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Joined: Jun 9 2007

I have had a few dreams.....
My favorite is that I am sitting on a couch with Jerry in is his house, and it seemed to be surrounded by low rolling hills. Jerry is older he has very gray hair and is wearing a dark T Shirt and blue cut off pants . He does not have carpet in the house but a very rich green lawn. He is asking me if I would cut the grass and take care of the yard in his house ( I like to garden). This seems perfectly normal to me and I ask him why he has a yard in his house.and he says something like....." being on the road... hotels,,,blah blah...wanted to be surrounded by nature.when I can,blah blah (it was Jerry's voice).., I take out a pair of hand sheers and kind of spruce up the floor (lawn). I am totally at peace with this, where as many of my other dreams are manifestation's of stress and work.
That morning I told my wife ( who is a forensic psychologist) about it and remarked what a nice calming effect it had on me. She of course is laughing about how "I have become consumed by the GD" but was struck by how happy I was.

I have a theory about this dream. I have read every book I could on Jerry and the band. I have watched many Shows and interviews. I have been to California once and was in Reno, Sonoma Valley, Yosemite and San Fran and I can picture the area he lived in (at least in my dream).
Jerry does not come across as a superstar but clearly as a content person who seems to want to remain as close to real things (such as nature) as possible. He acts friendly but also somewhat detached. My feeling was one of him feeling tired not so much physically but having to be "Jerry Garcia". I have had it twice.

I have had several dreams of playing guitar with the band. I have also had a great dream of being in the Beatles and watching my self on a Black and white TV. I love these dreams to.

I thought I was the only one who had these type of dreams. Everytime I "relax" with a few of my Dead head friends they always ask me to tell the Jerry dream

And the road goes on forever....

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Joined: Jul 31 2007
well i had several dreams

well i had several dreams where i was in the band...there i am up on the stage looking out watching everyone dance and i get so high on the vibe the only thing i can think is how amazing life is i get so excited i wake up with my heart racing the weird thing is i don't play any instruments..maybe its just wishful thinking

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Goodnight, George

This wasn't a Dead dream, (I've had a few) but George Harrison & Ringo came to visit me in a dream. The next day it was announced he had died & was on his way to India..........Gypsy Cowgirl

Joined: Mar 12 2008

Had a dream that Jerry was marching down Pennsylvania Ave. playing gospel songs and behind him were our best generals and a troop of our best soldiers. they got to the gates of the white house and jerry stood aside and saluted as our troops went throught the gates and arrested a president and vice-president and all their advisors and sent them off to Guantonamo where they were water-boarded with liqiud LSD until they were deemed no longer a threat to our country and then stript of their citizenship and deported to Iraq where they were to spend their time picking up body parts from truck-bomb explosions. Then a big stage was set up in front of the white house and millions of people came to sing and dance in the new president.

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Strangest Places

Shadow, you may never know how meaningful that post is to me, presently. Thanks.

"Ultimately a hero is a man who would argue with the gods, and so awakens devils to contest his vision." - Norman Mailer

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wow, shadow...

I've always been bummed that I came to this JUST too late to have seen those shows, but now I'm REALLY bummed (not to mention convinced that they really were that special).

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Wow! Shivers up my spine

Wow! Shivers up my spine too. Especially Shadow with the time frame. I also had a dream in late 95. Jerry and I were walking in SF and he was pointing out some of the local landmarks. I kept asking him over and over "why Jerry, why did you have to leave us?". He didn't answer but continued to take me on a tour of the city. I woke up sobbing wishing the dream lasted longer. What made it so different was the clarity. I was totally concious and in total contol of what I was saying and doing. I remembered every second of it for years, but time has since faded it some. I never told anyone except my wife, thinking who was I thinking I was special enough to be visited by him. Seeing some of these posts, I now know I'm not the only one. I can only hope everyone who admired and loved Jerry so much can or already has experienced something similiar. Thank you all for sharing.

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great stories Marshun and Shadow, send a shiver up the spine. Seems that the Grateful Dead experience continues to blur the boundaries between dreams and realities, and like the story teller in Terrapin, Jerry is shedding light all around, even in the strangest of places.

But what DID he want with the eggnog?

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Like a Road Leading Home...

...well, I might as well write about a dream that I've never told anybody about 'cuz nobody would understand in the "straight" world. My communication skills suck so I apologize that this is probably gonna be too long and somewhat unintelligible. Hopefully somebody will still find some value.....or something better from this dream from late 1995:
I find myself sitting in a dark, empty auditorium with a very dim light emanating from somewhere near my seat. I couldn't see the stage but somehow I could sense I was about 20 rows back from the stage in a old-time, movie-theatre-style auditorium with plush leather seats. There is music playin' from a lone acoustic guitar ---- the music can only be described as "orgasmic" multiplied by a thousand. The beauty of the music was literally overwhelming my entire being --- I could feel it in my body --- total "bliss" I guess is another way to describe it along with "orgasmic."
As I am sitting there experiencing that bliss on every single level of my being I realize there is actually one other person in the building: a woman sitting two seats away from me. She just gives me a smile of "recognition" --- nothin' sexual between our "connection," but she definitely was some sort of archetype from the core of my being. The best description of the woman's role in the dream will possibly make sense for anybody familiar with Dante's "Divine Comedy." The woman in the dream was to me what Beatrice was to Dante (see note below for further description.)
So this acoustic guitar music is still playin', the place is still dark except for a dim light around my seat, the place is still empty except for The Woman beside me, and I am experiencing a state of Bliss that was beyond the greatest moment of my life (a 'shroom trip of Divine dimensions). For an unknown reason I turn around in my seat and there is Jerry sitting behind me strumming his acoustic guitar and flashes me that big, beautiful grin as if he's sayin', "Hey, Buddie, how ya' doin'(?)" The penultimate moment of perfection in a perfect dream.

Now some background:
1.) A day or two later the lyrics to "Like A Road Leading Home" hit me out of nowhere:
"When the road gets too long
And you run all out of song
And your pain gets too much
For you to bear
Turn around, turn around
Turn around, and I'll be there
Like a road, like a road
Leading home"

2.) As for the setting: I realized it was "West High Auditorium" from the "1980 Solstice Shows" that I was fortunate enough to be able to attend. Exact same location where my seat was located at the shows.

Thank You for reading this stuff if you read it this far. I'll put some stuff about Dante's "Divine Comedy" below for anybody who may be interested. --- ThePilgrimShadow

"In The Divine Comedy it is Beatrice who, out of love for the poet, initiates Dante's journey because she believes that he has strayed from a righteous path and she thinks that this divine journey will save him from himself. Thus, she leaves her seat in Heaven to descend to Hell where she asks Virgil to serve as Dante's guide. Beatrice meets Dante in Earthly Paradise (Purgatorio) and acts as his guide through Heaven. On many occasions during his travels through Hell and Purgatory, Dante believes that he can go no further but the promise of meeting Beatrice motivates him to continue. Beatrice amply rewards Dante for his travails when she leads him into Heaven and grows in radiance and beauty as they ascend toward God." (from the "Novel Analysis" site:

Thanks again if you read this thing.

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Superman Comes to the Supermarket

Great supermarket stories guys! Kind of appropriate that it is the day Norman Mailer checks out. Life is psychedelic!


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