old black metal ones I was familiar with as a kid playing sax in the school band. Behind the music stands were a STACK of beat up guitars laying horizontal on top one another. I promptly and excitedly presented Jer with two from the top of the stack. "Nope... nope, not those.", he stated without so much of a hesitation or inspection. Several more trips produced the same results, with the exception of Jerry's demeanor, which grew more and more distracted and detached. After a handful of more axes and denials, I was getting the impression that Jerry was messing with me and I gathered my nerve to ask finally, "Well what does it look like? What color is it? What make and model is it?", to which Jerry replied, "Oh it wouldn't be IN THERE!" His tone was almost mocking but there seemed, the entire time, to be an intent that was directed FOR ME, not to me or at me. I could write a book about what has happened since then, in regards to "links" to a possible meaning of this dream but recently I stumbled upon this quote that called for a post here (see below). Thanks Jerry... I miss you.

“You have to get past the idea that music has to be one thing. To be alive in America is to hear all kinds of music constantly — radio, records, churches, cats on the street, everywhere music, man. And with records, the whole history of music is open to everyone who wants to hear it. ... Nobody has to fool around with musty old scores, weird notation, and scholarship bullshit... you can just go into a record store and pick a century, pick a country, pick anything, and dig it, make it a part of you, add it to the stuff you carry around, and see that it's all music.” ~ Jerry Garcia

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Joined: Jul 31 2007
last night

i didn't have a dream with the dead in it....just the song lazy lightning from 05-05-77 was in the backgroundi guess cause i was up late putting music on my hard i wake up with it still playing in my i had to burn it onto cd so i could listen to it on my way to work..awesome commute the boys jamming away clouds rolling off the francoina mountain range...simply magical

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Joined: May 26 2007
very interesting

love the idea of the garden interior...


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