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Joined: Aug 5 2007
1970s dream, 1990s dream

I have had several Dead dreams during my 30+ years as a deadhead. I will briefly describe two for now. 1) In the late 1970s, I dreamed Jerry Garcia was teaching my high school psychology class, and the song playing was The Golden Road to Unlimited Devotion. I couldn't understnd the words.
2) The night before or after Jerry died (can't find my notes right now), I dreamt he was sitting on the edge of my bed and I was sitting cross-legged in the middle. We were just talking. He was very animated and excited. He eagerly urged me to 'go ahead and try it' and to 'come on over'. I was not sure if I should go there, although I did believe him that it was safe - wherever it was. I replied, 'Uh, I'm not sure - maybe not right now...I think I should stay here for now.'
Weather Report Suite was the song in that dream

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Happens all the time

I frequently have dreams in which I am in some club or bar, usually for some bizarre reason, and discover that the Dead is like the house band, or the visiting band. You know, the kind of place where there are maybe a dozen tables with a 12-inch high platform/stage stuck in the corner.
I'm always terribly dissapointed when I wake up to find "it was only a dream."

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.....was just a dream

Two dreams...

Recently I dreamt that I was in a near deserted supermarket and as I wheeled my cart to the only open checkout I saw that Jerry was sitting behind the till with an acoustic guitar singing Brokedown Palace!..then I woke up. On reflection I think this may have been to do with my frustration over the (temporary) disappearance of the online downloads!

I have another recurrent dream of seeing a fantastic GD show at an outdoor festival in a natural amphitheatre with a rainbow stage. I wake up convinced that I was really there, but as far as I know I never was!!

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Now that you mention it...

LOL yeah! --although it was ages ago, and I didn't jot down any notes afterwards. The scene was a smallish party...more a social obligation, really, like somebody's wedding reception.

In the dream, I'd fallen asleep on a lawn, and when I woke up, the guys were playing. Totally mellow, first-set vibe, with the band in the sun and me in the shade --think Alpine, only on a much smaller scale and with no seats or cement floor under the pavilion.

Can't remember what they were playing, or if I recognized it in the first place, and the crowd --such as it was-- measured only in the dozens. Could've walked right up to the edge of the stage and started making faces at 'em if I'd been so inclined.

And then I woke up.


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