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cosmicbadger from the ~ dream zone ~

Posted: July 31, 2007 - 6:29am
.....was just a dream
Two dreams...

Recently I dreamt that I was in a near deserted supermarket and as I wheeled my cart to the only open checkout I saw that Jerry was sitting behind the till with an acoustic guitar singing Brokedown Palace!..then I woke up. On reflection I think this may have been to do with my frustration over the (temporary) disappearance of the online downloads!

I have another recurrent dream of seeing a fantastic GD show at an outdoor festival in a natural amphitheatre with a rainbow stage. I wake up convinced that I was really there, but as far as I know I never was!!


OK...this one blew my mind when I first read it way back when it was written. I have also had spacey dreams about being at strange shows.
Seems as if the stage was really high and I was kind of close but people were sort of milling around more like in the parking lot or the arena decks. I can't recall the music but can still see the lights. The other side of the second part freaked me out for weeks. Now, I can finally write about it. I had been wanting to get around to posting about a surprise meeting with Mr. Garcia but thought it was sort of mundane. It was not at the show or the casino or the was in a grocery store. A deserted one at that! Well, maybe a few last minute customers and a couple of other closers. I was just a workingman night guy doing my closing round laps killing time. As I came to the end of the isle I glanced over at the freezer and saw a man peering down at the frozen holiday turkeys. When he stood up I thought he kind of looked like Jerry from the back with the silver hair falling over a nice jacket. I doubtingly said "Mr. Garcia?" Then Jerry turned around and and said "Hello." He came walking over to me smiling and we shook hands as I turned into Garth from Waynes World...I think I kind of went into shock. Suddenly there he was. This amazing artist and person I had seen perform and listen to play for so many years. It was almost like meeting this legendary cartoon character that was really a real person just stopping in to the market on the way home. The Garth shock almost paralyzed me and then Jerry woke me up and asked me where the egg nog was. I picked my mind back up off the floor and put it back on my head and said "second shelf over in the dairy case next to the milk" He thanked me and then went about his shopping. The word on the street was just leave those guys alone when they are in town. Let them live some sot of a private life so I resisted the temptations to get an autograph or start talking to him about that certain show or song. Besides, my mind was to blown to speak. You've heard that high pitched Hiiiiii from Garth and that spacey stare.
Then, my pulse ran off to the hills. Jerry was loose in the store...vanishing off to get his egg nog. Now what do I do? I know...I'll go up to the cash register where I can help him checkout. I was still in shock but I just wanted to help him get out of there. I quickly got over to the cash register and told the guy bagging he could take a break. Then there he was again...waiting patiently in the short line next to the magazines. It was surreal. Jerry, just a regular guy getting his egg nog. Thats all he got. I took my time making sure I placed the carton in the bag perfectly for him. We exchanged "Happy Holiday" good-byes and off he went on his way. Again I resisted the urge to chase him into the parking lot. Just as he was heading out the door a group of younger guys were coming around the corner. They started yelling Jerry!Jerry! Hey Jerry!!...that's when I felt a little sad sbout the cost of celebrity for Mr. Garcia and others but he handled it well with a quick wave and made it out the door. This was winter of '89. The meeting was certainly mindblowing and reading cosmicbadgers dream was stunning 'cuz that was very close to what really happened long ago or maybe it was just a dream!*!

For you my friend... from the other world...

Grateful Dead Recordings
Date Album
studio 1970 American Beauty

Attics Of My Life
Lyrics: Robert Hunter
Music: Jerry Garcia

In the attics of my life
Full of cloudy dreams unreal
Full of tastes no tongue can know
And lights no eye can see
When there was no ear to hear
You sang to me

I have spent my life
Seeking all that's still unsung
Bent my ear to hear the tune
And closed my eyes to see
When there were no strings to play
You played to me

In the book of love's own dreams
Where all the print is blood
Where all the pages are my days
And all my lights grow old

When I had no wings to fly
You flew to me
You flew to me

In the secret space of dreams
Where I dreaming lay amazed
When the secrets all are told
And the petals all unfold
When there was no dream of mine
You dreamed of me

Kindest Regrads,


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Made me Laugh BabylonDon

Good Joke my brother, keep em smilin!

stay safe and feel good!

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All in a dream, all in a dream

In the dream, my wife (now ex) asks me to make up a joke about dead heads. And i tell her this:

How many dead heads does it take to screw in a light bulb?


One to actually screw it in

One to sell commemorative t-shirts

And one to say he saw it done better on the East coast.

Hey, i thought it was pretty good for being asleep....

~I was concealed
Now I am stirring
And I will lay my love around you...~

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Question 2

Bluto: My advice to you is to start drinking heavily.
Otter: Better listen to him, BADGER. He's pre-med.

May I have your insurance information, please

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Question 1

Well, I'm certainly old and crusty but don't recall meeting you last night.

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New dream

Had a Dead Dream last night. I was with an old girlfriend and going to a GD show in a big complex on a hill (looked from the outside like Alexandra Palace in London). We queued up to exchange vouchers for tickets Next to the ticket desk was a DJ console; the person spinning the discs before the show was Linda Ronstadt!!! Inside the theatre it looked like a Victorian courthouse with wood panelling and balconies. We were very early and so wandered around the tented city outside looking for some food. Girlfriend got bored and wandered off (no loss there I can assure you!) and I ended up sitting around a campfire talking with a bunch of crusty old deadheads wondering what the show would be like. As we wandered up the hill towards the show I was woken at 6am by the dog scratching on the bedroom door wanting to go outside to water the garden! Never got to see the show or to find out if Brent was there and sang in a raspy voice.

Note 1: I went on a train journey past Alexandra Palace a few weeks ago and thought about the ’74 shows there.
Note 2: I saw Linda Ronstadt on an Emmylou Harris documentary last weekend: she was almost unrecognisably..eeerm…plump.
Question 1. Did any crusty old deadheads meet me in a dream last night?
Question 2: should I seek professional help?

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just the other night...

just the other night I had a dream with Brent and Bobby in it, I do not remember too much, but we were looking at some song lyrics. in paranthesis under one of the lines were the words:

(sing in a raspy voice)

I turned to Brent, and said something like 'I guess that means you'


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Then I woke up

Many strange dreams with the Dead involved. They would play endless sets, and I still couldn't get close enough to meet any of them. Like when you're running in a dream but aren't getting anywhere.

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The other night

I had a dream that I was in a motel room with some friends and Warren Haynes and the other members of Gov't Mule. I asked Warren if there was a possibility that the Dead of 2004 with him and Jimmy Herring could ever reunite. He told me you can't go back and recreate that time and that Phil, Bob, Mickey, Jimmy Herring and he were all so busy with their own projects at this time that it would probably never happen. I also asked him about the Phil and Friends band that he and Jimmy were a part of and he said the same thing about that. Nice down to earth guys in the dream. I think they probably are in real life.

If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.
Wiliam Blake

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A bunch

I used to have dreams all the time involving the Dead and they almost always involved them playing at some venue I had never been to and it was really difficult to get inside to the show proper.

I could always hear the tunes faintly in the background and I'd be inside the building but like underneath the venue or back stage or somewhere and it was always like a maze and really difficult to get to the main room where they were playing.

I always make it into the room eventually but the frustration of having to get there always sticks out. Then again, the elation of finally reaching the main room where they're playing- the music is loud, the fans are happy, the light show is in full and bright force, etc.- is always a great feeling in the dream, too.


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